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Lot 73

Victorian emerald green glass Mary Gregory style water jug, together with other Victorian and later coloured glasswareCondition report: Nailsea glass crimped edge dish- a couple of scratches to paintwork but overall good, no visible chips or cracks.Nailsea glass small light shade- few nibbles to the small top rim, otherwise good. Lamp- good condition, no visible chips to cracks.

Lot 167

A late 18th/early 19th century English Nailsea-type navette-shaped scent bottle, in tones of blue and white, 9cm long, c. 1800; a similar two, moulded in relief, 8.5cm and 7cm long, (2), [3]

Lot 303

A 19th century Nailsea glass walking stick and three others (4)

Lot 384

Totem BR(W) FF NAILSEA & BACKWELL from the former Great Western railway station between Bristol and Yatton. In very good condition with a small face chip and slight loss of shine.

Lot 50

A circa 1900 walking cane, having ebony shaft and silver top; together with a Nailsea type glass cane (2)Condition report: Hallmarked, but very worn and split at edges.Glass cane intact.

Lot 683

A large collection of Art Books with themes of Glass Ware to include: English Glass Bottles, Stained Glass, British Glass, Lalique, nailsea, Tiffany, Guide to Paperweights, Soviet Glass, Swarovski, 27 copies

Lot 678

Large Nailsea type cranberry glass pipe, 20" long approx; together with barley twist glass cane 29" long (2)

Lot 684

Large Nailsea type vaseline glass rolling pin, 30" long; together with a glass pipe, 13.5" long, a green slag glass sculpture and a small glass horse (4)

Lot 306

COLLECTION OF NAILSEA GLASSWARES 19TH CENTURY clear glass with opaline swirled decoration, comprising two pipes, two rolling pins, a ball float, a jar and stopper, two bottles, and a footed bottle(various sizes)

Lot 108

A group of blue and green conical form wine glasses, a Nailsea type rolling pin and other drinking glasses

Lot 128

Pair of Nailsea type green paperweights together with a further green glass dish (3)

Lot 185

Various pen craft items including: The ''Chatsworth'' Pen with nib stamped 14c (lid lacking), The ''De La Rue'' Pen with nib stamped 14c (lid lacking), five Nailsea type fountain pens and varoius other fountain pen parts and accessories

Lot 296


Lot 169

A collection of 19th century and later coloured glassware, to include Bristol, a Nailsea type vase, 17cm high, Mary Gregory and a 19th century blue glass rolling pinCondition report: All the pieces are scratched and dirty and have signs of use and wear. Nailsea has a crack within the body. Both decanters are quite obviously scratched. These were removed from a local house clearance in Suffolk.

Lot 237

A Nailsea glass rolling pin, 32cm long; a blue pressed glass beaker, 9.5cm high, a Vaseline glass vase, 24cm high

Lot 657

A 19th century Nailsea double flask with linear detail, 21.5cm.Additional InformationMinimal wear.

Lot 161

Two Victorian glass pipes, late 19th century, comprising : a Nailsea type pipe with opaque marbling, 39cm long; and a cranberry coloured example (2)

Lot 10

A 19th century Mary Gregory type green glass claret jug, decorated with a youth amongst countryside, 21cm high (matched stopper), together with a pair of Nailsea glass bottle vases, in ruby tinted glass with enclosed stripes and patches of white and ruby enamels, 22.5cm high, and an amethyst glass carafe, 29.5cm high, to the present owner by family descent, Norman W. Webber author of Collecting Glass

Lot 314

George III Nailsea glass scent/perfume bottle, in pink ribbon bands to the circular body and long neck, 60mm diameter

Lot 303

A Nailsea-style pattern rolling pin; a Crown Devon Lustrine Fieldings inkwell; Wedgwood Rex Whistler design tea cups, saucers, plates and a muffin dish; and sundry items.

Lot 65

A Wrockwardine or Nailsea cream jug late 18th century, the green body flecked with white and raised on a circular foot, and a similar top hat ornament, 11.5cm max. (2)

Lot 640a

Nailsea Glass: two pipes,  9in and 10in long (23cm and 25.5cm), together with a Nailsea green glass flask, glass models of hat, bellows and a spiral patterned ball (4)

Lot 40


Lot 811

A large 19th Century Nailsea glass flask circa 1870, in blue with pink and white pulled trailing, length 24cm.

Lot 808

A late 19th Century Nailsea type gimmel flask, circa 1870, of compressed ovoid form with collar neck, decorated with a pink trailed loop over an opaque white ground, height 20cm.

Lot 665

POSTCARDS - SOMERSET Approximately 165 cards, comprising real photographic views of houses at Brean Down (by Pearson); Woodbridge Road, Winscombe; and Edington Village; with views of North Curry (publ. by Giblett, North Curry); Francisian Convent, Taunton (two different); Beach Hotel, Minehead (by Hole, Williton); The Batch, Nailsea; Wesleyan Church, High Street, Wincanton; Waterrow Village, Wiveliscombe; and others, (loose).

Lot 229

A Nailsea glass flask Ht 11cm including stopperCondition report: There are no condition issues with this sweet little flask

Lot 502

A COLLECTION OF NAILSEA GLASS WALKING CANES, together with a blue glass example of square form, longest L 109 cm(4)

Lot 740

A Nailsea Verre Moire glass fairy lamp, combed opaque over red domed shade, on Clarke's moulded base, 12.5cm high, together with a yellow glass example. (2)

Lot 356

Four similar Nailsea green glass dumps, each internally decorated with flowers, the largest 6.5" high (4)

Lot 355

Four Nailsea type green glass dumps, the largest 5" high (4)

Lot 45

7 Victorian Nailsea type twisted glass candy cane walking canes, largest length 110cm (7)

Lot 7

A Victorian Nailsea glass rolling pin with opaque white striped decoration, 34.5cm. Some light scratches. Free from cracks.

Lot 397

Seven Victorian green glass beakers, eight various cut glass champagne saucers, six brandy balloons, various antique decanter stoppers, two glass funnels, finger bowls, blending bowl, Nailsea blue glass liners, pair of Regency navette open salts (2 boxes)Please note that all lots are second hand and may include faults, damage, chips etc. Due to the nature of this auction it is impossible to record individual condition reports and buyers must remember this when bidding.

Lot 576

NAILSEA STYLE CRANBERRY GLASS CARAFE, 31cm high, along with an ice bucket and tongs, a woodwork sculpture and a Spanish ceramic dove

Lot 1021

A 19th Century English Nailsea black and white pulled thread tankard, circa. 1840, with applied black handle, height 9cm.

Lot 77

A large 19th century Victorian Nailsea cranberry glass pipe with white enamel paint decoration to the body and blue enamel rim. Measures 47 cm long.

Lot 5175

A late Victorian glass paperweight, the domed top enclosing a colourful Nailsea pad, centred by the initials V L and flanked by leafy scrolls in tones of pink, white and blue, facet cut sides, polished pontil, 9cm wide, c. 1900

Lot 23

Pair of EPNS candlestick design lamp bases with two pairs of wrythen or combed Nailsea type glass, globular reservoirs, lacking oil lamp fittings. 34cm high approx. (4)(B.P. 21% + VAT)

Lot 380

A collection of four late 20thC cut glass decanters, to include square section examples, with three silver plated decanter labels and a 19thC Nailsea type dump, with bubble inclusions (AF).

Lot 111

A Nailsea style pained turquoise and glass vase, of shaped baluster form, with shaped stem and plain glass foot, 42cm high, a lidded glass bonbon jar on turned stem and shaped circular foot and a further scroll turquoise and clear glass sculpture. (3)

Lot 56

A 20thC studio Our Glass Nailsea style Jack in the pulpit vase, in green and white speckled pattern, signed, 29cm high.

Lot 63

A Nailsea style Our Glass pear, in red cream and purple colour way, signed, 9cm high.

Lot 442

A Nailsea Verre Moire glass fairy lamp, combed opaque over blue, the crimped doughnut ring stand with Clarke's pressed holder and domed shade, 15.5cm high, 16cm diameter

Lot 445

A pair of Nailsea Verre Moire glass fairy lamps, combed opaque over blue domed shades, on Clarke's moulded bases, 12cm high (2)

Lot 446

A pair of Nailsea Verre Moire glass fairy lamps, combed opaque over yellow frosted domed shades, on Clarke's moulded bases, 12cm high (2)

Lot 416


Lot 49

An early Victorian hand blown milk glass vase, of raised wrythen twisted form, possibly Stourbridge or Nailsea, 19cm tall, together with a blue glass jug of wrythen form, possibly Nailsea or Bristol, 8 cm tall, a 20th century Murano type glass bud vase in spiral blue and white coloured glass 10 cm tall and a glass cake stand 25 by 16cm. (4)

Lot 160

A 19th century vaseline glass cork stopper rolling pin, possibly Nailsea

Lot 1948

A 19th Century Nailsea pink and white glass flask, 18 cm

Lot 263

Four glass knitting needles of Nailsea type, 30cm long

Lot 66

A 19th Century Nailsea type tapered vase, blue inclusions, broken pontil, height 20cm, a set of recent cut glass hock glasses and a clear glass decanter and stopper (8)

Lot 21


Lot 645

A Nailsea Glass Walking Stick A/F

Lot 477

A late 18th / early 19th century Nailsea glass jug, in green with swirled white enamel stripes, 14cm high, to the present owner by family descent, Norman W. Webber author of Collecting Glass

Lot 496

A late 18th / early 19th century small Nailsea glass drinking mug, of globular shape, bronze green decorated with spattered white enamel pattern, and thread to the neck and handle, 10cm high (a/f), together with an early 19th century boot shaped stirrup glass, in amethyst glass, 10cm, to the present owner by family descent, Norman W. Webber author of Collecting Glass

Lot 282


Lot 254

A 19th Century Nailsea Red and Blue Spireled Glass Stick (Chipped to End), 97cm wide

Lot 47

A pair of Nailsea type latticino glass vases, late 19th century, in the form of horns, 45cm long

Lot 3646

George III embroidery sampler 'On Virtue' by Harriet Doggett, Nailsea, 1806, 37 x 31cm

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