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Lot 815

A Meade LX200 twelve inch ACF telescope in a Peli 0550 case with a Meade X Wedge tripod, a Meade Image shift Focuser LX200, seven Tele Vue eyepieces 4.5mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm, 12mm, 2x14mm, four Tele Vue Panoptic eyepieces 2x 19mm, 24mm and 35mm. A Tele Vue 2x power mat, a Tele Vue 1.25 inches camera adaptor eyepiece. A Meade 45degree Erect Image Diagonal Prism, a Meade Plossi 9mm Illuminated eyepiece with cord, a Dew Zapper, a USB to RS 232 Bridge cable. Explore Scientific 1,25' CLS Filter 1,25' O-111 Filter, and a 1,25' UHC Filter, an 11.63 Solar Filter, a Philips Planisphere. A Revlation Astro Mirror diagonal, an Orion Starshoot Image system with polarizing filter, Redbeam ii LED flashlight, Orion Expansion Filter, Stargazer Filter set and a Vixon flip mirror in a Peli 0550 hard case Condition Report. Very Good Condition. We do not test for functionallity, but all of this collection appears to have been very well cared for. No Dust of Fungis in glass or eyepieces

Lot 1053

Four Repro Satirical Posters, cigarette cards, Philips Planisphere, ladies bags, kid gloves, collars tin, prints, floral painted book stand:- One Box

Lot 1092

World War II US Navy Star Identifier. Designed for Aeronautical use but also marine. It consists of white plastic planisphere with the North Sky on one side and the Southern on the other. 7 clear plastic altitude-azimuth templates for use at different latitudes, in a black circular case.

Lot 667

A WWII Period RAF Navigators Badge, RAF Air Crew lecture notes, observers planisphere of star navigation, a map of Middle East dated March 1944.

Lot 334

ANTIQUARIAN SCIENTIFIC BOOKS to include William Sturgeon - 'Lectures on Electricity delivered in The Royal Victoria Gallery, Manchester' 1842, 'Address delivered before The British Association assembled at Belfast' with additions by John Tyndall 1874, 'The First Principles of Mechanics with Historical and Practical Illustrations' by William Whewell, M. A. 1832, 'A Record of The Scientific Wotk of Sir James Dewar' 1933, Ltd. Ed. 55/200, 'The World In Its Workshops' by James Ward, pub. by William S. Orr, 'Pneumatics For The Use of Beginners' by Charles Tomlinson, 3rd ed. 1858-9, 'The Treasury of Science, Natural and Physical by Frederich Schoedler, translated by Henry Medlock, and 'The Pocket Planisphere' by Francis Chichester (8)

Lot 417

A Philips Planisphere, 32cm (damaged), two smaller Philips Planispheres, 17cm, a Hydrographic Office Rude Star Identifier and a Dunn engine computer for Douglas DC-10 Series 30, (4).

Lot 555

RAF Air Ministry Navigator’s Wooden Map Board18 x 18 inch, wooden board. The front with hinged perspex cover and adjustable, brass arm with lower directional protractor. Rear of board with “AM” stamp with code “41AA/65”. Canvas pencil holder complete with pens. Together with linen backed paper map “Strait of Dover”. Perspex with some damage. Complete in grey canvas transit bag. Together with an RAF “Planisphere MK1A”. Complete in case.

Lot 192

* World. Bohun (Edmund). [Untitled map of the world], published Charles Brome, [1693], hand coloured engraved hemispheral map of the world, found on the title page of Bohun's 'Geographical Dictionary', 70 x 120 mm, mounted, framed and glazed, together with: Moll (Herman). The World in Planisphere, [1695 or later], uncoloured engraved hemispheral map of the world with a smaller hemisphere of a north polar projection above, with a printed title above the map 'Geography: or a particular Description of all the known parts of the earth', map size, 165 x 190 mm, mountedQty: (2)

Lot 104

Schoener (Johann) Opera mathematica, 3 parts in 1, first edition, collation: α6, β4, A-Z6, Aa-Cc6, Dd-Ee8, Ff-Mm6, Nn8; a-h6, i8, including errata, colophon and final blank leaf, but lacking 2 other blanks, Roman and Greek type, title printed in red and black with two large woodcut ornaments, woodcut printer's device at end, woodcut portrait of the author on β4v, numerous woodcuts and diagrams, 4 full-page woodcuts, including terrestrial globe, celestial globe and planisphere, complete with eleven diagrams with working volvelles (some with original threads, others sometime replaced), woodcut initials, generally very fine, wide-margined copy, title gutter reinforced, quire R lightly browned, few other leaves toned, small wear to lower blank margin of b3v, tiny wormhole in blank outer margin of last several leaves, contemporary blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, covers within two blind-stamped rolls, outer roll dated 1541 and depicting the Crucifixion, David, the Resurrection, and St. John, inner roll dated 1556 and showing Lucretia, Caritas, and Justicia, later stamp of Schola Altenburgensis printed in gold in centre of upper cover and in black on lower cover, some minor abrasion to binding, spine slightly chipped at head, corners lightly rubbed, folio (306 x 201mm.), Nuremberg, J. Montanus & U. Neuber, 1551.⁂ Rare and important work with a most distinguished provenance, in excellent condition and in its strictly contemporary binding. The Honeyman copy of the first edition of the collected works by Johann Schöner, mathematician, astronomer, cartographer, and scientific instrument maker from Karlstadt, in Bavaria. Schöner was a contemporary of Nicolaus Copernicus and in 1526 he became the first professor of mathematics at the University of Nuremberg. His most illustrious pupil was Georg Joachim Rheticus, who in the Narratio prima (1540) announced Copernicus' discoveries. Schöner was also active as a printer and even set up a press in his house, printing numerous previously unpublished works by Johannes Regiomontanus, as well as the first printed terrestrial globe to name the recently discovered continent of America. The Opera mathematica was published posthumously by his son Andreas and is introduced by a preface by the outstanding humanist and reformer Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560). The volume contains a representative sample of Schöner's wide and diverse interests, and a digest of some of his separately published works, most of which are extremely rare. Part 3 contains the most important section, which describes and illustrates eleven instruments, under the title Aequatorium Astronomicum, ex quo errantium stellarum motus, luminarium configurationes, & defectus colliguntur, a revised and enlarged version of the work which first appeared in 1521. The Aequatorium Astronomicum contains the earliest collection of printed equatoria-diagrams, as well as a catalogue of stars adapted by Schöner from that published by Copernicus in his De revolutionibus of 1543. The text is illustrated by an elaborate series of volvelles (movable wheel charts) used to determine planetary positions. Each part of these volvelles was printed on a separate page, such that the reader could cut them out or trace them on separate pieces of paper, and then assemble the various parts with string. These fragile 'paper instruments', which Schöner was among the first to employ, are frequently lacking or only partially present in most other copies of this work, and they are very often constructed incorrectly. This copy is exceptionally complete and includes all the volvelles, some still with their original thread. Provenance: from the library of the Latin school in Altenburg, Germany (stamp on the binding 'Biblioth. Schol. Altenburgensis'); the English politician and book collector Sir Robert Leicester Harmsworth (1870-1937; his sale at Sotheby's London, 9 February 1953, lot 9605); Robert Honeyman IV (1897- 1987; see The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts. Volume vii. Printed Books S-Z and Addenda, Sotheby's New York, 19-20 May 1981, lot 2802A); Astronomy & Science Books from The Library of Martin C. Gutzwiller, lot 175. Literature: Adams S-678, 685; VD16 S-3465; Alden 551/35; BEA, pp. 1027-1028; Houzeau - Lancaster 2388; Sabin 77806.

Lot 352

A Philips' Planisphere toy; with Ellison Hawks, The Starry Heavens, published by T Nelson & Son ltd (2)

Lot 173

Late 19th Century Philips' Planisphere, George Philip & Son Ltd, The London Geographical Institute, 32 Fleet Street, London EC4, together with Francis Chichester booklet, The Observers Planisphere of Air Navigation Stars (2)

Lot 244

[Frances Rolleston] Mazzaroth; or The Constellations in four parts, Published Rivington 1862-1865 with Mizraim; or Astronomy Of Egypt containing a folding Planisphere of Dendera, the whole bound as one volume in full contemporary leather with raised bands & gilt title [Parts 1 & 2 are inscribed from the Authoress on title pages]

Lot 714

STAMPS - AN ALL-WORLD COLLECTION in a 19th century Justin Lallier leather-bound album (upper cover detached), signed to the title page verso, with hand-coloured folding planisphere, the contents including a GB QV 1d black, lettered SC, three-margin example (closely cropped lower left), with a red Maltese cross cancellation; and a U.S. printed patriotic cover, 1868.

Lot 1111

A quantity of miscellanea including old wooden Westclox clock, pair of children's boxing gloves, two plated frames, small wooden face mask, planisphere, etc.

Lot 139

Late 19th Century Philips' Planisphere, with ink inscription verso dated 1892, 31cm diameter

Lot 933

3 Antique hand coloured maps, India, China, and the Planisphere, framed

Lot 245

A Philips Planisphere WWII star identifier chart

Lot 1736

Quantity of silver plate and collectables to include cased fish eater and server set, twin handled pedestal bowl or tazza, brass planisphere, two vintage cake decorations, commemorative mugs etc

Lot 523

An early 20th Century "Philips' Planisphere, showing the principle stars visible for every hour in the year", 13 x 13 cm

Lot 2239

Four wooden jig-saws comprising three Jeux Artistiques maps entitled 'Planisphere', 'France Par Departements' and 'Europe' and another of a waterfall by Photochrom Co. Ltd., all boxed (4)

Lot 2

ϒ A German ebony brass and card universal equinoctial sundial, made for George Philip & Son, London and Liverpool, early 20th century.For latitudes 0-76 degrees North with brass ring segment resting within a groove cut into an arc applied with paper latitude scale calibrated in degrees with every ten numbered, across the diameter of the ring is a steel wire gnomon which passes though the centre of the circular hour plate set perpendicular to the brass ring, the plate applied with paper Roman numeral twenty-four hour chapter ring reading I-XII twice with the lower section cut away allowing the hour scale to continue around the inner rim of the aperture, the central infill panel inscribed PHILIPS’ SUN-DIAL, FOR USE IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, LONDON, GEORGE PHILIP & SON., 32 FLEET STREET. E. C.. LIVERPOOL: 45-51, S. CASTLE STREET., MADE IN GERMANY, raised on turned ebony ogee shaped foot over a square base inset with a small glazed compass annotated with an eight-point rose, the card box also forming a plinth onto which the instrument can stand printed with DIRECTIONS FOR USE to interior, the exterior with repeat maker’s title panel, a TABLE, FOR CORRECTING SOLAR TO CIVIL TIME, an image of the sundial, and an advert of PHILIPS’ REVOLVING PLANISPHERE, the box 10cm (4in) square. George Philip and Son opened their London premises at 32 Fleet Street, London, in 1856 from where they sold their geographical and educational publications. They would later also occupy the premises next door at numbers 31 and 30 Fleet Street. In 1859, the company took over an extensive pile known as Caxton Buildings in South John Street, Liverpool, which became the company's headquarters in the city. Through the use of new power-driven printing machinery George Philips and Son became largest publishers of cartography and geographical works in the Country, as well as specialising in producing globes and planispheres for educational use. Over the years George Philips and Son Ltd took over the production lines of other firms including Malby (active 1845-1860), Betts (active 1844-1875), Smith (active 1799-1888) and Johnston (1802-1871); and in 1984 celebrated their 150th year anniversary. The company was sold in 1989 and later became part of the Octopus Publishing Group. ϒ  Indicates that this lot may be subject to CITES regulations when exported. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Lot 663

A Phillips Planisphere, a key box with printed angelic lid and a sweet tin (3)

Lot 3714

The Dalvey Voyager Clock, in fitted case, students' microscope in wooden case and various scientific and medical instruments - including a Phillips Planisphere (qty)

Lot 165

Philips' Planisphere, c.1900, English stamped to the front 'Philips' Planisphere showing the principle Stars Visible For Every Hour In The Year', card, instructions printed on reverse, diameter 26cm

Lot 136

A Perspex Double Diamond Advertising Clock. The battery operated clock approx 35 x 27 cms together with Phillip's Planisphere' Revolving Astronomical Chart. The chart showing East and West Horizons and the principal stars visible for every day in the year together with a bronze plaque of a Spitfire quoting Sir Winston Churchill's words 'Never have so many owed so much to so few' and a bronze plaque from the Newport Golf and Country Club dated 30th June 1862, quoting 'Gentlemen players are requested to only wash their balls in the sinks provided and not elsewhere'. (3)

Lot 29

A tray containing calendar desk stand, drawing utencils, Parker pens, miniature rapier, vintage slide rule, Planisphere etc

Lot 670

Vintage Philips Planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year with embossed and gilt leather dial

Lot 12

A selection of miscellaneous including early 20th century Philips Planisphere scale, vintage glass negatives for Halley's Comet, a Cadbury Yard chocolate box, two vintage yard sticks, a monthly Star Map volume 1911, three Roy Rogers albums and a Knock Out annual 1957

Lot 600

A Philips Planisphere 'Showing the Principal Stars visible for every hour in the Year' with explanation card to the back, diameter 25cm

Lot 1200

A box of miscellaneous carved wooden animals, Philip's Planisphere, dressing table tray, etc

Lot 421

A Philips Planisphere astronomical star chart in tooled, gilt, black leather and card, 4 1/2" sq

Lot 15

Original vintage planisphere travel advertising poster featuring a detailed illustrated Air France worldwide airline network map / Air France Reseau Aerien Mondial designed by the notable artist Lucien Boucher (1889-1971) showing the airline routes across the world decorated with sea gods, sailing ships, cruise liners and planes with landscape features and mountains, buildings, animals and people from around the world on the continents, the main cities and countries marked in banners with colourful compass points and cherubs blowing in wind on each side, the title text in a banner below and the Air France Pegasus logo above. Horizontal. Printed in France by Perceval, Paris. Fair condition, restored loss on margin, folds and tears, staining, backed on linen. Country: France, 1937, design by Lucien Boucher, size (cm): 64x100.5

Lot 20

Air France Night Sky Constellation poster. Lucien Boucher produced a number of pieces for Air France in the early 20th century which were advertisments for the global coverage and glamour of air travel at the time. This version, from 1938, combines a subtle outline map with key places with a celestial planisphere that shows the various signs of the zodiac. The suggestion is of fantasy and the experience you’ll have flying. It’s designed clearly to capture the imagination and provide a strong brand message.Original vintage travel poster. Poor condition, minor creases, tears and paper losses. Backed on foam board. Country: France Year: 1938 Designer: Lucien Boucher Size: 99x62cm

Lot 49

Rare large original vintage planisphere poster map of Air France routes issued only to Air France offices. The poster features a detailed illustrated Air France worldwide airline network map / Air France Reseau Aerien Mondial designed by the notable artist Lucien Boucher (1889-1971) showing the airline routes across the world decorated with sea gods, sailing ships, cruise liners and planes with landscape features and mountains, buildings, pictures of animals and people from around the world on the margins and on the map, and the Air France Pegasus logo above. Poor condition, trimmed on all sides, losses, tears and cuts, backed on old linen, France, 1950s, size (cm): 305x204.

Lot 924

A good collection of vintage postcards including humour, military, novelty, greetings, topography, warships, etc., to/w a quantity of cigarette and other trade cards, including Wills, Rothmans, Carreras, Savory, Gallaher, Players, Millhoff, Ogdens, Cepes, Godrey Phillips, Churchman, Cavanders, Sunripe, etc., in albums and boxes, Rothmans portfolio of Rex Whistler cartoons 1950, Francis Chichester Planisphere, two Royal souvenir programmes and Post Office savings bank

Lot 163


Lot 155

A First and Second World War medal group comprising WWI British War medal and Victory medal (both named to R. E. Pickering , R.A., and also a WWII 1939 - 45 Star, a Defence medal and War medal. Also included in the lot is An Air Ministry M.O.233 booklet "Cloud Forms According to the International Classification", a copy of Francis Chichester's "The Observer's Planisphere of Air Navigation Stars, a Royal Air Force blue membership card for E.B. Pickering, 1946, a framed embroidery badge "Transport Command Royal Air Force - Ferio Ferendo", an R.A.F. cap badge and an enamelled R.A.A. blazer badge. (Q)

Lot 263

A box of camera bag and tripod, assorted digital cameras, telephoto lens, Philips Planisphere

Lot 115

Celestial Charts. Senex (John), A Scheme of the Solar System with the Orbits of the Planets and Comets belonging thereto, described by Dr. Halley's accurate table of Comets..., founded on Sr. Isaac Newton's wonderful discoveries, by Wm. Whiston M. A., published John Bowles & Carington Bowles, circa 1720, uncoloured engraved chart, very slight fraying to margins, 690 x 615 mm, together with The Planisphere, Stellarum Fixarum Hemisphaerium Boreale..., Stellarum Fixarum Hemisphaerium Boreale The Northern hemisphere projected on the plane of the Aequator, Stellarum Fixarum hemisphaerium Australe the Southern hemisphere projected..., Stellarum Fixarum Hemisphaerium, Australe in plano eclipticae depictum..., Zodiacus Stellatus fixas omnes hactenus cognitas as quas lunae appulsus ullibi, Terrarum Telescopio observari poterunt complexus and an untitled circular zodiacal projection, together another eight double page uncoloured engraved celestial charts, one chart trimmed with slight loss to title, occasional marginal fraying and dust soiling, each approximately 690 x 615 mm (9)

Lot 684

A Philips Planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year, on card backing, George Philip & Son Ltd and a Fowler's Long Scale Calculator, 6.5cm diameter, in original velvet-lined steel case, (2).

Lot 339

A rare limited edition domestic scale replica of the Bluewater Planisphere timepiece John Smith and Sons, Derby, to a design by Eric Kuhne and Associates, 1999 The mains-driven electric movement with 15 inch circular dial incorporating rotating silver on blue celestial projection disc annotated with the principal heavenly bodies and constellations set behind fixed elliptical mask revealing a simulation of the visible night sky for a given time of the year, the outer margin of the rotating celestial disc annotated with the months of the year with divisions for each day allowing the date to be read via a triangular pointer at six o clock, the outer margin with fixed silver on white narrow Arabic numeral chapter ring with dot minute markers, with canted mask and chrome finish moon hands set within stainless steel circular surround applied with engraved metal plate inscribed Bluewater, 16th March 1999, Designed by Eric Kuhne Associates, Manufactured by John Smith & Sons Derby, England, Limited Edition : 1 of 15 to lower edge, the rear with time and calendar adjustment screws, 43.5cm (17ins) diameter overall; with original packaging. The current lot is a domestic scale slightly simplified version of the large public timepiece supplied by John Smith & Sons, Derby for the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe, Kent, installed on the 16th March 1999.

Lot 443

Middleton's Celestial Atlas, circa 1854, cloth bound with the Celestial Planisphere, (2)

Lot 6

A 19th century pearlware quart mug, 'The World in Planisphere', transfer printed and handcoloured with a double hemisphere world map, supported by allegorical figures, loop handle 14cm (5in)

Lot 156

World. Visscher (Nicholas J.), Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem Edita per N.Visscher, published Amsterdam, [1663 or later], uncoloured engraved map on a hemispheral projection, insular California, some fraying to right hand vertical margin with slight loss, old folds and some creasing, 310 x 470 mm, together with Moll (Herman), A New Map of the World according to the New Observations, circa 1710, hand coloured engraved map on a hemispheral projection, insular California, 180 x 280 mm, with Bonne (Rigobert), L'Ancien Monde et le Nouveau en deux Hemispheres [and] Planisphere suivant la Projection de Mercator, circa 1780, two engraved map with sparse outline colouring, the first map with old folds and slight spotting, 220 x 415 mm, the second map with very slight spotting, 225 x 335 mm The first described map. R.W.Shirley. The Mapping of the World, no.431, state 1. (4)

Lot 1524

WORLD MAP: Perrot (A M): 'Nouveau Planisphere Terrestre..', Paris, 1864: large steel engraved map with topographical vignettes, pl.56 x 83cm, framed and glazed. (1)

Lot 409

*World. The World in Planisphere, circa 1790, a Bristol pearlware jug, transfer printed with a double hemisphere map of the world, and with a rural scene to verso, height 230 mm (9ins) (1)

Lot 410

World ( ). Bowen (Emanuel), A New and Accurate Map of the Known World, drawn from the latest and most authentic surveys..., circa 1780, hand coloured engraved map on a hemispheral projection, old folds, 390 x 540 mm, together with Kitchin (Thomas),A New Map of the World drawn from the latest and best authorities, circa 1750, hand coloured engraved map on a hemispheral projection, old folds, 275 x 540 mm, with Bonne (Rigobert),L'Ancien Monde et Le Nouveau en deux hemispheres, circa 1780, hand coloured engraved map 230 x 420 mm, plus Bonne (Rigobert),Planisphere suivant la Projection de Mercator, circa 1780,hand coloured engraved map, 210 x 330 mm, and Tirion (I.), Nieuwe Wereld Kaart waar in de reizen van deb Hr. Anson Rondsom de Wereld, circa 1760, hand coloured engraved map on a Mercator projection, 230 x 405 mm (5)

Lot 3093

A Philips Planisphere showing the principal stars visible every hour in the year, on card backing, George Phillip & Son Ltd, London.

Lot 1005

LUCIEN BOUCHER: AIR FRANCE, a mid-20th century Air France poster, 1951, advertising the Air France route system, the Planisphere series provided global views, this one from 1951 is unique in that it portrayed the heavens under which Air France flew, approx size 70 x 110cm, vgc

Lot 44

*World. The World in Planisphere, circa 1790, a Bristol pearlware jug, transfer printed with a double hemisphere map of the world, and with a rural scene to verso, height 23cm (9ins) Scarce. (1)

Lot 347


Lot 1172

A quantity of miscellanea including a Phillips Planisphere showing the principal stars, a fish smoker, Stellar scope, Relative Hydro and Citizen pocket LCD colour TV.

Lot 93

Persian painted papier mache pen box, length 24cm, Philips' Planisphere School of Art Shilling Colour Box, Bezique game, visiting cards.

Lot 114

THE CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, two 19th century hand coloured diagrams of the Northern and Southern hemispheres with tissue guard backs, Published by T. Clark, 23.5cm x 23.5cm (2) Please note: All of the books are sold AS SEEN and are not subject to return.

Lot 402

A creamware cylindrical Mug, printed "Come Box the Compass", the world in planisphere, sailor "Heaving the Lead", 4 3/4in H

Lot 314

PHILIPS PLANISPHERE. A vintage 20th century large Philips Planisphere, the reverse with printed explanation. Measures 25.5cm diameter.

Lot 1121

Two Philips' Planisphere Charts, an aneroid Pocket Barometer by Negretti & Zambra, in case, a Pocket Compass, and a Cosmos Crystal Receiver in bakelite case

Lot 422

An early 20th Century Philip's Planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year, dia: 30cm

Lot 667

A radio in the form of the moon, a red plastic mantle clock and a planisphere dish (a/f), (SPM)

Lot 24

TASCO TELESCOPE with an adjustable tripod stand and interchangeable eye pieces; together with a Phillips Planisphere and a book on astronomy

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