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LGB 4-wheel tramcar and trailer car. Motorised car Ref. 2035 yellow with non-motorised trailer car, yellow Ref. 3500 (NM-BVG)

LGB BoBo diesel loco OBB 2095-11, red (NM)

LGB BoBo diesel loco Ref. 225B DB 251902-3 red (NM)

LGB 100 Years set comprising 0-4-0 steam outline loco 'No. 1' red/black with two 4-wheel red coaches, track, controller and figures (E-BVG)

LGB goods set Ref. 20401 comprising 0-4--0 steam outline loco 'Lydia' black/red/brown with two 4-wheel goods wagons, track, controller and figure ...

Large tray containing 4 LGB goods wagons: 3019 post wagon Austrian green (E-BG) with timber/lumber wagon 94069; and two low sided open wagons, ora...

Large tray containing LGB goods wagons: 'Chemical' tank wagon, blue (E-BE); 4047 barrel wagon (E-BVG); 4041 hopper orange (E), 94269 timber/lumber...

Large tray containing 4x LGB 4-wheel verandah coaches, 3x red/cream 2nd class and 1x blue/cream 2nd class, all (E)

Large tray LGB items/accessories: 0-4-0 loco in pieces; 0-4-0 diesel shunter with home made wooden body; 3041 4-wheel coach, 3 catalogues; 5050 la...


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