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Lot 108

Lot with 4 vases Per Lütken Holmegaard Signed on the bottom and dated 1955-1960. Een lot met 4 vazen, Per Lütken Holmegaard. Gesigneerd op de onderkant en gedateerd 1955-1960. H 17 - 23.5 cm

Lot 1173

Holmegaard Heart Shaped Glass Vase, 6.5cm high, blue flash glass scent phial (end damage), turquoise square glass dish, etc:- One Tray.

Lot 15

Per Lütken (1916-1996) for Holmegaard, a blue glass bowl a selandia dish of misshapen flowing form, with inscription to base 'Holmegaard' and initials, diameter 29cm

Lot 2170

PER LUTKEN (1916-98), FOR HOLMEGAARD, SWEDEN, a mid-century "Artisokrat" smoked glass decanter and 4 "Canada" glasses, decanter height 36cm.Good condition, light use.

Lot 641

16cm high; And A Holmegaard 'Ghost' Figure designed by Ole Winther, 1961figure: 19,3cm high

Lot 176

A Danish 'Meteor A' green glass table lamp by Holmegaard, h. 18 cm (incl. fittings) CONDITION REPORT: Label to the base. EU plug- working order unknown. No chips or cracks to glass. Fitting with a break to the rim, some losses to the enamelling on the fitting- please see the images.

Lot 278

Signed glass penguin Holmegaard 1960

Lot 280

signed glass piece by Holmegaard 1958

Lot 119

A COLLECTION OF GLASSWARE including Whitefriars Optic vase, pair Swedish Hytta red glass candlesticks, Holmegaard glass vase etc.

Lot 429


Lot 435

A GROUP OF DANISH AND SWEDISH ART GLASS including A Strombergshyttan vase with etched decoration of an owl in a tree, the largest piece a Holmegaard vase 26cm high (7)

Lot 440

PER LUTKEN FOR HOLMEGAARD: two Labrador glass chimney vases in moss green, 23cm and 12.5cm high, etched 'Holmegaard 1959' to base, All pieces in good condition, no issues

Lot 461

SEVEN MATCHING HOLMEGAARD 'PRINCESS' GLASSES14cm high, and another  16.5cm high

Lot 3035

Otto Brauer (1911-1984)Holmegaard, design Otto Brauer, green glass vase, 1960s, 43 cm high

Lot 3227

2 brown / white glass bottles by Holmegaard, design Otto Brouwer 30 cm high

Lot 3228

12 Danish & nbsp; clear and 6 smoked drinking glasses, Holmegaard Canada, 14 and 11.5 cm high

Lot 109

Holmegaard painted decanter, silver mounted cut glass scent bottle and other modern glassware

Lot 429

A Daum amber-tinted glass vase,with stylised leaf cut designs, signed 'Daum Nancy', 16.5cm high.a Holmegaard blue-tinted glass vase, signed 'Holmegaard' and numbered, 25cm high, andanother heavy clear glass vase, 15cm high (3)Condition report: Some wear to the bases of the vases, otherwise good overall.

Lot 444

A COLLECTION OF EIGHT PIECES OF 20TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL/SWEDISH COLOURED GLASSWARE, including two Holmegaard Per Lutken bone vases in green, height 21.5cm and 16.5cm, and two pieces of white and red cased glass painted with flowers in 19th century style (8) (condition: one of the urns has minor chips to rim - invisible when lid is on, multicoloured vase has minor nicks to rim)

Lot 240


Lot 114

A Holmegaard (Denmark) by per Lutken, smoky glass tear drop shaped vase, etched mark, monogram, dated 1956, 9cm high

Lot 132

A 1955 Holmegaard (Denmark) Art glass vase, designed by per Lutkin, circa 1960, heart shaped and of pale blue tint, etched marks, monogram and 15929, 11cm high

Lot 333

A Mtarfa cyclindrical glass vase, 24.5cm high., Holmegaard fluted glass bowl, and further contemporary glass. (8)

Lot 24

Jacob E. Bang - Holmegaard - An original vintage 1960's Danish Denmark studio art glass lamp in a brilliant vibrant tangerine orange colourway. The original light fittings raised on cylindrical neck and raised on a wide waisted base. Measures: 42cm tall.

Lot 271

Otto Brauer - Kastrup Holmegaard - Gulvvase ( Gul Vase )  - A  20th Century Danish retro vintage studio art glass vase in the form of a bottle with an long neck and wide rim. Measures; 30cm. Condition: No visible damage.

Lot 752

A Holmegaard pewter glass vase, 42cm

Lot 1011

Nine pieces of 1960's Danish Holmegaard glassware comprising Per Lutken Danica smokey glass decanter and jug, three Canada cocktail glasses and four beer glasses

Lot 333

Otto Breuer (1897-1938) for Holmegaard Two Gul vases in blue glass 25.5cm high (2).

Lot 910

HOLMEGAARD VASE, likely by Per Lutken, pattern 16751, 26cm high

Lot 2750

Bang, Michael (1942-2013) Paar Tischleuchten: "PALACE", je einflammig. Aus farblosem Glas. Auf Etikett bez. Holmegaard, Schweden, 80er Jahre. H. ca. 50 cm. Beigegeben: Paar Pagoden (Altersspuren).

Lot 235

A box of assorted vintage glass items to include boxed pair of Holmegaard candle holders. Lot also includes a pair of West German lead crystal stemmed goblets, decanters and vases.

Lot 97

Holmegaard light blue glass studio bowl, marked to base and numbered 19258, 11cm high and a similar circular-shaped dish, 31cm diameter (2) 

Lot 1

A Holmegaard gul vase, Yellow with white glass interior designed by Ottoe Brauer. 31cm high. No damage, chips or cracks.

Lot 186

Two studio glass bowls, one in amethyst glass by Holmegaard, the other in blue glass with white mottled effect, together with a further Thomas Webb of England amethyst glass pedestal dish and one other (4)

Lot 198

A collection of Scandinavian clear glass to include a Holmegaard bowl in the form of a flower, pair of Pukeberg paperweights in the form of horses, Nybro paperweight with a Neanderthal face and further Norwegian polar bear paperweight (5)

Lot 172

A large collection of smoked glass mainly by Holmegaard together with other makes to include a Wedgwood decanter (14)

Lot 470

Gluckerflasche, Holmegaard, Dänemark, 20.Jh., H.26cm, Grünglas, ausgeschliffener Abriss (Bodenkugelung), eingeschliffener Stopfen in Form einer KroneBottle, Holmegaard, Denmark, 20th century, h.26cm

Lot 479

OTTO BRAUER - KASTRUP HOLMEGAARD GULVVASE ( GUL VASE) - A COLLECTION OF THREE DANISH STUDIO / ART GLASS BOTTLE VASE, comprising blue, amber and smokey coloured examples, having long neck and wide rims, unmarked, tallest H 25.5 cm (3)

Lot 468

JACOB E BANG FOR HOLMEGAARD CLEAR GLASS 'KLUK KLUK' DECANTER, of small proportions, complete with stopper, original label, overall H 23.5 cm

Lot 478


Lot 477

OTTO BRAUER - KASTRUP HOLMEGAARD GULVVASE ( GUL VASE) - A GREEN DANISH STUDIO / ART GLASS BOTTLE VASE, having long neck and wide rim, original label to bottom edge, H 37 cm

Lot 466

PER LUTKEN FOR HOLMEGAARD 'DANICA' GLASS DECANTER, having double pouring lip, complete with stopper, together with a selection of six matching shot glasses comprising two large and four small, overall H 24.5 cm

Lot 469

A HOLMEGAARD 'CHERRY ELSINORE' GLASS CARAFE, designed by Ole Winther, H 23.5 cm, together with a Holmegaard smoke glass vase and a Broste glass spike candle holder (3)

Lot 283

OTTO BRAUER "GULVASE" Holmegaard, Kastrup um 1960 Flaschenvase aus grünem Glas mit weißem Innenüberfang. Mit Firmenetikett. H.29,5cm AN OTTO BRAUER ''GULVASE'' Holmegaard, Kastrup circa 1960 Bottle vase made of green glass with white interior overlay. With label. 29.5 cm high. Keywords: decorative art, miscellaneous pieces, furnishing, home accessories, collectibles, collectables, miscellaneous pieces, Danish, Denmark

Lot 333

Große Holmegaard-Schale von Per Lütken Große Holmegaard-Schale von Per Lütken Große Holmegaard-Schale von Per Lütken Gemuldete Form mit eingezogenem Rand. Stahlblaues Glas. Entw. Per Lütken. Firmenmarke mit Entw.-Monogr. u. Modell-Nr. 17793. D. 31,5 cm. A large Danish Holmegaard blue glass bowl designed by Per Lütken. Signed and monogrammed with model-no. 17793. Dänemark. Holmegaard. Um 1960.

Lot 1154

Holmegaard Green Glass Shallow Wavy Dish, 40cm wide and ovoid vase (both signed); two Wedgwood and other bird paperweights.

Lot 412A

Three pieces of Kastrup-Holmegaard cobalt blue glass and a carnival glass model of a boat. [4]

Lot 748

Dikglazen druppelvormige vaas, ges. Holmegaard 1960, h. 16 cm.

Lot 953

A 1960s Otto Brauer for Holmegaard (Danish) 'Gulvvase' glass vase. Height 30cm.Condition report: No condition issues.

Lot 1267

A box of assorted vintage glass items to include boxed pair of Holmegaard candle holders. Lot also includes a pair of West German lead crystal stemmed goblets, decanters and vases.

Lot 980

Two post war Holmegaard glass vases designed by Per Lutken, the first of swollen sleeve form, height 23cm, the other of conical form, both in aquamarine and acid marked. (2)

Lot 647

A Swedish Holmegaard glass vase, c.1960's, 16.5cm

Lot 102

Collection of coloured glass to include Moser, Holmegaard and Mdina, etc, tallest 19cm (8)

Lot 320

A collection of art glass including a Holmegaard decanter, boxed Orrefors glass bowl, Kosta Boda etc

Lot 240

Otto Brauer for Holmegaard Two 'Gulvase' Vases glass, in yellow colourway, one of large form, the smaller example with 'Holmegaard' paper label(43.2 cm high (17in high) and 36.5cm high (14.25in high))

Lot 241

Otto Brauer for Holmegaard 'Gulvase' Vase glass, in white colourway, with a further two vases in yellow and red colour way, the latter two with 'Holmegaard' paper labels(the white vase 43.2cm high (17in high))

Lot 1339

A Holmegaard scent bottle with mottled detail

Lot 106

A collection of Scandinavian glassware including a Stromberg vase engraved with a Viking boat, height 10.5cm, a Kosta Boda miniature jug designed by Bertil Vallien, a Holmegaard glass vase designed by Perlutken, height 6cm, paperweight, etc, together with a Czechoslovakian glass vase, height 16cm (7). Additional InformationLight wear and scratches to base.

Lot 1706

A quantity of glass paperweights including Cristallerie Lorraine duck and owl, Holmegaard eskimo, Phoenician pink and white swirl paperweight, plus an art Vannes sausage dog dish

Lot 1708

A Dartington glass decanter together with five Holmegaard Princess brandy glasses.

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