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Lot 1159

An India medal Punjab Frontier 1897-98 clasp to 44 Lascar Sadhoo Ordnance Dept

Lot 414

Cartography - a collection of mid-20th century and later maps, including Bartholomew's World Survey Series: The Middle East - Turkey, Syria, Mesopotamia, Persian Etc., mounted on cloth, c. 1950; 2 Bartholomew's Motorists and Cyclists Maps, Sheet 6 Wharfdale and Sheet 13 Trent Valley, each coloured, c. 1930, (2); 9 Ordnance Survey Maps, various British geographic regions including the Peak District, various dates from 1930-1960, (9); others later, including further GB, Europe, etc (1 box)

Lot 1762

A box containing a large quantity of mixed ordnance survey maps

Lot 46

Essex.- Mudge (Lt. Col. William) Part the First of the General Survey of England and Wales, containing the whole of Essex, folding engraved map hand-coloured in outline, 1225 x 1830mm, dissected and mounted on linen, some very light offsetting, loose in contemporary russia slip-case with pull-off top, gilt arms to upper cover, rubbed, rather worn at edges, 4to, [1805].⁂ The second Ordnance Survey map to be published, following that of Kent in 1801.The illustration shows only a portion of the map.

Lot 336

Crofton Archive A Collection of Architectural Drawings, Maps, Religious Manuscripts, and miscellaneous Estate Papers of the Crofton Family of Inchanappa House, Co. Wicklow, c. 1789 - 1900. The Inchanappa estate, together with lands in counties Cork and Monaghan, belonged in the 18th century to the Earbery family. Mathias Earbery (1734-1779), MP for Lanesborough 1768-76, married Elizabeth Barbara, daughter of Major Henry Crofton, and was father of Christopher Henry Earbery (1764-1818), who died leaving two daughters. The younger, Marcia Anastasia, married the Rev. Henry William Crofton (1795-1862), third son of Sir Hugh Crofton of Mohill, Co. Leitrim, 2nd Bart, who thus acquired the Earbery estates. The couple had no children and after her death Crofton married in 1840 Marianne Amelia Cazalet (died 1847) and thirdly in 1852 Frances, daughter of Robert Westropp of Fort Anne, Co. Cork. The Inchanappa line continued through Henry William's son by his second wife, Henry Morgan Earbery Crofton (1840-1878), and the latter's son Henry William George Crofton, a major in the East Surrey Regiment, who was killed in the South African war in 1902. Manuscript Books Folio Volume. Roll book of Inchanappa School for 1837 to 1841. Names 41 pupils, with comments on absences such as "picking potatoes", "gone to Arklow," "America" etc. Many blank pages. Folio Volume: Church Education Society for Ireland Report Book. Contains the rolls of Inchanappa School. 2 lists of pupils for 1841. Also numbers present and absent, with daily record of Bible passages read, from 15 Feb 1841 to 4 Feb 1843. The rest blank. Account Book of Rev Mr Crofton, 27 Upper Merrion St., Dublin, for 6 Feb 1835 to 25 June 1841. Contains: (1) accounts of goods sold at Inchanappa (mainly potatoes); (2) accounts of goods sold to workmen; (2) detailed accounts of work done by the blacksmith. Two Commonplace Books of the Rev Henry William Crofton, with religious and other notes, one containing many loose papers. Ten Exercise Books of Rev Henry William Crofton, each containing a Sermon. Scrap Book containing Christmas Cards, Sentimental Prints, etc. Some blank pages. Book titled "Norma". Contains expense accounts of the yacht "Norma" which was purchased by Henry M. Crofton of Inchanappa from Sir John Barrington for £525 on 5 March 1869. Continues to 8 Oct 1875. 33 pp, the rest blank. Small Notebook containing Workmen's Accounts, 1902-1903. Folio Volume. "Army Book 127." Blank. Miscellaneous Papers Indenture on Vellum dated 29 Oct 1789: lease of a house in Navan from Robert Ormsby of Grove, Co. Roscommon, to Anne, Elizabeth and Margaret Everard of Navan, spinsters. Four Folders of Accounts, Rev. William Henry Crofton in account with James Hunt, with rentals of lands in Co. Cork (Ballyvodane, Lackabane, Goalane, Knockaroorke, Garranredmond, Cork City, Ballingarry). Marked respectively as closed on 1 Sept 1849, 29 July 1850, 12 July 1851, and 28 Jan. 1853. Fair copy of the marriage settlement of Henry William Crofton of Inchanappa, Clerk, with Frances, daughter of the late Robert Westropp of Tinnekilly, 1852. Brief on behalf of the respondent, 17 Dec 1867, in the case of George Smith and his wife Frances (widow of Rev. Henry William Crofton), versus Henry Morgan Earbery Crofton (eldest son and successor of the Rev. H.W. and Frances Crofton), to determine what lands the petitioner was entitled to after his marriage. Rental of the estate of Henry Morgan Earbery Crofton in counties Monaghan and Cork, 1862. Bills, estimates etc for draining, repairs, building works at Inchanappa on the farm, farm buildings, and house: Guy Price, carpenter, James Sheil, architect, 1820-1821. A large quantity of miscellaneous vouchers, bills, receipts, etc., mid-19th century. Architectural Drawings Most of these are for work done at Inchanappa House c 1820 by the Dublin architect James Sheil (c1795-1840). Although so little is known about his life, Sheil was important in his day: he virtually doubled the size of Killeen Castle, succeeded Francis Johnston as architect for Tullynally, and designed seats for many of the Leinster gentry. "Plan of the window and dressings in front of Library, full size, for the Miss Earberys. Jas Sheil architect." 97 x 67 cm. "Entablature to the full size for the Library Columns. Soffite of the Corona and Modillions to the full size. Base and Capital of Columns full size for the Library. James Sheil Architect." 99 x 67 cm. "Plans for the Stucco Work at Inchanappa. James Sheil Architect." Design for a stucco ceiling rose for the drawing room. Badly torn and crumpled but the drawing and text are intact. "James Sheil. Plan of the additional farm offices at Inchanappa Co. Wicklow for the Miss Earberys. Elevation of the Cow House & c. Elevation of the Cart House and Piggery." 73 x 53 cm. "J. Sheil. Plans of the Additions & c to the House at Inchanappa Co Wicklow for the Miss Earberys. Plan of the Bedchamber Floor. Plan of the Principal Floor. Plan of the Basement Story." 96 x 66 cm. "Elevation of the Principal Floor for the Miss Earberys, Co. Wicklow. J. Sheil." 65 x 54 cm. Ground plan of Inchanappa House, by John McCurdy. 65 x 48 cm. Two copies of the bedroom plan, John McCurdy architect, 10 Leinster St., Dublin. 68 x 50 cm. Coloured plan of part of house, marking the entrance hall, dining room, housekeeper's room, study, etc. Unsigned (by McCurdy?) Manuscript Maps "Maps of part of the lands of Inchinappo … in tenure of Mr Samuel Sempill … Surveyed August 1757 by Jacob Nevill." Scale, 20 perches per inch. 59 x 48 cm. "A Survey of the Demesne and Lands of Inchanappa ….. done for Mrs Earberry, by Jno Longfield, 1806." 10 perches per inch. An attractive large-scale map, marking in colour the woods, lawn, house and gardens, besides other lands, and with a detailed reference section. 95 x 71 / 37 cm. "Map of C. Grumly's, E. Chapman's, Mrs Chapman's and Fitzsimons's Farm. Being part of the late Counsellor Earbery's Estate. Survey'd in February 1819 by J.S. Manning." 48 x 40 cm. Coloured green, yellow and brown. Marks houses. An attractive map, but unfortunately now torn in two and very fragile. "A Map of the Townlands of Inchinappa North, Inchinappa South and Broomfield; and of portions of the townlands of Ashford and Ballinahinch in the Union of Wicklow, Barony of Newcastle and County of Wicklow. Done for the Rev. H.W. Crofton A.D. 1833." Scale, 10 perches per inch. A fine large-scale coloured map of the Crofton estate. 96 x 67 cm. Printed Maps Ordnance Survey Maps of: · Co. Wicklow, 6", sheet 19, and 1/2500 sheets 19.4 and 25.2 · Co. Cork, 6", sheets 50, 51, 59, 61, 62 · Co. Wicklow index map Map of the South of England showing places marked out for military manoeuvres, 1898. (1)

Lot 630

Seven (7) World War II United States propaganda posters by artists including Anton Otto Fischer, Mead Schaeffer, Koerner, and Steve Broder. 1st item: Poster depicts gray weapon barrels, wrapped in the full-color national flags of United Nations members, firing into a bright yellow and orange explosion in the upper right corner. Text at top and bottom reads, "United we are strong" and "United we will win." Artist's name, Koerner, appears on the barrel of the Norwegian flag. Published by the Office of War Information (OWI) and U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943. Unframed. 22 1/2" H x 16" W. 2nd item: Poster depicts a hand holding a cast iron pan, pouring fat into the middle of the scene where there is a fiery red explosion with bullets and bombs shooting out in all directions against a dark background. The text at the top and bottom reads, "Save waste fats for explosives" and "Take Them To Your Meat Dealer." Artist's name, H. Koerner, appears in lower right corner, under one of the shells. Published by the Office of War Information (OWI) and the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943. Unframed. 22 1/2" H x 16" W. 3rd item: Poster depicts a large ship engulfed in black smoke and bright red and orange flames in the background as eight injured and dejected men row away in an escape boat in the foreground. Text reads "A careless word... ...A Needless Sinking." Artist's name "Anton Otto Fischer" is printed in the lower left corner. Published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942. Unframed. 28" H x 22" W. 4th item: Poster depicts uniformed soldiers riding in tanks with their right arms raised, looking down at their wristwatches. Text at top reads "Time saved on Your job Saves Lives on His!" and at the bottom within a red rectangle "Your Labor Management Committee says: Turn in your ideas to do it Better, Faster." Artist's name, Mead Schaeffer, written in lower right corner. Published by the War Production Board and U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943. Unframed. 40" H x 28 1/2"W. 5th item: Poster depicts a uniformed soldier in combat, yelling and raising his gun in his left hand while carrying an injured soldier on his hip with his right arm against a bright, colorful abstract background of explosions, smoke, and the outline of a tank. Text reads "Our Fighters Deserve Our Best" and in the bottom right corner "Ordnance Department U.S. Army - Keep 'Em Shooting." Published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942. Unframed. 40" H x 28 1/2" W. 6th item: Poster titled "The United Nations Fight for Freedom" depicts the head and raised right arm of the Statue of Liberty in black and white against a black background and features thirty (30) full-color flags of United Nations members at the time, with the name of each country in white text below its flag. Artist's name, Broder (Steve Broder) appears at the lower edge. Published by the Office of War Information and U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942. Unframed. 40" H x 28 1/2" W. 7th item: Poster depicts a group of determined soldiers wearing helmets, carrying their backpacks and guns, storming a beach with a tank and naval ships in the background and planes flying overhead in a smoke-filled, yellowed sky. Text at top reads, "Attack Attack Attack" and "Buy War Bonds" at the bottom. Published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942. Unframed. 40" H x 28" W. CONDITION: 1st item: Overall good condition with bright color. Some foxing and toning along original fold lines en verso. 2nd item: Overall good condition with some wear to edges and foxing and toning along original fold lines en verso. Separation at fold lines in center, 1/4".  3rd item: Overall good condition, strong color, with loss to center of bottom edge and separations along vertical fold line, largest 1 1/2". Light foxing and toning along original fold lines en verso. 4th item: Overall good condition, with sharp edges and color. Foxing and toning along original fold lines en verso. 5th item: Overall very good condition with sharp edges and colors. Foxing, toning, and some pinhole separations along original fold lines en verso. 6th item: Overall good condition, bright color, sharp edges. Some wear, foxing, and toning along original fold lines en verso. 7th item: Overall good condition and bright color. Some wear to edges and surface losses along edges and at corners where tape was previously applied. Loss to upper right corner, 1". Some foxing, toning, and wear along original fold lines.

Lot 152

Donegal publications. 1879-2005, A collection of guidebooks, event programmes and society journals. Allingham, Hugh. Ballyshannon Its History and Antiquities, James Montgomery, Londonderry, 1879; Pictorial Guide to the Donegal Highlands, Ward, Lock & Co. 1911; A Guide to Donegal, Tirconnaill County Council, 1927; Guide and Information to County Donegal, Tradepress Belfast, 1966; Tohill, JJ. Donegal an Exploration, Ballyshannon, 1976; O Muirgheasa, E. The Holy Wells of Donegal. Official Guide to County Donegal. Condor Publishers (Ireland) Ltd. 1989; Letterkenny Street Map and Guide, Ordnance Survey, 1988. St. Eunan's Cathedral Letterkenny, Heritage Series, Eason and Sons Ltd. 1988; Donefgal Annuals, 1955 & 1974; Donegal Rally Official Programme, Donegal Motor Club, 1978; Lough Swilly Sea Angling Festival, 1967 & 1968; Robinson, Sylvia Margaret. A Donegal Life, 2005. (15)

Lot 313

1939-1945 Inert Ordnance, A WWII British 25-pounder high-explosive artillery shell. 26" (66cm) high.The 25-pounder was the main field artillery weapon used by British, Commonwealth and colonial infantry and armoured divisions of all types during the Second World War.

Lot 141

Box of ordnance survey maps and Lake District books

Lot 1184

11 vintage Ordnance Survey maps. To include Eastbourne, Colchester, Exeter and Hastings.

Lot 182

Ordnance Survey Maps, mainly East Midlands. (1 box)

Lot 195

Vintage cloth backed Ordnance Survey Maps, a Dunlop Touring Map and Gall & Fughi Tourists Map of Loch Lomond. (quantity)

Lot 245

A box of Ordnance survey maps

Lot 262

A box of books and Ordnance Survey maps

Lot 248

Jack Fellows (Washington, B. 1941) "AV-8B Harrier II" Signed lower right. Original Oil painting on Masonite. Provenance: Collection of James A. Helzer (1946-2008), Founder of Unicover Corporation. This painting was published on the Republic of the Marshall Islands 33c AV-8B Harrier II stamp issued June 1, 1999. The unique ability of McDonnell Douglas's AV-8B Harrier II to be launched either from carriers or from make-shift wartime runways has made it one of the United States Marine Corps' most valuable weapons and virtually guaranteed its place in future warfare. The Harrier II has tremendous range as well -- 2,000 miles without ordnance and nearly 550 miles with a full load of bombs. Image Size: 16.25 x 14 in. Overall Size: 18.75 x 16 in. Unframed. (B13355)

Lot 51

Boxed collection of GB QEII mainly 1980s/2000s FDC and special-to-event postmarked covers, PHQ cards and mint stamp presentation packs. Incl many less usual FPO/BFPO FDC and cover commem visit of HM The Queen to Central Ordnance Depot, Donnington, on 4 June during Falklands War climax which ended 10 days later. Mint stamp FV £150+.

Lot 57

GB Benham Silk official FDC collection. 1988/89, 12 sets which include both the BLCS cover and set of the small silks includes Natural History, Edward Lear and Mini sheet, Industrial Archaeology, Education, Toys and Games, Greetings, Astronomy, Ordnance Survey, Microscopes, Roses, Australian Bicentenary. Good Condition. We combine postage on multiple winning lots and can ship worldwide. UK postage from £3.99, EU from £5.99, Rest of World from £7.99.

Lot 761

MAPS W.H. Smith & Son’s Special Map of Afghanistan 1878, 31.5 x 20.5 inches, cold. map on paper, plus Ordnance Survey Map 1899, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 32 segments on linen, plus Crutchley’s Railway & Telegraph Map of Kent (3)

Lot 387

A framed Ordnance Survey 1" map of Aberdeen, sheet 45, annotated for an MOD scouting trip for airfield sites in WWII, 60x78cm

Lot 401

Various books, Smith (Keith), Silversmithing A Manual of Design and Techniques, Wine According to Ralph Stead, various other books, Salerooom Catalogue, Photographs, Bloomsbury, Dreweatts Wednesday 19th May 2010, Thirsty Work, Heineken Advertising and various Ordnance Survey maps, etc. (a quantity)

Lot 316

Box of assorted QEII crowns various, vintage ordnance survey and other maps to includ; John Carey 'a new map of England from the latest authorities', canvas backed folding in slip case. 1827.(B.P. 24% incl. VAT)

Lot 251

MAPS-A LARGE PARCEL OF FULL SIZE British Ordnance Survey maps and a quantity of maps and posters relating to distant parts of the Continents,

Lot 2

WW1 War and Victory Medal Pair Army Ordnance Corps, medals with original ribbons, named to rim “022997 PTE.G.R.HAMMONDS A.O.C” Good overall condition.

Lot 213

A box of ephemera, John Player & sons An Album of film stars cigarette cards, National Grid Ordnance survey maps Norwich, Carlisle, Brecon examples, vintage postcards etc

Lot 462

An embroidered Indian Army Ordnance Corp Penant; various framed Players cigarette cards; a Schweyk advertising poster; and a WW2 print

Lot 442

A BOX OF MAPS AND ATLASES, etc, to include Ordnance Survey maps of the Midlands areas, London, Norwich, etc, Times Atlas of Britain, Times Atlas of The World, maps, Satellite imagery

Lot 93

FOUR SILVER SWEETHEART RINGScomprising Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Artillery, Royal Marines and Royal Army Ordnance Corps (4)

Lot 45

Folder of mainly Early 20th century Folded Cloth Maps including The Environs of London and Reynold's Cyclist Map of the Environs of London plus Ordnance Survey, Bacon's, Bartholomews, etc

Lot 3085

WW2 British Army battledress top with shoulder insignia, three stripes to sleeves, two medal bars and lanyard, inscribed inside 10587794 Mayes.W.A with a pair of trousers, a beret and a forage cap with Royal Army Ordnance Corps badges, an Australian made battledress top inscribed Mayes W.A. and a collection of ephemera incl. Services Guide to Cairo, Cairo Rhythm Club Booklet 1945, RAOC as a Career, set of Standing Orders for Christmas 1943 for D.D.O.S.P Mediterranean and a qty of France & Colonies Stamp club and Forces Postal History Society correspondence Condition Report Click here for further images, condition, auction times & delivery costs

Lot 562

A box containing a quantity of vintage ordnance survey maps

Lot 108

World War One (WW1) and World War Two (WW2) campaign medals (father and son) - WW1: War medal and Victory medal, both inscribed to the rim 3067 Spr W H Takle R.E. and WW2: 4626315 Private Sidney Lennard Takle 1939-1945 Star, Pacific Star, Defence medal and War medal, died aged 30 on 17th August 1943, served Royal Army Ordnance Corps, buried Kanchanaburi War Cemetery - lot includes image of cemetery and official comp slip

Lot 154

World War Two (WW2) campaign medals - 7625767 Private Norman Ernest Crane, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star and War medal, killed in action on 1st June 1942 aged 28, served Royal Army Ordnance Corps, buried Tobruk War Cemetery - lot includes copy of casualty details, medal box and official comp slip

Lot 205

A group of Ordnance Survey maps, mostly Yorkshire, circa 1970

Lot 225


Lot 226

ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT ORDNANCE SURVEY ONE INCH SEVENTH SERIES FOLDING MAPS (Sheets 1-57, 59-150 & 152-190), circa 1961, in two wooden storage / transportation cases.

Lot 243

ASSORTED COLLECTABLES comprising an Ordnance Survey folding map of Windsor, circa 1900, red cloth covers; three packs of playing cards, including one of New Zealand and Federal Steamship Companies interest; three Wade ceramic figurines; pen nibs; various childrens books; a Fairylite 'Big Ears' egg cup, boxed; and other items.

Lot 419

A collection of children's annuals, mostly 1930's, along with various Ordnance Survey maps and a Victorian photograph album

Lot 459

A large collection ordnance survey maps, all of local interest

Lot 777

Ephemera, a large collection of mixed ephemera to include a photo album showing a Mediterranean cruise during 1929 on the 'Arandora Star', a selection of 1970s comics (23) The Dandy, Beano, Buster, etc., military and other photos, 1936 Carnaval De Nice programme, scrap book of train postcards, Ordnance Survey maps, letters from the Queensland Office In Insanity (dated 1886) etc. (gen gd) (qty.)

Lot 21

An oak cased barograph with thermometer G. Lee and Son, Portsmouth, early 20th century The mechanism with seven segment aneroid chamber connected via a lacquered brass armature to an inked pointer for recording the change in barometric pressure on a clockwork-driven rotating paper scale lined drum, the brass baseplate also applied with mercury tube Fahrenheit and Centigrade silvered scale thermometer and with ivorine trade label inscribed G. LEE & SON, THE HARD, PORTSMOUTH, the case with five panel bevel-glazed cover above ogee moulded base incorporating apron drawer containing some spare charts over simple squab feet, 38cm (15ins) wide. George Lee and Son and recorded in Banfield, Edwin BAROMETER MAKERS & RETAILERS 1660-1900 as 'Instrument-makers to the Honourable Corporation of Trinity House and the Admiralty' working from Ordnance Row, Portsea and 3 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth circa 1880-1900.Condition Report: Clock movement is in working condition, the aneroid mechanism appears to be in good condition and is providing an appropriate reading so also appears to be in working order. The instrument retains original lacquer finish to the brass work which has some relatively light degradation and discolouration. The thermometer is intact and working with only light tarnishing to the silvered scale. The ink bottle is present; there is a small ink stain to the base of the case but this is concealed by the frame of the cover so cannot be seen with the cover in place. Extenally the case is in good original condition with no visible damage to the glass and good tight joints to the cover. The finish appears untouched with hence would benefit from a polish however is free for any visible problematic damage. The chart drawer contains a small quantity of spare charts.Instrument has integral winder for the clockwork mechanism. Condition Report Disclaimer

Lot 21

A large quantity of Ordnance Survey maps showing Sunderland South Dock, Millfield and various areas around Sunderland (35)

Lot 131

Maps. A mixed collection of approximately 100 maps, 18th & 19th century, engraved and lithographic British and foreign maps, including examples by Moule, Morden, Homann, Letts, Hughes, Weller, Cary, Ordnance Survey and J & C Walker, various sizes and condition (Qty: approx. 100)

Lot 198

Acts of Parliament. Volume containing 32 (of 33) Acts for the session of 1662, comprising: 1. An Act for preventing the Mischiefs and Dangers that may arise by certain Persons called Quakers, and others, refusing to take lawful Oaths, 2. An Act for repairing the High-ways and Sewers, and for paving and keeping clean of the Streets, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, and for reforming of Annoyances and Disorders in the Streets of, and places adjacent to the said Cities; and for the Regulating and Licensing of Hackney Coaches..., 3. An Act for Ordering the Forces in the several Counties of this Kingdom, 4. An Act for the Uniformity of Publique Prayers, 5. An Act for Regulating the Making of Stuffs in Norfolk and Norwich, 6. An Act for Enlarging and Repairing of Common High-ways, 7. An Act to restrain the Exportation of Leather, and Raw Hides out of the Realm of England, 8. An Act for Distribution of Threescore thousand pounds amonst the truly Loyal and Indigent Commission Officers..., 9. An Act for the Relief of poor and maimed Officers and Souldiers.., 10. An Act for Establishing an Additional Revenue upon His Majesty..., 11. An Act for preventing Frauds, and regulating Abuses in His Majesties Customs, 12. An Act Prohibiting the Importation of Foreign Bonelace, Cutwork, Imbroidery ... Buttons, and Needle-work, 13. An Act directing the Prosecution of such as are Accomptable for Prize Goods, 14. An Act for Regulating the Trade of Silk-throwing, 15. An Act for the more speedy and effectual bringing those persons to Accompt, whose Accompts are expected in the Act of Oblivion, 16. An Act for Relief of Collectors of Publick Moneys, and their Assistants and Deputies, 17. An Act against Exporting of Sheep, Wooll ... Fulling Clay, and Tobacco-pipe Clay, 18. An Act against Importing of Foreign Wool-cards, Card-wire, or Iron-wire, 19. An Act for providing Carriage by Land, and by Water, for the use of His Majesties Navy and Ordnance, 20. An Act for preventing the unnecessary charge of Sheriffs..., 21. An Act for Preventing of Theft and Rapine upon the Northern Borders of England, 22. An Additional Act concerning matters of Assurance used amongst Merchants, 23. An Act declaratory concerning Bankrupts, 24. An Act for the restoreing of all such Advowsons, Rectories, Impropriate Gleeb-lands..., 25. An Act for reforming of Abuses committed in the Weight and false Packing of Butter, 26. An Act for repairing of Dover Harbour, 27. An Act for the regulation of the Pilchard Fishing in the Counties of Devon and Cornwall, 28. An Act for the revers in the Earl of Strafford his Attainder, 29. An Act for the Importing of Madder pure, and unmixed, 30. An Act to prevent the Inconvenience arising by Melting the Silver Coyn of this Realm, 31. An Act for the better regulating of the Manufacture of Broad Woollen Cloath, within the West Riding of the County of York, 32. An Act for Preventing the frequent Abuses in Printing Seditious, Treasonable, and Unlicensed Books and Pamphlets; and for Regulating of Printing and Printing Presses, with collected title (library stamp to verso), list of contents and with same imprint all dated 1662, black letter text, occasional light dampstains, withdrawn library stamp to front endpaper (loose), contemporary calf, text block split in two, worn, small folio (Qty: 1)NOTESWithout An Act for the better Relief of the Poor of this Kingdom.

Lot 119

Quantity of Ordnance Survey and other folding maps

Lot 923

An album of Victorian and later British, Empire, Commonwealth and foreign postage stamps including imperf. Penny Red 1883, 2/6 1887, 4d & 4½d, etc. to/w The King Emperor's Jubilee Book 1910-1935, Coronation Souvenir Book 1937 and six 1940 Ordnance Survey maps (9)

Lot 954

A collection of vintage Country House, Estate and other Property particulars, including Alresford and other Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey etc. properties, mostly 1920s-1940s, to/w thirteen engravings of country houses and four Ordnance Survey maps (box)

Lot 168

A folio of Ordnance Survey maps

Lot 29

Box of vintage Ordnance Survey Maps and signed books including Gervase Phinn and Clementine Rose.

Lot 174

A rare World War I silver cased pencil by Sampson Mordan & Co. Ltd. Inscribed Ordnance "with the allies" 1914. Assayed Chester 1914. Slight dents only. Overall in good condition.

Lot 248

NICELY FRAMED ORDNANCE GILDED BELT BUCKLE together with 1902-1914 Gilded Ordnance Corps Officers Helmet plate, with Ray burst and laurel wreaths with cannon/shot centre badge, Rectangular Victorian Officers shoulder plate for the Highland Light Infantry, all complete with two hooks and two studs to reverse, Victorian Royal Artilliery Officers plume holder with gilded holder and crest, believed to be original plume, 1860 pattern Pickelaub helmet badge crest in metal, 'Koenig FR' Mit-Gott-Fur-und-Vaterland (with God for King and Fatherland), two soldered fasteners to reverse, large gilded Royal Artillery Officers helmet plate, three fasteners to reverse, boxed set of silver hallmarked spoons, with cartouche on box reading 'Ascension Island Rifle Club' 1927/28, circular glass and brass desk ornament/paperweight with the image of 'Wellington'

Lot 74

7x WW1 & WW2 Home Front & Organisations Badges, including Home Guard, Royal Ordnance Factory, Army Blood Donor etc. Various conditions. (7 items)

Lot 85

British Royal Army Ordnance Corps Warrant Officer’s No2 Dress Uniform, consisting of four pocket 1962 No2 Dress tunic and trousers with anodised buttons and regimental lanyard, WO2 embroidered arm badges. Complete with dress pattern peaked cap with anodised side buttons; Modern RAF No1 Dress enlisted ranks tunic and trousers; Royal Engineers bomb disposal mess dress short tunic and dress trousers; Modern Light Infantry No2 Dress tunic and trousers with rank insignia and anodised tunic buttons. All generally good condition.

Lot 295D

Two 1930s Ordnance Survey maps 'England, South. military edition' and 'Midlands (S.) military edition' and a small 19th/early 20th Century oil painting in a decorative frame Condition Report & Further Details Click here for further images, condition, auction times & delivery costs

Lot 22

Cased Parker Field muzzle loading percussion target rifle, serial number 10547, with two interchangeable 36.5" barrels chambered in .577 numbered 10547 and .451 numbered 10548, each engraved 'Parker Field & Sons makers to her Majesty, 233 Holborn London, both barrels fitted with key adjustable tunnel sights, the .577 barrel fitted with rear sight, chequered pistol grip stock fitted with Vernier tang sight named 'Manchester Ordnance & Rifle Co.', scroll engraved lock and furniture, complete with original canvas and leather case, the lid bearing maker's label, containing loading / cleaning rod, Bartram & Co. 'Extra Quality' powder flask, two .577 bullet moulds, nipple key, and brass muzzle protector. Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.

Lot 3

NO RESERVE Board of Ordnance.- Bridges (William, politician, a member of the Board of Ordnance, d. 1714) Certificate, Thomas jenkins Ma[ste]r of ye Griffin Pink tender on her Mat:ies Ship Suffolk hath given an account of the Expence of ye Stores comitted to his Charge, D.s. "Wm Bridges", "Ja: Lowther", "C Musgrave" & "J. Pulteney", manuscript, 1p., piece of corner torn away, browned, laid down on card, folio, 23rd April 1703; and 7 other documents, 6 documents relating to the Board of Ordnance and the Navy Office, folio, v.d. (8).

Lot 112


Lot 482

Boxed photographic atlas of England, a large collection of Ordnance Survey maps, and further books

Lot 148

Marlborough, John Churchill, First Duke of Document signed ("Marlborough"), Office of Ordnance addressed to John Granville, Lieutenant General of the Ordnance, regarding the employment of John Walford at the waterworks for a salary of £30 p.a., the document also making reference to Gunpowder and the prevention 'of any danger that might happen by fire', countersigned by James Craggs, the upper quarter of the folio document cut away, slight splitting at fold, 27 x 23cm., 1 February 1702/3

Lot 80

A Collection of Three Ordnance Survey Maps Relating to Newcastle Under Lyme Area and a Ridgely Rule

Lot 705

An early 20th century map of the River Severn at Arlingham and across to Newnham, mounted onto canvas for wall hanging, 160cm wide, unframed, together with a similar but smaller 1922 ordnance map of Frampton on Severn (2)

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