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Lot 121

Engraved map of Africa after Willem Blaue, the original circa 1640, a later strike, hand coloured, 42 x 55cm, glazed frame

Lot 252

Box of vintage ephemera to include photographs, newspapers and ephemera to include vintage London Underground map posters

Lot 253

Two boxes of books to include antique leather bound books, Victorian Fullerton & Co. Imperial Map of England & Wales, railway interest etc

Lot 178

A collection of various military items including a Worcestershire Regiment framed emblem, a WWII map case & French Foreign Legion lanyard.

Lot 27

An antiquarian coloured map of Wales, 14" x 19.5".

Lot 605

Framed 'old' 'hand tinted' New map of Dorset - 22½" x 20"

Lot 659

Hand tinted map of Southern Africa by S Hall in a gold coloured frame - 28.75" x 21.75"

Lot 247

An Elizabeth II parcel-gilt silver Royal Geographical Society world map, by John Pinches, London, 1977, from a limited edition, oblong and etched with a map of the world and with further details, heightened in placed with gliding, in frame and with original leather bound certificate and booklet and with various correspondence, the frame 70cm wide

Lot 22

THEATRE: Tallulah Bankhead (1902-1968) American Actress. Vintage signed postcard photograph of Bankhead in a head and shoulders pose. Photograph by Dorothy Wilding and published by Picturegoer No. 297c. Signed by Bankhead in bold, dark fountain pen ink to a clear area at the base of the image; Billie Burke (1884-1970) American Actress, famous for her portrayal of Glinda, the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz (1939). Early, vintage signed postcard photograph of Burke standing in a full length pose. Signed in bold fountain pen ink with her name alone across the image; Eille Norwood (1861-1948) British Actor, famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. A.L.S., Eille Norwood, two pages, small 4to, Holland Park Avenue, London, 26th September 1910 (?), to Miss. Waltsom (?). Norwood states that it would be a great pleasure to meet his correspondent, although remarking 'but I fear so dull a subject as myself is a bad choice for an “interview”', however continuing 'The question is a rendezvous! The theatre is hardly suitable, & my house is rather off the map, being a few minutes walk from Holland Park station on the Central London Tube. So what do you suggest? Will the house do……' and also explaining 'I am expecting calls to attend the rehearsals of the playlet (of which I am part author)…..next month at the Coliseum, but no doubt we can arrange.' Generally VG, 3

Lot 302

BURTON RICHARD F.: (1821-1890) English Explorer. A rare set of illustrated manuscript notes by Burton, unsigned, seven pages, 8vo, n.p. (London?), n.d. (c.1868-70), on the blind embossed stationery of the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. Burton's miscellaneous notes, in his typically small (and at times indecipherable) hand appear to be references made from The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal by Richard Henry Major, Burton noting that Prince Henry 'declared his object was to “acquire wealth, knowledge of the world and, if possible, fame”', and also recording references to various countries including Santiago (noting that it was not discovered by Antonio de Nolle but by the Portuguese Diogo Gomez), Sierra Leone, Cape of Good Hope, Venezuela, China, Ceylon, Germany and others, as well as hippopotamuses (described by Cadamosto as a horse-fish), the Pillars of Hercules and various other explorers including Christopher Columbus (who had endured 'twelve years hardship & fatigue'), the cartographer Martin Behaim etc. To one page of the notes Burton has drawn a detailed map of the region of Africa covering Tanzania, Mozambique, the Congo and Kenya in which Burton has identified various lakes including Lake Albert, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. An interesting manuscript linking two of history's noted explorers, albeit centuries apart, and enhanced by Burton's wonderful illustration of African lakes. Some light age wear and a few small, neat professional repairs to splits at the central vertical folds, none of which affect the text. About VG The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal by Richard Henry Major was published in London in 1868 and is an account of 'the discovery, within one century, of half the world' by Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460), the main initiator of the Age of Discovery, and included Major's summary of 'new facts in the discovery of the Atlantic Islands, a refutation of French claims to priority in discovery, Portuguese knowledge (subsequently lost) of the Nile Lakes and the history of the naming of America' drawn from 'authentic contemporary documents'.

Lot 410

AUTOGRAPHS: A large accumulation of closely clipped signed pieces by a wide variety of Victorian individuals, mainly British and most associated with Scotland, the vast majority removed from the conclusion of letters, featuring political leaders, nobility, scientists & explorers, jurists, industrialists, military and naval leaders (many of whom served in the Crimean War), artists, writers, musicians and other famous men, and some women, including Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., William Muir, Henry James Sumner Maine, Richard Vary Campbell, John Marshall Lang, Henry Drummond, William Edward Forster, William McOnie, Rawson W. Rawson, Walter Bentley, Patrick Colquhoun (founder of the first regular preventive police force in England, the Thames River Police), Lyon Playfair, Thomas Sutherland (founder of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation - HSBC), Edward William Watkin (made a failed attempt to dig a channel tunnel under the English Channel to connect his railway empire with France), Henry Edward Landor Thuillier (responsible for the first printing of postage stamps to be valid throughout India, 1854), Thomas Somerville, William Fife, Andrew Dalgleish(government agent during the Great Game; murdered), James Grant Wilson(served as a Colonel in the Union Army during the American Civil War), James Heywood, Richard Paul Amphlett, Kuno Meyer, Donald Currie, Bennet Burleigh (Scottish-born pirate & Confederate spy), Henry Calderwood, James John Cooper Wyld (map publisher), Charles Eyre (Archbishop of Glasgow), John Tulloch, Henry Fawcett, Charles Pearson(promoted London's Metropolitan Railway, the first underground railway in the world which led to the development of the London Underground network), Robert Murdoch Smith, Andrew Kennedy Hutchison Boyd, Leon Say, Henry Alleyne Nicholson, William Henry Flower, Douglas Galton, Thomas McCall Anderson, John Kirk (Scottish physician & companion to David Livingstone), George Birdwood, Morell Mackenzie, Arthur Mitchell (Scottish physician & specialist in mental illness), Ralph Copeland (Astronomer Royal for Scotland), Archibald Geikie, Hector Cameron, Joseph Thomson (explorer; rare), John Bennet Lawes (agricultural scientist, a pioneer of chemical fertilizer), George Husband Baird MacLeod (surgeon to Queen Victoria when in Scotland), William Macewen (pioneer in modern brain surgery), Allen Young, Joseph Whitworth, Andrew Douglas Maclagan (toxicologist), James Risdon Bennett, George Buchanan, Howard Craufurd Elphinstone (Victoria Cross winner for his actions at the Siege of Sebastopol in 1855 during the Crimean War), James Edward Alexander (driving force behind the placement of Cleopatra's Needle on the Thames Embankment), George Henry Richards, William Houston Stewart, Claude Buckle, General Mark Kerr, Charles Shadwell (Commander-in-Chief, China Station 1871-74), Thomas Montagu Steele, William Codrington, Edward Selby Smyth, John Dalrymple-Hay (commanded HMS Victory from 1854), Charles Beresford, Garnet Wolseley, Edward Bruce Hamley, Alexander Armstrong (naval surgeon & explorer), George Willis, Lintorn Simmons, Walter Besant, Friedrich Max Muller, William T. Stead (died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic), Thomas Hughes, Jerome K. Jerome, John Everett Millais, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, David Murray, Frank Dicksee, John MacWhirter, James Hedderwick, Samuel Ferguson, Grant Allen, Charles Reade, Algernon Borthwick, Herbert Oakeley, Douglas Sladen, William Black, William Howard Russell, Richard Claverhouse Jebb, John Strang, George Alexander Macfarren, Samuel Smiles, Andrew Lang, Samuel Neil, Colin Hunter, James Gowans, Gerard Baldwin Brown, Thomas Mayne Reid, R. M. Ballantyne, Charles Rogers, Edward Russell, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, Arthur James Balfour, Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Herbert Gladstone, Charles Dilke, John Bright, Joseph Chamberlain, George Curzon, Earl of Shaftesbury, Robert Cochran-Patrick, William Jacks, James Caird, Rutherford Alcock (the first British diplomatic representative to live in Japan), Edward Colebrooke, Francis Sandford, Frank Lockwood, Arthur Hayter, George Trevelyan, Alexander Asher, Madge Kendal, J. L. Toole, Charles Wyndham, Richard D'Oyly Carte, Justin McCarthy, G. A. Henty, Alexander Mackenzie, Francis Galton, Thomas Henry Huxley, Henry Thompson, Joseph Dalton Hooker and many, many others. The majority of the pieces bear small numbers in an unidentified hand to the corners. A few of the signatures are slightly faded and with some other minor faults, generally G, 469

Lot 809

John Smith (Fl. 1720)/A New Map of South Britain of England and Wales/uncoloured and unframed/and Sutton Nicholls (Engraver)/A County Map of Cambridgeshire/hand coloured engraving, 44cm x 38cm/and a quantity of unframed maps

Lot 812

Norden (J) and Kip (W)/Hertfordiae/hand coloured map, 28cm x 35cm/de Wit (F)/Anglia Regnum/57cm x 48cm/Moll (H)/The County Palatine of Durham/20cm x 33cm/Greenwood (C&J)/ Map of the County of Berks/published 1829/56cm x 68cm (4)

Lot 813

John Speede/Oxfordshire/described with ye Citie and the Armes of the Colledges of ye famous University 1605/hand coloured map, 38cm x 52cm/and another map, Hantshire, 39cm x 52cm CONDITION REPORT: Lot 813Oxfordshire map pasted to a mount and Hampshire map is unframed. These are original and there is writing to opposite sides.

Lot 995

After Giuseppe Longhi/Portrait of Napoleon, within a roundel/engraving, 34cm x 27cm; after Robert Bowyer/Map of Elba with portrait roundel of Napoleon and View of Porto Ferrajo/aquatint, 36cm x 24cm and another portrait engraving of Napoleon, all in decorative Empire style frames

Lot 1058

Nigel Houldsworth fisherman's map of salmon pools on the River Tay, 24 cm x 82 cm.

Lot 908

John Silver signed Limited Edition prints, "Rainbow Trout" with a Washington Green blind stamp, 78/850, 24 cm x 32 cm, framed and mounted with certificate of authenticity, and "Brown Trout" blind back stamp numbered 78/850, together with a map of salmon pools on part of the rivers Tweed and Teviot and a photograph of a gent fishing with black labrador.

Lot 274

An early Robert Morden framed map of Essex, a framed John Ogilby road map London to St David's and a further map of Cumberland and Westmorland, map of Essex frame 62 x 56cm.

Lot 491

Railwayana - L & N.W.R., London & North Western Railway Company: Map of the British Isles, early-mid 20th century, 40-folds, chromolithographs laid on canvas, some annotations = presumbaly the hand of a railway geographer, gilt-lettered buckram case covers, (1); Western and Southern Regions Locomotive Reference Book, Published by the British Locomotive Society, 1948; The Railway Magazine, 1932 and onwards, various copies; The ABC of GWR Locomotives, 1946; other guides to regional company's locomotives and trains; maps; booklets; [collection, 1 box]

Lot 1608

Robert Morden - 18th century coloured map of Cornwall, 38 x 45cm approx visible sheet size, together with a 19th century of the Environs of Bath and Bristol, collection of 19th century topographical engravings including Lanhydrock House, Bodmin, an early 20th century continental coloured engraving of a rat in a doorway observed by a night watchman, etc, various sizes, all framed (12)

Lot 1622

19th century engraved map of Herefordshire published by Henry Teesdale, 42 x 35cm, together with a set of four coloured engravings of hunting and racing subjects, after Henry Alken, 11 x 35cm approx, and a further coloured print of Colonel Spence Colby in hunting dress, all framed (6)

Lot 1630

18th century engraved coloured map of the counties of Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire, printed by Robert Sayer and John Tanney, dated 1760, 56 x 71cm approx visible sheets size, together with two further 20th century maps of Gloucestershire, 18th century black and white engraving after James Northcote (1746-1837) - three quarter length portrait of Edward Jenner, 43 x 30cm, a watercolour of the interior of a church by FG Hene, a monochrome pen and wash study of Prestbury Church Gloucestershire, further engravings of churches, etc (13)

Lot 1646

T Cook (20th century school) - A set of six pencil, pen and gouache illustrations of foxes dancing and drinking, all signed and titled, 28 x 19cm approx, together with a similar signed, coloured limited edition print - Left Holding The Baby, 40 x 28cm approx, further studies of birds, hunting scenes, etc, together with a coloured map of Exmoor, various sizes all framed (22)

Lot 1718

Martin Leman (British 21st century) - Signed coloured limited edition print of a cat and a kitten, together with a large quantity of late 19th century and later watercolours, oil paintings, prints, etc, including a pair of 19th century watercolour studies of strawberries and grapes, each with accompanying verse, of arched topped form, 20cm max, together with a pair of coloured prints of the harbour at Malta, a coloured souvenir map of the Maltese Islands after Joscar, 55 x 69cm approx, etc, mostly framed (collection)

Lot 473

9ct curb link charm bracelet with heart padlock clasp, hung with thirteen novelty charms to include a hinged genie lamp, acorn, clown, map of Ireland, Guinness bottle, Toby jug, shamrock, 'In emergency break glass' 10 shilling note charm, etc, 37.6g

Lot 545

A table clock by William Robins of London,late 17th century, the arched brass dial with a silvered chapter ring, strike/silent and mock pendulum aperture, supporting a twin-train repeating and striking movement and an engraved backplate, in an ebonised caddy top case with pierced brass sides and gilt metal feet, the reverse of the dial is on an engraved map plate,53cm highCondition report: Small carver moulding missing to dial door.Old repairs to eboniseing on hood.Rear door warped, lock missing.Damage to ? above lock.Brass frets missing to rear door.Wear and tear.

Lot 1009

An Edwardian mahogany and brass mounted map display cabinet: of angled form with a hinged top and glazed panel front on a folding integral stand

Lot 216

MacDonald (Max) Gill (1884-1947)MAP OF CEYLON SHOWING HER TEA AND OTHER INDUSTRIESlithograph in colours, 1933, condition A; not backed40 x 25 in. (101 x 64 cm.)

Lot 6044

A Georgian polychrome silkwork map sampler of oval form, worked in cross-stitch on a linen ground with "Map of England & Wales" by Elizabeth Kifft, Leacock School 97", the seas stained blue, within a foliate tendril border. 48 x 43cm. From Witney Antiques.

Lot 6045

A Georgian polychrome silk thread map sampler, worked in tiny cross-stitch on a linen ground with "A Map of Norfolk" by Mary Wetherell, 1797. 40 x 52.5cm. Some discolouration and holing. No. 4 from Witney Antiques "Samplers - Mapped & Charted" exhibition.

Lot 116

Timothy Pont 1560-1630, Map of Levinia - The Province of Lennox, (Possibly a 19th century copy) 40cm x 54cm, in a rosewood frame

Lot 161

Nigel Houldsworth "Fishermans Map of Salmon Pools on the River Spey" Signed Print, signed in pencil, 31.5cm x 98cm

Lot 162

Nigel Houldsworth "Fishermans Map of Salmon Pools on the River Tweed" Signed Print, signed in pencil, 33.5cm x 99cm

Lot 2

A vintage French map measurer, second quarter 20th Century

Lot 255

A 1910 printed cotton India "Inter-Divisional Manoeuvre Map", 44 cm x 40 cm

Lot 391

A vintage Tiffen & Co Carlisle and district road map

Lot 730

John Speed Map of Northumberland, a 20th Century reproduction of the 1612 original, in ebonized bead frame under glass, 47 cm x 63 cm

Lot 731

Alfred Wainwright "An Antiquarian Map of Cumbria", 74 cm x 51 cm, (in clip-frame, can be removed from frame and posted rolled in a tube)

Lot 742

After Wyld "Chart of the World, on Mercator's projection", a 19th Century hand tinted engraved map, in Hogarth frame and card mount under glass, 44 x 58 cm

Lot 126

A FRAMED MAP OF EASTERN AMERICA, two watercolour landscapes by P.R. Hipkiss, and an interesting Israeli black & gold study titled "Halonot", by "Riki"

Lot 3057

John Ogilby, The Road from London to Portsmouth, late 17th century, framed map, 62cm wide x 54cm high.

Lot 122

An 18th c. John Ogilby map of the road from Barnstaple to Truro, 21" x 18" frame size

Lot 123

A Robert Morden map of Dorsetshire, 7" x 8¼" plate size mounted with the table of distances

Lot 181

WW1 Trench Map of France 57D, and a Royal Ballet Gala Performance silk programme for 1960

Lot 599

Five shipping lines brochures including Cunard, Aquitania, United States Lines Fleet, Royal Mail Line "Asturias", and a folding map of Southern Railway

Lot 1

America.- [Beresford (William)] A Voyage round the World; but more particularly to the North-West Coast of America, performed in 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788...Captains Portlock and Dixon, first edition, half-title, 21 engraved maps and plates including sheet of engraved music and some of natural history, some folding, all but music with delicate hand-colouring, folding plate of dish and daggers lacking folding part, title lightly soiled and with signature cut away at head, some plates foxed, large folding map soiled and torn (repaired), some tears to other maps repaired, contemporary calf, gilt, rubbed and marked, edges worn, rebacked preserving old spine, new green morocco label, [Hill 117; Sabin 20364], 4to, 1789. ⁂ A series of letters written by William Beresford, cargo-officer on Dixon's ship the Queen Charlotte. Portlock and Dixon's voyage was the first commercial voyage to the Pacific North-West, ostensibly to set up a fur-trading business. They succeeded, however, in a more detailed exploration and mapping of the coast, visiting both the Falkland islands and Sandwich islands (Hawaii), and improved on Cook's charts of the region. Their two ships separated and sailed independently for most of the expedition, Dixon sailing south to Nootka Sound and Portlock, who had accompanied Cook on his third voyage, exploring north along the Alaskan coast (see following lot).

Lot 111

Ptolomaeus (Claudius) Cosmographia, first edition, collation: aa10, bb8-1, a10, b-g8, h10, A-F8, G10. 142 of [143] leaves, lacking fol. aa1 blank. text in single column, 39 lines, type: 102R, finely hand-painted initials alternately in red or blue, that on aa8 verso with extension, seven-line blank space on aa1 recto, rubricated in red and blue, capital letters touched with yellow, 4 woodcut diagrams, two small wormholes to blank outer margin of first leaf repaired, without any loss, occasional light foxing, front and rear flyleaves both reinforced at an early date with a fragment from a manuscript, pencilled bibliographical notes on rear pastedown, contemporary wooden boards, one (of two) original oyster clasps preserved, spine covered in calf, with three raised bands, a few wormholes to covers, loss to top corner of upper cover, head and foot of joints slightly worn, preserved in suede-lined black morocco drop-back box by Boichot, folio (304 x 205mm.), Vicenza, Hermann Liechtenstein, 13 September 1475.⁂ An exceptional, and unsophisticated copy, with wide margins of the first edition of the most celebrated geographical treatise of classical antiquity. An edition of the greatest rarity, and a monumental achievement of geographical knowledge and a cornerstone of the European tradition. The Latin Ptolemy of 1475 was issued from the printing house established in Vicenza by the German printer Hermann Liechtenstein, also known by his surname 'Leuilapis'. A native of Cologne, he began his career as a printer in Vicenza, publishing the undated Historiae by Orosius in 1475, as well as the first edition of Ptolemy, completed on 13 September. Ptolemy's Geographia is one of the first books ever printed in Vicenza, where printing was first introduced in the spring of 1474 by Leonardus Achates de Basilea. The present work, divided into eight books, was produced by Ptolemy in the second century AD and describes the known inhabited world (or oikoumene), divided into three continents: Europe, Libye (or Africa), and Asia. Book i provides details for drawing a world map with two different projections (one with linear and the other with curved meridians), while Books ii-vii list the longitude and latitude of some 8,000 locations, Book vii concludes with instructions for a perspectival representation of a globe. In Book viii Ptolemy breaks down the world map into twenty-six smaller areas and provides useful descriptions for cartographers. The work was brought to Italy from Constantinople around 1400, and its translation into Latin was made by Jacopo Angeli (or Angelo da Scarperia) in Florence between 1406 and 1409. He was a pupil of Manuel Chrysoloras (ca. 1350-1415), the exiled Byzanthine scholar who had possibly begun the translation himself, on the basis of a hitherto unidentified Greek manuscript. Angelo's translation is mainly based on a composite text deriving from two different manuscripts. This volume was edited by Angelus Vadius and Barnabas Picardus and contains only the text of Ptolemy's Geographia. No maps were issued in this first edition of 1475, which were probably not present in the manuscript which served as copy-text, and the only illustrations included are the three diagrams in chapter xxiv of Book i (fols. bb5v, bb6v, and bb7v), showing the 'modus designandi in tabula plana', and that on fol. F3, depicting the Polus antarcticus. The first illustrated edition of Ptolemy appeared in Bologna in 1477, under the title of Cosmographia and supplemented with copperplates drawn and engraved by the famous illuminator Taddeo Crivelli. The Latin edition of this landmark geographical text enjoyed wide and enduring popularity. The editio princeps in Greek appeared in Basel only in 1533, and the circulation of the Latin text throughout Europe in the fifteenth century greatly influenced (both directly and indirectly) the shaping of the modern world. As Angeli writes at the end of his dedication: "Now, I repeat now, let us listen to Ptolemy himself speaking in Latin". Literature: HC 13536*; GW M36388; BMC vii, 1035; IGI 8180; Goff P-108; Flodr Ptolomaeus, 1; Sander 5973.Provenance: French bookseller's typed description to front pastedown.

Lot 15

South Seas.- Burney (Capt. James) A Chronological History of the Discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean, 5 vol., first edition, 28 engraved maps, 15 folding, and 13 plates, one folding, a few woodcut illustrations in text, vol.2 & 3 with final blank, some light spotting or soiling, more concentrated foxing to one or two gatherings, ex-library copy with perforated stamps to titles & maps and one or two other leaves, ink stamp to plates, ink reference number or code to foot of titles and final leaf, map at beginning of vol.2 soiled and torn with slight loss (repaired), handsome modern calf with leafy border in blind, spines gilt with red morocco labels, a few minor scuffs, [Hill 221; Sabin 9387], 4to, 1803-17.⁂ Account of all the voyages to the South Seas by Europeans, from the earliest navigators to Sir Francis Drake. James Burney was the brother of the novelist Fanny Burney, a lieutenant on Cook's second and third voyages, who gave his name to Burney's Beach in Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand.

Lot 16

South Seas.- Byron (Capt. George Anson, Lord) Voyage of H.M.S. Blonde to the Sandwich Islands in the Years 1824-1825, first edition, folding aquatint frontispiece of the Great Volcano of Peli, folding engraved map, 13 plates including plan, 3 engraved portraits, 8 fine aquatint views after Robert Dampier and wood-engraving, crease to frontispiece from previous fold, foxing, mostly to margins but sometimes heavier, tear to final 3 leaves repaired, modern morocco-backed boards, [Abbey, Travel 597; Hill 231; Sabin 100816], 4to, 1826.⁂ Account of the state visit of Kamehameha II of Hawaii and his queen, Kamamalu, to Britain in 1824 where they succumbed to measles and died, and the subsequent repatriation of their bodies to Hawaii by the British Government.

Lot 18

South Seas.- Labillardiere (Jacques Julien Houton de) Voyage in Search of La Pérouse, 2 vol., 2 engraved frontispieces, large folding map and 43 plates, titles with contemporary ink inscription "F.Beaufort 1805" at head and browned, title to vol.1 with ink stains, foxed and browned, a little cropped shaving some imprints to plates, staining to upper margin of vol.2, modern half calf, [Ferguson 309; Hill 955; Sabin 38421], John Stockdale, 1800; and a 2 vol. 4to edition of the same published by Debrett (text defective, Atlas with folding map and 45 plates, all with delicate hand-colouring, modern half calf, 1800), 8vo & 4to; sold not subject to return (4)⁂ Account of the search for the Comte de La Pérouse and his ships which had disappeared in the Solomon Islands in 1788 during their expedition to explore the Pacific and Australasia. The voyage included extensive visits to the coast of Western Australia and Tasmania and contains information on the natives and their customs, implements and languages as well as important early contributions to Australian botany.

Lot 19

South Seas.- Melville (Herman) Narrative of a Four Months' Residence among the Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands; or, A Peep at Polynesian Life, first edition, first issue with "Pomarea" on p.19, lacking half-title, map frontispiece and advertisements at end, endpapers foxed, 1846; Omoo: a Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas, being a sequel to the "Residence in the Marquesas Islands", first edition, second issue with "P" signature on p.209 not fully printed, map frontispiece, illustration, lacking half-title and advertisements, 1857, trimmed, contemporary half calf (not uniform), rubbed, 8vo, John Murray (2) ⁂ The author's first and second books, both preceding the first American editions by a month.

Lot 20

South Seas.- New Discoveries concerning the World, and its Inhabitants, first edition, lacking folding world map but with folding engraved map of South Seas and 2 folding engraved plates, foxing, some soiling, plates creased at edges, contemporary calf, red morocco label, rubbed, [Hill 1219; Mitchell Library Cook 9, 1220, 1297; Sabin 52591], J.Johnson, 1778 § Porter (Capt. David) A Voyage in the South Seas... with Particular details of the Gallipagos and Washington Islands, first English edition, 3 engraved plates, lacking folding map, modern half calf, uncut, [Hill 1374; Sabin 64220], 1823 § Stewart (C.S.) A Visit to the South Seas in the United States' Ship Vincennes..., 2 vol., first English edition, half-title in vol.1, 3 lithographed plates on india paper and mounted, some light spotting, original boards, uncut, rubbed, corners bumped, rebacked in cloth, [cf.Hill 1644, first American edition of 1831], 1832, 8vo (4)⁂ The second is an early account of the Galapagos and Marquesas Islands.

Lot 23

South Seas.- Tyerman (Rev. Daniel) & George Bennet. Journal of Voyages and Travels...in the South Sea Islands, China, India, &c., edited by James Montgomery, 2 vol., first edition, engraved portrait frontispieces and 12 plates, tissue guards, lacking advertisement leaf at end of vol.1, plates a little browned, occasional spotting, contemporary half calf, rubbed, rebacked preserving old gilt spines, one label defective, [Ferguson 1487; Hill 1731], 1831 § Ellis (William) Polynesian Researches, during a Residence of Nearly Six Years in the South Sea Islands, 2 vol., second edition, 2 engraved maps, one folding, 8 engraved plates, tissue guards, wood-engraved illustrations, light marginal foxing to plates, modern half calf, spines gilt, uncut, [Hill 549], 1830 § Erskine (John Elphinstone) Journal of a Cruise among the Islands of the Western Pacific, first edition, 4 chromolithographed and 3 wood-engraved plates, folding engraved map at end (torn), illustrations, lacking errata slip and publisher's catalogue at end, frontispiece lightly water-stained, contemporary calf, gilt, "Chatham House Academy Ramsgate" in gilt on upper cover, spine gilt, new label, upper joint split, [Abbey, Travel 602; Hill 568], 1853 § Houses of Parliament. Report of the Proceedings of H.M.Ship "Rosario", during her cruise among the South Sea Islands..., 17pp., title soiled, modern boards, 1872, 8vo & folio (6)⁂ Hill calls the second "One of the earliest instances of ethnological research by a missionary, and...one of the most important and enlightened missionary accounts of the South Seas".

Lot 24

South Seas.- [Wilson (William)] A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean...in the Ship Duff, commanded by Captain James Wilson, first edition, 7 engraved maps, 5 folding, and 6 plates, all with delicate hand-colouring, maps in outline, list of subscribers at end, maps and plates foxed and a little offset, some with tears repaired, with long contemporary manuscript inscription from Robert Cowie of Highbury place near London to Rev. Thomas Allen of Pittsfield, Mass. on front free endpaper, and further inscription to Rev. Wm. Allen from his brother inscribed at head of title, contemporary mottled calf, gilt, rubbed, rebacked, [Ferguson 301; Hill 1894; Sabin, 49480], by S.Gosnell, for T. Chapman, 1799 § Keate (George) An Account of the Pelew Islands...composed from the Journals and Communications of Captain Henry Wilson... , first edition, stipple-engraved portrait frontispiece, folding engraved map, 15 engraved plates (some stipple-engraved) including folding panorama, all with delicate hand-colouring, tissue guards, errata leaf at end defective but no loss to text, some foxing to plates, occasional offsetting to text, typed notes on the voyage loosely inserted, modern half calf, old roan label preserved on spine, [Hill 907], 1788, 4to (2)⁂ The first is an account of the first missionary voyage to the South Pacific, including Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji and the Marquesas. The maps made an important contribution to Pacific cartography and the plates include a view of Rio de Janeiro. One of two issues published in the same year, this one on larger paper.The second item describes the tale of a voyage in the Pacific a few years earlier: "In 1783 the Antelope, commanded by Captain Henry Wilson, was wrecked on a reef near one of the Palau (Pelew) Islands, a previously unexplored group. The entire crew managed to get safely ashore, where they were well treated by the natives and eventually managed to build a small vessel from the wreck, in which they reached Macao. They took Prince Lee Boo, one of King Abba Thulle's sons, with them to England, where he made a very good impression. Unhappily, in spite of all precautions, he soon died of smallpox." Hill.

Lot 26

Voyages.- Arago (Jacques Etienne Victor) Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, in the Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, commanded by Captain Freycinet, during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820, 2 parts in 1, first edition in English, half-title, folding lithographed map (trimmed with slight loss at right-hand edge), 25 fine lithographed plates after Arago, 2 folding at foot with short tears to edges, plates foxed and offset, title browned, light water-staining towards end affecting 2 plates, contemporary half calf, rubbed, rebacked, corners repaired, [Ferguson 885; Hill 298; Sabin 1865], 4to, 1823.⁂ France's first post-Napoleonic circumnavigation, by the official artist on the expedition, with more realistic plates than anything previously published and including descriptions of Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Australia & New Zealand, South America and the Falkland Islands.

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Atlases.- Bell & Co. (Allan, publishers) A New General Atlas of the World; comprising all the Improvements, Railroads, &c. recently introduced into...Europe, and the United States of America, with engraved title for Ackermann's 'New General Atlas' dated 1838 bound at beginning, 40 hand-coloured double-page engraved maps mounted on stubs, a few with marginal foxing, with additional hand-coloured double-page map of Buckinghamshire after the Reform Bill published by Duncan bound in at end (foxed and soiled, some tears and repairs), modern half calf, original printed label mounted on upper cover (rubbed), spine gilt, folio, London, Allan Bell & Co., Edinburgh and New York, 1837.

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Voyages.- California.- Shelvocke (Capt.George) A Voyage round the World by the Way of the Great South Sea, first edition, folding engraved twin-hemisphere map, engraved title-vignette, 4 engraved plates, 2 folding, light staining to fore-edge at beginning, ink markings to margins, a few stains, slight worming to lower outer corner of a few leaves, bookplate of Booth Grey, contemporary panelled calf, rubbed, rebacked preserving old spine, new label, corners repaired, new endpapers, [Cowan pp.581-2; Hill 1557; Sabin 80158], 8vo, for J. Senex, 1726.⁂ Scarce account of Shelvocke's privateering adventures through the Pacific and with what Cowan calls "the fullest account of California, the natives and their features, of any of the old voyagers." The map depicts California as an island and two of the plates show natives of California; there are also early references to Californian gold and Peruvian guano. It has been suggested that Shevlocke's account of the passage around Cape Horn, where a sailor killed an albatross, inspired Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

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Voyages.- [?Clerke Charles)] A Journal of a Voyage round the World, in His Majesty's Ship the Dolphin, commanded by the Honourable Commander Byron ... in which is contained ... a Minute and Exact Description of the Streights of Magellan, and of the Gigantic People called Patagonians. Together with an Accurate Account of the Seven Islands lately discovered in the South Seas. By a Midshipman on Board the said Ship, folding engraved world map, engraved frontispiece of figures walking underwater with gourds over their heads to enable breathing, without the 14-leaf insert of additional material on the Patagonians, browned, worming to outer margin just touching text on a few leaves, contemporary sheep, rubbed, 8vo, for M. Cooper, 1767.⁂ Rare; ESTC lists only 3 UK copies (BL, Cambridge and Oxford) plus 2 others in America and Australia. This copy has "They have no fixed habitations, but certain moveable cottages" as final line on p.26, different to both the Brooke-Hitching copies sold at auction in 2014.

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Voyages.- Cook (Capt. James).- Parkinson (Sydney) A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas, in his Majesty's Ship the Endeavour, second edition, engraved portrait frontispiece by Newton (reinforced at fore-edge), 2 maps, one double-page, and 26 plates, with errata leaf but without rare 4pp. "Gomeldon" supplement, some foxing and soiling (foxing particularly to T gathering), some plates offset, tear to inner margin of title repaired, hole to c3 affecting a couple of letters, light water-staining to lower outer corner of a few leaves, modern half calf, [Hill 1309; Mitchell Library Cook 714; Sabin 58788], 4to, Charles Dilly...& James Phillips, 1784.⁂ Greatly-expanded account of Cook's first voyage first published in 1773, with an extensive Appendix including accounts of Cook's second and third voyages and a double-page world hemisphere map. Parkinson was employed by Sir Joseph Banks as draughtsman on the expedition but died on the homeward voyage.

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Atlases.- Black's General Atlas, 61 engraved maps on 55 sheets (numbered 1-60), by Sidney Hall, Hughes & others, most hand-coloured in outline, some double-page, very occasional light foxing or offsetting, tissue guards, with folding lithographed map of Illinois, Missouri & Texas Railway and another of Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railway loosely inserted, contemporary half diced russia, gilt, g.e., a little rubbed and faded, folio (440 x 320mm.), Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, 1844.

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