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14ct Gold Mounted Green Jade Amulet / Pendant of Pleasing Proportions / Design. Marked 14ct. Excellent Condition In All Aspects. 2 Inches - 5 cms ...

Oriental necklace , with with decorated silver chased and engraved plates on chains and central amulet red and blue stones, polished , 220 gramm

Amulet has two holes on each side for passing a string and turning it into a necklace to be worn around the neck. Measuring 25 x 20 x 6mm. Weighin...

Third Intermediate Period, 1069-702 BC. A gold amulet of Bastet in feline form sitting on a rectangular base; suspension loop to the back.Cf. Andr...

6th-10th century AD. A group of four carved onyx and agate pendants comprising: two bifacial amphora-shaped types with addorsed bird-heads at the ...

4th-3rd millennium BC. A carved jasper amulet in the form of a recumbent bull with legs tucked beneath the body, head held aloft and forwards, rec...

9th-11th century AD. A brooch and necklace assemblage comprising: a matched pair of bronze tortoise brooches each with a shallow dome bearing low-...

9th-11th century AD. A bronze Scandinavian amulet pendant formed as the foreparts of two addorsed canines, possibly the wolves Skoll and Hati; chi...

18kt white gold and brilliant cut diamonds circa 0.90 ct, dimension 6x5.5 cm.

centered by a cabochon-cut ruby ,surrounded by diamond roses, rubies and round emeralds, five pendant pear cut rubies, dimension 7x5.2 cm. complet...

λAn Inuit amulet / implement Alaska walrus ivory, modelled as a walrus head with a triangular piercing, possibly for arrow straightening, with l...

λAn Inuit amulet Alaska walrus ivory, modelled a human figure on the back of a polar bear, 10.2cm long, an Inuit walrus ivory harpoon head, wi...

A Tuareg amulet necklace engraved white metal with carnelian and a turquoise bead, the backs with jewellers signatures, with a graduated black be...

A collection of Berber jewellery Morocco including a gilt brass headdress with applied florets and inset cut glass beads, with two hinges, 22.5c...


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