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A Collection of 4 Large Royal doulton Toby character jugs includes queen Victoria, long John silver, old salt and sir Francis Drake

Set of 5 Star trek character to include , Spock , councilor Deanna Troy , Quark, Dr crusher and captain Kirk Toby jugs with boxes

4 Royal doulton Toby jugs to include The lord mayor of London, Handel, the siege of Yorktown 1781 George 111/ George Washington and Vice admiral l...

Royal doulton The elephant trainer commissioned by Stanley James Taylor together with General Custer Toby jug and boxes

Limited edition Royal doulton king Henry the V111 double handled Toby jug in celebration of the 500th anniversary with box.

A Collection of 3 Royal doulton Toby character jugs includes The lord mayor of London, Catherine Parr together with George Washington.

A Collection of 4 Royal doulton Toby character jugs includes old Charley , robin hood , Izaak Walton and Sir Francis Drake.

A Collection of Royal doulton character Toby jugs includes the gardener , sir Henry doulton/ Michael doulton signed , John doulton, the golfer, Ge...

A Collection of Royal doulton Toby jugs includes John doulton , Michael doulton signed , Catherine Parr, George Washington etc.

Large Royal doulton Toby character jug sir Winston Churchill together with matching Royal doulton sir Winston Churchill mini Toby jug with box m

A Collection of Royal doulton Toby jugs includes Michael doulton, the red Queen with matching mini Toby jugs mark twain with matching mini jugs et...

A Collection of 4 Royal doulton Toby character jugs The gardener , The angler , Michael doulton and George Washington.

A Collection of Beswick Toby character jugs includes Scrouge , captain cuttle , sairley gamp and dolly Varden tea pots etc

A Collection of Royal doulton Snowman Toby jugs in different colouration s together with Royal doulton Mr Pickwick Toby jug.

A Collection of 18 Royal doulton Doultonville collection small Toby jugs includes The clergyman, Albert sagger the potter, the chef , the lawyer e...

A group of Victorian and Edwardian glass comprising a ruby flashed and cut vase bearing fruiting vine decoration, a Mary Gregory style enamelled c...

A 1920s Fielding's Crown Devon musical jug, having a handle modelled as a boatman, the outside decorated with the Eaton Boating Song and school mo...

A 19th Century transfer decorated jug, having an armorial and "We are Odd Fellows When We Act and do the Thing Which is Right", with lustre rim, i...

A Beswick palm tree jug, 27 cm

A quantity of Aynsley Orchard Gold, comprising six dishes, a trinket box, jug, sandwich plates, teapot, etc, late 20th Century (a/f)

A Royal Doulton Series Ware "Night Watchmen" tankard, D4746, together with two Royal Doulton character jugs and others, and a figurine "Sam Weller...

A Royal Standard china tea set "Garland", six cups and saucers, teapots, sugar bowls and milk jug and sandwich plate

A quantity of pottery including St. Mary's Priory Church Abergavenny 900th anniversary memorial plate and mug by Rumney pottery, Ewenny pottery ju...

A box of Quimper ware including jugs, egg cups, plates etc

A large quantity of china including, Royal Worcester posy and trinket dishes, Royal Doulton 'Heroes of the Sky' display plates, Bedroom ware jug, ...

A quantity of Character jugs and animal figures including Carlton ware, Shorter and Son, Beswick etc and a Royal Doulton horse.

A Falconware bedroom set in floral pattern comprising wash jug and bowl, two chamber pots, vase and soap dish.

Three Masons Mandalay jugs.

A quantity of Coalport Pageant china to include; a large bowl, lidded urn, small two handled sewing dishes, large milk jug, etc.

A large quantity of Coalport Pageant china to include; 4 cups, saucers, tea plates and dessert plates, a teapot, sucrier, cream jug, 2 tier cake p...

Three Masons Brown Velvet graduated jugs.

A Colclough Imari part tea set to include; nine cups, twelve saucers, twelve tea plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and bread & butter plate.

Four graduated Masons Brown Velvet jugs.

A good quantity of Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Teaware to include; thirteen cups, and twelve saucers, thirteen tea plates, two tier plate sta...

A Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' six place setting Coffee set including coffee pot, sugar bowl and milk jug.

A quantity of blue and white china to include; two large meat plates, jugs (some a/f), Booths 'Real Old Willow' plates, etc.

A quantity of china to include lustre jugs, jardiniere with stand, Palissy 'Game Series' bowl, cottage teapot, etc.

A Cauldron china twelve setting tea service in cream ground with gold grape vine design, including cups, saucers, milk/cream jug, sugar bowl etc.


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