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Lot 173

A Whitefriars textured red glass cylindrical vase, 15cm high, together with three Kosta Boda votives, 8cm high and other similar glasswareCondition report: Chips to rim of motled glass vase, chips to hankercheif vase, the remainder show signs of wear commensurate with age

Lot 370

A Kosta Boda swirled glass sculpture, signed B. Vamir, height 31.5cm

Lot 115

A group of Art Glass, to include various animal figures, comprising penguin, flamingo, and four fish, two Caithness paperweights, other paperweights, air bubble dish, tow Kosta Boda glass bowls, vase, etc. Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 116

A group of Art Glass, to include two Kosta Boda bowls, Caithness heart shaped bowl designed by Sarah Peterson, merging green and orange bark effect vase probably by Whitefriars, air bubble paperweight, air bubble vase, etc. Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 1451

Five Kosta Boda clear and coloured glass fish, largest 14.5cm high. (5)

Lot 5

A quantity of Kosta Boda table glassware

Lot 28

A group of decorative Studio Glass wares, including a Boda Artist Collection, Sweden, trumpet shaped stemmed glass, 21.5cm high, a bowl from the same factory, 16.5 by 11.5cm high, a Kosta Boda glass bowl, 14.5 by 9cm high, a polychrome decanter and stopper by Vivi Ann Keedo and a further vase, decorated with lustre flowers, 16.5cm high, all signed to the bases, a Kosta Boda vase, a small decanter and stopper with lustre effect and a glass whale, all apparently unsigned. (8)

Lot 2047

Asa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda: Three Unique Glass Sculptures, signed Asa Jungelius 7399004 Kosta Boda Unique, square tapering 7.5cm high, octagonal column, 9cm high, tear drop 30cm long .Surface wear.

Lot 170036

16 Glasobjekte verschiedener Hütten, bestehend aus: 1 Glasvase mit Originalaufkleber Kosta Boda und signiert B. Valien,  1 ovale Murano-Schale, 1 ägyptischer Flacon, 13 mundgeblasene Glasvasen, wohl Bayerischer Wald, H 1 bis 14,5 cm.  2488-066

Lot 125

A pair of Kosta Boda art glass trinket dishes, signed to base, each approx. 24cmL

Lot 487

A Kosta Boda frosted glass footed vase by Ulrika Hydman - Vallien, decorated with coloured swirls, etched marks, 15cm high.

Lot 13

Ulrica Hydman-Vallien (1938-2018) design for Kosta Boda, Mine' a boxed clear glass bowl with coiled sea creature and purple inclusions, diameter 26cm

Lot 76

Two sets of Norwegian pewter bar tools, Kosta Crystal paperweight, Royal Crown Derby sleepy tabby kitten, etc.

Lot 2022

BERTIL VALLIEN FOR KOSTA BODA, glass bowl with abstract central design, signed to base with original Kosta Boda label, diameter 29cm.Good condition, small surface scratches to underside.

Lot 2066

VICKE LINDSTRAND FOR KOSTA, SWEDEN, a "Dark Magic" vase in Twilight Blue, marked to base LH 1606, height 17cm.Good condition, a few small surface scratches.

Lot 2067

VICKE LINDSTRAND FOR KOSTA, SWEDEN, small "Dark Magic" vase in Twilight Blue, marked to base LH 1605, height 11.5cm. Good condition. There are surface scratches to the base and two small 1cm scratches to the front side of the vase near the base. Otherwise there is very light surface scratches.

Lot 2068

VICKE LINDSTRAND FOR KOSTA, SWEDEN, designed 1953, tall pierced vase in cased green glass, marked to base LH 1321, height 29cm.Good condition

Lot 2070

VICKE LINDSTRANDE FOR KOSTA, SWEDEN, small "Fungus" vase designed 1951, acid stamp to base and etched LH 1121, height 13cm.Good condition, no chips or cracks.

Lot 266

Three Caithness glass paperweights with boxes, together with an Art glass whale and Kosta crystal paperweight

Lot 2885

Vier Teile Kosta Boda Schweden, 2. Hälfte 20. Jh., eine Gesichtervase Ulrica Hydmann Vallien, ein Kerzenleuchter signiert Ann Wahlström, dazu Vase und Schale mit Reduktionsmalerei, H Kerzenleuchter 29 cm.

Lot 892

A collection of glass decanters a Madina vase and Kosta Boda dish .

Lot 423

A Kosta amber glass vase and a green and clear glass ornament

Lot 427

Kosta Svenskt Glas RSPB 1976 limited edition frosted glass owl, 10cms h. Condition ReportGood condition. 

Lot 179

Erik Hoglund for Kosta Boda, a small blue glass vase, h. 8 cm, together with a Boda amber glass ashtray and a clear fish ashtray

Lot 157

Kosta Boda bowl and glass by Bertil Vallien. Bowl with a large central blue face to the base surrounded by abstract shapes and a lone swimmer, design 19365, 22cm x 22cm. A blue 'Satellite' cocktail glass, 12cm x 12cm x 17cm17cm highCondition report: No damage or restoration.

Lot 133

A modern Lalique pin dish surmounted by a pair of swans, signed, a Lalique amber glass stylized squirrel, signed, a Kosta glass vase etched with a butterfly, signed, together with two glass paperweights formed as dice and a swan (6)

Lot 709

A collection of art glass items to include:m Dartington tall vase, Kosta Buda artist choice bowl etc

Lot 457

A GROUP OF SCANDINAVIAN AND OTHER ART GLASS including a Kosta Boda glass 'Rainbow' vase, signed by Bertil Vallien and numbered 48224, 14.5cm high

Lot 121

A 20th century glass vase in the manner of Kosta Boda, having a tapered form and etched design to the surface depicting a whale alongside a shoal of fish. Measures 21 cm tall. 

Lot 434


Lot 5233

Unclearly signed, 2 colored glass Kosta Boda dishes, 12 cm high and 26.5 cm diameter and 9.5 cm high and 18.5 cm diameter

Lot 18

SECTION 18. Various glass 'Festivo' candlesticks designed Timo Sarpaneva (1926-2006), Finland, for Iittala, (three pairs with etched 'TS' to bases, together with eight Kosta Boda Snowball tealight holders, three similar clear glass dishes and two various vases by Tapio Wirkkala (vases etched signature to bases)

Lot 247

A grey Riihimaki art glass vase, No 1379, Kosta Sea Glasbruk grey tapering glass vase, textured blue bark vase, further vase, ruby glass cream jug, Victorian pressed glass Golden Jubilee oval bowl, and a Swarovski crystal miniature wine bottle and goblet set, boxed. (7)

Lot 328

A Kosta Body Somebody glass dish, designed by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, painted with a red bird within a repeating leaf border, no 79600, painted mark, boxed, 33cm wide.

Lot 558

A Kosta glass table lamp, designed by Ove Sandeberg for Kosta, of cylindrical form, with a double cut band of birds, engraved 'Kosta 46095 O. Sandeberg', 21cm highCondition report: Some minor scratches and wear.

Lot 137

Kosta glass vase, signed, along with an Italian cased vase (2)

Lot 1188

Vintage Stavangerflint (Norway) Harlequin Coffee Set, comprising coffee pot, six cups and saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl; Kosta Boda 'Rhapsody' bowl and tea light holders, Orrefors etc:- One Tray

Lot 239

Three Caithness glass paperweights with boxes, together with an Art glass whale and Kosta crystal paperweight

Lot 188

A Kosta Boda contemporary glass Sydney vase by Goran Warff, of compressed sleeve form with an angular polished neck, with internal controlled air bubble decoration, engraved signature, height 20.5cm.

Lot 208

A 1990s Kosta Boda Bon Bon range glass bowl designed by Kjell Engman, of high sided form, clear crystal with deep mottled orange to the main body, decorated with blue trails and an applied yellow rim, engraved signature, diameter 27cm.

Lot 209

Three Iittala Ballo range tealight holders of circular section designed by Annaleena Hakatie, each raised on five small feet, in blue and aqua tones, diameter 9cm, together with two Kosta Boda Atoll range tealight holders by Anna Ehrner, both cased in clear crystal and with internal random trails, one in amber and one in yellow. (5)

Lot 304

A later 20th Century Kosta Boda Artist Collection Satellite oversized cocktail glass designed by Bertil Vallien, the conical bowl decorated with flecks of colour and iridescence over the mottled blue ground, over a thick plain stem and circular spread foot, engraved signature and retains label, height 17cm, together with a small Flygsfors Coquille glass bowl by Paul Kedelv, of footed oval form with pulled drawn side, cased in clear crystal over pink and white, engraved signature. (2)

Lot 1183

A Kosta Boda crystal glass vase of hexagonal form and wheel engraved with a seated female. Engraved marks to base. 12 cm high. CONDITION REPORT: Some minor fritting to the facet edges and some ware to the base.

Lot 651

A vintage circa 1990 Swedish made Kosta Boda / Bertil Vallien hand blown large bottle vase ' Satellite '. The art bottle glass in a red colourway with silver overlay, waisted neck and flared rim. Signed to the bottom Bertil Vallien 89725. Measures approx 31x18cm

Lot 114

A Lisa Bauer for Kosta Boda glass vase, decorated with Linnea flowers, on circular foot engraved "För nit och redlighet i rikets tjänst", 18cm high, with certificate and fitted case

Lot 1012

Three decanters and assorted glassware including Kosta Boda textured candlestick

Lot 1018

A Kosta Boda May bowl by Kjell Engman

Lot 684

A Murano glass sculpture of the Madonna, a Kosta Boda dish on stand and two other glass pieces Condition Report: Available upon request

Lot 336

Erik Höglund for Kosta Boda Mask orange glass 12cm high.

Lot 82

Kosta Boda Artist's Choice - "Opus" Vase by Göran Wärff, smoky purple, No. 7050621, signed, 25cm, a bell shape vase, blue, green and purple hues, indistinctly signed, 19.5cm, and a Baccarat bowl, free form splash design, 32cm.

Lot 909

A signed Kosta glass ornament depicting a Viking longboat, approx length 25cm.

Lot 1479

Een Kosta boda vaas. Geschatte opbrengst: € 30 - € 70. A Kosta boda vase. Estimate: € 30 - € 70.

Lot 273

Swedish Decorative Arts - Lot to include a Kosta Boda 'Dalom' plate, Kippan Keramik bowl, a Nordiska Juvelaktiebolaget pewter bowl and similar.

Lot 362

A Kosta Boda S. Persson art glass vase etched with boy and violin, 21cm tall

Lot 250

A Kosta Crystal figure of a bear, 13 cm high, a Hummel figure of a boy with a toy and a small dish, various Dutch figures, and large knitting needles

Lot 547

BERTIL VALLIEN for KOSTA SWEDEN - amphora sculpture from the Satelite series, fully signed, height 14cmPerfect condition

Lot 545

VICKE LINDSTRAND for KOSTA SWEDEN - Sjogras vase with engraved fish, 1962, fully signed LG348B, height 19cmPerfect condition

Lot 548

ULRIKA HYDMAN-VALLIEN for KOSTA SWEDEN - Caramba apple, fully signed with label, height 93.5cmPerfect condition

Lot 544

VICKE LINDSTRAND for KOSTA SWEDEN - etched penguins glass vase, 1955, fully signed LG149, height 18cmPerfect condition

Lot 542

VICKE LINDSTRAND for KOSTA SWEDEN - clear amber brown and green free-form glass bowl, 1960s, fully signed LH5862, diameter 15cm, height 10cmPerfect condition

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