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Lot 670

Cognac - Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac Louis XIII, Connoisseur's Presentation Decanter (together with stopper) and Glass in Baccarat Crystal, carafe No. A 4974, with certificate and in original cardboard box. 70cl, 40% Vol.

Lot 287

A large cut glass pedestal bowl; another footed bowl; a part suite of cut glass glasses including champagne flutes, hock, red & white wine, liqueur tumblers, carafe, brandy balloons etc. qty. (3 boxes)

Lot 43

A good selection of glassware etc. to include four late 19th/early 20th century silver-plated mounted cut-glass claret jugs (plate worn), various decanters and carafes etc. including a waisted Arts and Crafts-style example with gilded decoration of ducks on a pond and windmills etc. (good selection)Condition Report: 1st box - there four silver plated mounted claret jugs - on all of the claret jugs the silver plate has mostly worn away. The three tapering conical examples all appear to be in good condition. The small spherical example also looks in good condition. Other associated items - a globe and shaft carafe decanter appear OK, a late 20th century example encrusted with flowers which is OK, a moulded biscuit barrel looks reasonable, a globe and shaft decanter without stopper, several other decanters which appear in good overall condition.  2nd box - a large and heavy circular glass vase which has several chips around the rim but could be ground down, a heavy cut-glass jug in good order (probably early 20th century), three hock glasses with spiral twist stems and sundae dishes and four conical shaped sherry (?) glasses in good order and two vinegar-style bottles on good condition etc.

Lot 102

Mdina art glass carafe style vase and an art glass vase, tallest 35cm (2)

Lot 224

An amethyst tinted glass carafe with Mary Gregory style decoration in the form of a girl with bird in hand, with matching glass, height of carafe 18cm (2)

Lot 763

Great Eastern Railway glass CARAFE and 3 GLASSES. All four items are marked on the front G.E.R. All are in very good condition with one glass having a small chip to the base.

Lot 94

Three Carnival glass bowls, glass chandelier, Uredale Jack in the Pulpit glass vase and five other Uredale vases, vaseline glass dish, etched glass carafe, Venetian glass elephant, etc. CONDITION - Carnival glass - one has surface scratching (larger bowl), a couple manufacturing flaws (all need a clean), otherwise good.

Lot 17

Four items of continental glass to include; ruby flash decorated baluster shaped carafe, a Venetian design wrythen carafe, a baluster shaped liqueur decanter with tulip design drinking cup stopper and a small baluster shaped crimped edge pedestal glass vase. (4) (B.P. 21% + VAT) Pedestal vase 12cm Approx. - loss to gilding.Scent bottle 21cm approx. - loss to gilding body badly damaged Swirl vase 16cm approx. - no obvious damage Venetian type vase 16 cm approx.- but loss to gilding/flowers - no obvious damage

Lot 58

Ten pieces of green Mary Gregory glass, a vase, 16.5cm high, an oil carafe and stopper, 19cm high, four further jugs, two tumblers, a small tray, 10cm high and a pin tray (10)Condition report: Vase cracked.Mug with very small rim chipsAll are Mary Gregory – 19th Century Lot 58 - Vase cracked. Mug with very small rim chipssize of largest – 18cm high

Lot 94

Set of six Babycham glasses, a cut glass fruit bowl, a rose decorated water carafe and tumbler, wines and other glassware 

Lot 357

THREE PIECES OF EARLY 20TH CENTURY GLASSWARE, comprising a Kralik posy vase of squat lobed form, in iridescent white opaque and green, rim has nibbles and one of the trailed green legs is cracked and chipped, height 12cm, and Art Deco decanter in the style of Karl Palda, the neck a.f. (collar loose in bag) and an iridescent glass carafe with sinuous scrolls to the neck, frills to the base, section broken (3)

Lot 109

19th Century Dutch School, Interior Scene with Figure reading a Book, oil on board, 27 x 19 cms together with another similar in the form of a figure with glass and carafe, oil on board, 25 x 18 cms

Lot 187

A selection of amethyst coloured glass including a carafe of bell form, four similar tulip shaped vases, two champagne flutes, four goblets (one slightly larger), with accompanying tag inscribed Caithness Goblet in Heather, 1970 and a bell shaped bud vase with a CG stylised stamp to back (a lot)

Lot 329

Wasserkaraffe mit Becher, Schneemalerei, um 1890, mundgeblasenes Klarglas, jeweils mit Abriss und gerippter Wandung, einseitig mit Emaillemalerei in Weiß, Karaffen-H.18,3cm, Becher-H.9cmWater carafe with mug, snow painting, around 1890, mouth-blown clear glass, one side with enamel painting in white, carafe h.18,3cm, mug h.9cm

Lot 964

3 Diverse Teile chinesisches Silber: Paar durchbrochene Solifleurvasen auf geschnitzten Holz Sockeln, ohne Glaseinsätze (H. 21,5cm) und bauchige Glas Karaffe mit durchbrochenem Silveroverlay „Drachen mit Perlen“ (H. 25cm), 2x Luenwo/Shanghai, um 1900/1920, z.T. defekt3 Various pieces of Chinese silver: pair of openwork solifleur vases on carved wooden bases, without glass inserts (h. 21,5cm) and bulbous glass carafe with openwork silver overlay "dragon with pearls" (h. 25cm), 2x Luenwo/Shanghai, c. 1900/1920, partly defective

Lot 917


Lot 301

A 19th century silver plated wine carafe, the spout in the form of a bearded mans head, vacant cartouche, etched glass body, H.31.5cm

Lot 210

GROSSE WEINKARAFFE Topazio, Portugal 20.Jh. Reich verzierte Montur aus 925/000 Sterling Silber. Korpus aus farblosem, geschliffenem Kristallglas. Gest. H.35cm A LARGE WINE CARAFE Topazio, Portugal 20th century Richly decorated mount made of 925/000 sterling silver. Body made of colourless, cut crystal glass. Hallmarked. Height 35 cm. Keywords: spirits, jugs, decanters, bottles, vessels, containers, Portuguese

Lot 9015

Box various including pewter cup from 1900, copper kettle, painted tray, crystal dish, glass carafe, 3 glasses on silver feet, plate and Asian and Indian wooden busts

Lot 9293

Box with 12 glass octagonal coasters in a case, glass pendulum glasses, carafe, vases, colored glass bowl and glasses, design R. Plese for B.A.G Czech Republic

Lot 9306

Box with green glass vase, crystal carafe with stopper, various coasters, finger bowls, compote dishes and some glasses

Lot 643

VARIOUS CUT AND ETCHED GLASSWARES, ETC, to include boxed Tutbury vase, height 18.5cm, a boxed Tutbury paperweight (engraved), a boxed set of whisky glasses, a Tutbury mug (engraved), a Zawiercie, Poland carafe and glass, a thistle shaped footed vase, various swan ornaments, etc

Lot 765

LIKÖRSET ART DÈCO, 1. Hälfte 20. Jh. Karaffe und Sieben Gläser rosafarbenes bzw. Weinrotes Glas. H: 24 cm und 15 cm. Leichte Alters- und Gebrauchsspuren. LIQUOR SET ART DÈCO, First half of the 20th century. Carafe and seven glasses, pink or wine-red glass. H: 24 cm and 15 cm. Slight signs of age and wear.

Lot 495

A COLLECTION OF STUDIO/ART GLASS, to include Peter Tysoe baluster vase with bubble inclusions, height approximately 21cm, Cowdy glass carafe, Wrythen cylinder shaped sommerso vase, Maltese Phoenician glass fruits, Rogaska Crystal vase, three flowers with twist stems , Lamp Work sweets, etc (condition: green pepper has chip to one side, orange boiled sweet missing 'wrapper' from one side, both of the largest flowers have very minor nicks to bottom of stems, otherwise no obvious damage)

Lot 456

Three pieces of Mary Gregory style glassware, jug, beaker and carafe and glass

Lot 1170

Karaffe mit Silbermontage, Deutsch, Anf. 20. Jh., MZ: wohl H. Meyen & Co., Berlin, Silber 800/000, scharnierter Klappdeckel mit Kugelknauf, gedrehter Henkel, Korpus, klares Glas, Wandung mit gedrehten Zügen, H. 27 cmCarafe with silver mounting, German, early 20th c., maker's mark probably H. Meyen & Co., Berlin, silver 800/000, hinged hinged lid with ball knob, turned handle, body, clear glass, wall with turned features, h. 27 cm

Lot 1228

Karaffe mit Silbermontage, Deutsch, 20. Jh., bez. Hespe, Silber 800/000, Henkel-, Hals- und Klappdeckelmotage mit Kugeldrücker, Korpus in Kugelform, klares Glas, mit Baccaratschliffdekor, H. 19,5 cmCarafe with silver mount, German, 20th century, marked Hespe, silver 800/000, handle, neck and hinged lid motage with ball pusher, body in spherical shape, clear glass, with Baccarat cut decoration, h. 19,5 cm.

Lot 1229

Karaffe mit Silbermontage, Deutsch, 20. Jh., MZ: Körner & Proll, Berlin, Silber 800/000, Hals-, Henkel- und Klappdeckelmontage, mit Kugeldrücker, Korpus in Kugelform, klares Glas mit Sternschliff im Boden, H. 18,5 cmCarafe with silver mount, German, 20th c., maker's mark Körner & Proll, Berlin, silver 800/000, neck, handle and hinged lid mount, with ball handle, body in spherical shape, clear glass with star cut in the bottom, h. 18,5 cm.

Lot 1263

Karaffe mit Silbermontage, Deutsch, um 1900, MZ: M. H. Wilkens & Söhne, Bremen-Hemelingen, Silber 800/000, Henkel in Form eines Drachen, scharnierter Klappdeckel, Korpus klares Glas mit Schliffdekor, H. 29 cmCarafe with silver mount, German, c. 1900, maker's mark M. H. Wilkens & Söhne, Bremen-Hemelingen, silver 800/000, handle in the shape of a dragon, hinged hinged lid, body of clear glass with cut decoration, h. 29 cm

Lot 2812

Karaffe, Frankreich, 2. H. 20. Jh., Lalique, Modell ''Femmes Antiques'', ovaler Stand, zylindrische Wandung, schlanker Hals, Kugelstöpsel, Wandung mit Negativrelief, stehende Frauen in antiken Gewändern, klares tlw. mattietes Glas, sign., H. 24 cmCarafe, France, 2nd half of 20th century, Lalique, model ''Femmes Antiques'', oval stand, cylindrical wall, slender neck, ball stopper, wall with negative relief, standing women in antique robes, clear partly frosted glass, signed, h. 24 cm

Lot 2828

Karaffe mit sechs Schnapsgläsern, 20. Jh., kantige Form, klares Glas, tlw. bernsteinfarben überfangen, mit Schliffdekor, florale und Landschaftsmotive, H. 6 bzw. 22 cmCarafe with six shot glasses, 20th century, angular shape, clear glass, partly overlaid with amber, cut decoration, floral and landscape motifs, h. 6 and 22 cm, respectively.

Lot 2845

Jugendstil-Karaffe mit Metallmontage, um 1900, Henkel-, Hals- und Klappdeckelmontage mit Reliefdekor, Korpus klares Glas, H. 24,5 cmArt Nouveau carafe with metal mounting, around 1900, handle, neck and hinged lid mounting with relief decoration, body clear glass, h. 24,5 cm

Lot 2853

Karaffe/Schenkkrug mit Zinnmontage, um 1900, runder passig geschweifter Stand, Klappdeckel- und Henkelmontage, mit ornametalem Reliefdekor, ovoider Korpus, klares Glas, H. 32 cmCarafe/present jug with pewter mount, c. 1900, round fitting curved stand, hinged lid and handle mount, with ornametal relief decoration, ovoid body, clear glass, h. 32 cm

Lot 2854

Dreiteiliges Likörset auf ovalem Tablett, um 1920, Karaffe und 2 Gläschen eleonorengrünes Uranglas, Stöpsel und Tablett, Schwarzglas, H. 9 bzw. 21 cm, Tablettl. 22,5 cmThree-piece liqueur set on oval tray, c. 1920, carafe and 2 small glasses eleonora green uranium glass, stopper and tray, black glass, h. 9 and 21 cm, respectively, tray l. 22,5 cm

Lot 4572

Jugendstil-Karaffe, um 1900. Glaskorpus mit Schliffdekor, schwer ornamentierte Zinnmontierung mit Frauenhenkel, leicht ber., H. 33 cmArt Nouveau carafe, c. 1900. glass body with cut decoration, heavily ornamented pewter mount with woman's handle, slightly rubbed, h. 33 cm.

Lot 7726

Unidentifizierter Maler des 19. Jh., Stillleben mit Blumen und Glaskaraffe, Öl auf Lwd., unsign., verso ausführliche Notationen, 59 x 44 cm, in breitem, profiliertem Schellackrahmen 98 x 78 cmUnidentified painter of the 19th century, still life with flowers and glass carafe, oil on canvas, unsigned, detailed notations on verso, 59 x 44 cm, in wide, profiled shellac frame 98 x 78 cm

Lot 124

Clutha type carafe and glass and other pieces including an 18th century double series opaque twist wine glass.. Wineglass with a large section of the foot lacking, chip to the rim. The other pieces in good condition.

Lot 87

A set of six Thomas Webb liquor cut glasses, together with a matching liquor decanter, each marked, glasses H9.5cm, decanter H21cm, together with an Edwardian acid etched carafe and beaker, two Victorian square bulbous form writhern twist jugs, a cut glass decanter, etc. - Condition Report

Lot 37

A Green Glass Carafe, 18th century, of onion form with broad tapering neck, painted with a gentleman sitting at a table smoking, 20cm high; and A Large Green Glass Wine Bottle, of onion form, the neck with string ring, 30cm high (2)

Lot 439

A collection of nine pieces of cranberry and ruby coloured glass, including a pair of decanters, two vases and a carafe and tumbler

Lot 241

After Michael Harris - Mdina - An original retro vintage 20th Century Maltese studio art glass bottle vase decanter / carafe having a ball stopped, pronounced shoulder and cylindrical body. Signed to underside ' Mdina ' Measures: 30cm tall. Condition: No visible damage.

Lot 10

A 19th century Mary Gregory type green glass claret jug, decorated with a youth amongst countryside, 21cm high (matched stopper), together with a pair of Nailsea glass bottle vases, in ruby tinted glass with enclosed stripes and patches of white and ruby enamels, 22.5cm high, and an amethyst glass carafe, 29.5cm high, to the present owner by family descent, Norman W. Webber author of Collecting Glass

Lot 207

W.M.F STYLE ART NOUVEAU PEWTER MOUNTED SMALL GLASS CARAFE, of slender ovoid footed form with angular scroll handle, domed, hinged cover and circular foot, unmarked, 9? (22.8cm) high

Lot 103

Japanese Imari vase, waisted form, 22cm, WMF glass carafe, etc.

Lot 98

A collection of vintage Dartington crystal glass to include moulded daisy bowls, palm leaf bowls designed by Anita Harris, a twist design bowl and matching carafe etc. Many with applied Dartington stickers. 

Lot 603

Eight modern spiral air-twist glass goblets, Anda gilt square glass bowl the bowl 15cmdiameter and a modern glass water carafe andfour cut glass rinsers and two stands

Lot 1558

Een groen glazen karaf, 20e eeuw. B: 19 cm, H: 29,5 cm. Geschatte opbrengst: € 20 - € 30. A green glass carafe, 20th century. W: 19 cm, H: 29,5 cm. Estimate: € 20 - € 30.

Lot 241

A collection of vintage glass ware. To include blue candlesticks and green Art Decco style carafe. Together with a small yellow jug with matching dish.

Lot 577

Two Victorian decanters, a water / whisky carafe and pepper, tallest 28cm. (4)Replacement "Famous Grouse" glass with carafe.Carafe a few small chips to high points.Pepper- no stopper/cork in base, one or two very small chips.Small decanter, light surface scratching.Large decanter, light surface scratching.

Lot 588


Lot 1389

Large quantity of Royal Worcester Collectors' plates, Christmas plates, and a box of assorted glassware to include two moulded glass decanters, a carafe, etc. (3 boxes)

Lot 292

A tray of glass, decanter (Af), wine carafe, crystal glasses etc CONDITION REPORT: The decanter has a chip to it, but the remaining items appear un damaged.

Lot 426

Karaffe mit Sturzbecher, Klarglas mit Schneemalerei, um 1890, Karaffe mit Abriss, Trinkglas mit ausgeschliffenem Abriss, H.23,5cmCarafe with tumbler, clear glass with snow painting, around 1890, carafe with break, drinking glass with tear-off, h.23,5cm

Lot 57

An Art Deco cut glass table lamp; a similar carafe; a selection of blue glass pieces

Lot 1198

A plated and glass carafe and a plated wine funnel

Lot 460

AN ORREFORS CLEAR GLASS DECANTER WITH STOPPER, teardrop shaped, signed, pattern number 1683-111, H 31.5 cm, together with a square bowl with cut decoration, signed, pattern number AF 301730, 17.5 x 17.5 cm, a small vase / tea light holder, singed, pattern number DEC 3282 and an unsigned clear glass carafe (4)

Lot 469

A HOLMEGAARD 'CHERRY ELSINORE' GLASS CARAFE, designed by Ole Winther, H 23.5 cm, together with a Holmegaard smoke glass vase and a Broste glass spike candle holder (3)

Lot 291

A Mary Gregory type late 19th green glass carafe and stopper, decorated with a boy playing in a garden, 26cm high.

Lot 501A

A Victorian red trail glass carafe with bold concentric looped decoration, 20cm highCONDITION: Provenance - Andrew Rudebeck collection of glass. The second part of the collection including Roman to 18th century glass will be offered in Gorringe's 8th December Fine sale.Condition - typical minor imperfections and striations to the glass. Wear to the bases consistent with age. Some scratching to body.

Lot 510

Four 19th/20th century French coloured glass porron decanters and a vine engraved carafe, 20.5 - 24cmCONDITION: Provenance - Andrew Rudebeck collection of glass. The second part of the collection including Roman to 18th century glass will be offered in Gorringe's 8th December Fine sale.Condition - typical minor imperfections and striations to the glass. Wear to the base consistent with age. The largest porron has a splinter chip tot he tip of the spout.

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