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Lot 412

An Amber Glass Shallow Bowl with deep acid etched floral decoration, 30cm diam.

Lot 900

Cut Crystal Water Tumblers, other glass, two pictures, brass bowl on stand, lamp etc.

Lot 721

A large glass dish engraved with initials 1976, a glass bowl engraved with a cow "Champion Belted Galloway 1996" decorative large jug engraved with a giraffe and a very large brandy balloon engraved with geese

Lot 123

Three Pieces of Crystal and Cut Glass, Comprising of a Large Circular Dish, Crystal Bowl, And a Glass Rummer type Vase, Decorated with a panel of a Ship, Dish 43.5cm diameter, Bowl 13.5cm high, 30cm wide, (3)

Lot 125

Mixed Lot of Porcelain, To include a Portmeirion Botanical Garden Bowl and Rolling Pin, Two Boxed Royal Worcester Cake Plates, Three Royal Winton Chintz Biscuit Plates, and a Vasart style Glass Spill Vase etc, (9)

Lot 180

A Walther & Sohne 'mermaid' comport, the satin blue glass bowl with fish detail on a mermaid form pedestal, 25cm dimaeter, 27cm high together with a Walther & Sohne candlestick in the form of a dancing girl, 21cm high, and a similar green glass jug, 18cm high (3)Condition report: No chips or cracks

Lot 185

A cut glass and ormolu mounted bowl, cast swag mounts on lion paw feet, 28cm diameter, 16cm highCondition report: There is no evidence of chips to the glass and only slight rubbing to the gilt metal

Lot 202

An early 20th century Kralik Martele vases, the three applied trails, 14cm high, a similar example with applied trails, 14cm high, a squat example with iridescent ground, 11cm high, a Kralik Whiplash trailed handled bowl, lacking cover, 14.5cm high, a glass jug with white metal mount and applied for drop trails, 11.5cm high, and a thorn vase, 20cm high (6)Condition report: Martele- Minor losses to a base of trailsReel trailed vase- Loss of trailing with repairSquat vase- Losses to trailingJug- Handle re-solderedThorn vase- Chips to protruding sections and rim

Lot 234

An early 20th century silver topped malacca walking cane, 86cm long, together with a cut glass water jug, fruit bowl and three decantersCondition report: Walking stick with hallmarks and lacks tipWater jug and fruit bowl in very good conditionChip to rim of one decanter and associated stopper to one decanter

Lot 297

A large cut glass punch bowl and cover, 20th century, with a tall faceted finial, 27cm high, a further bowl, a plate, a serving dish and two scent bottles (6)Condition report: General light surface wear but appear in fair order

Lot 35

A silver & enamel bouquet of harebells, by Sarah Jones, London 1986, the three flower heads with mauve enamel, also, three leaf stems, within a blown glass bowl, 10cm high

Lot 415

A collection of glass items, to include a Baccarat Mitsouko Guerlain scent bottle, 12cm high, a Mdina sleeve vase, 20cm high, silver topped facet cut scent bottle, 6.5cm high, an Orrefors pillow form vase, 16.5cm wide, a Walther and Sohne figural lamp base, holes not drilled, 20cm high, a Pifco owl night light, 14.5cm high, a Stromberg vase, engraved with stylised fish, 16cm high, a pair of Victorian uranium wine glass, 13cm high, a Bohemian glass atomiser, lacking fitting, 9cm high, a Murano style centre piece, 24cm, and three pieces of Davidson Primrose pearlineCondition report: Baccarat- Niblles and chips to top of stopper and base of peg, Nibbles to bottom edge and water marks internallySilver scent bottle- Dent to screw top lidWalther & Sohne- Flat chip to underside of footrimPifco- Components all present but lacking power cellStrombery- Water marked, chip to edge of baseUranium glass- Scratched to bowls, one with flat chip to facet and nibbles to base of stemAtomiser- Nibbles to cutting and edge of baseDavidson bowl- Some excess glass to base due to manufacture

Lot 70

A large Edwardian crystal glass and silver mounted inkwell, the heavy body with hobnail cut base and internal ink liner, the silver domed lid inscribed 'Royal Military Tournament 1902 Officers Competitions Sword V Lance Mounted 3rd Prize won by Lieut C.T. Ralph R.F.A.' by John Grinsell & Sons, London 1901, 12.2.cm high, a Queen Victoria South Africa 1900 Christmas Tin, mounted to a hard wood base with four applied inscribed plaques reading 'Presented by Her Majesty the Queen to Major A Dodd Royal Army Medical Corps Natal March 21st 1900', 'Bloemfontein taken March 13th 1900', 'Transvaal Annexation Proclamation September 1st 1900' and 'Pretoria taken June 5th 1900', 20cm wide, a footed silver octagonal bowl by Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1915, 12.5cm wide, approximately 4.8ozt and a silver plated wine bottle holder with pierced quatrefoil decoration and cast handles, 18cm high (4)Condition report: Chip to corner underside of inkwell base, lid detached, inscription worn Christmas Tin worn, dented and losses to printing. Tarnishing and surface marks to base and plaquesBowl rim slightly misshapenSilver plating loss to silver plated holder

Lot 364

A René Lalique 'Acacia' bowl circa 1928 opalescent and frosted glass, the underside moulded with repeated leaves, moulded mark 'R LALIQUE FRANCE', etched mark 'No. 3249', 22cm diameter

Lot 28

Pair of Antique German Renaissance Silver & Cut Glass Sweetment Dolphin Bowl. Turn of the century 800 Silver and cut glass dolphin with upturn, silver mounted scrolled tail. Support in form of trident wielding cherub astride another dolphin. Raised and scalloped foot on four squashed ball supports. Marked and numbered. 9 x 6 3/4 in. Please note that all sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Lot 519

Vivid cobalt blue Art Deco glass bowl, fluted and ribbed. Intact but with minor scratches. 8 x 10 in. Please note that all sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Lot 700

Three carnival glass items, a purple glass bowl and a pair of amethyst plates decorated with bunches of grapes

Lot 704

Nine pieces of carnival glass, including a blue example and a bowl decorated with horses

Lot 767

Glassware;-heavy crystal vase, heavy crystal bowl, 19th Century decanter, two heavy glass drinking glasses, one other decanter and glass

Lot 114

An Art Deco-style circular glass bowl; the stand's underside moulded in high relief as swallows (25cm diameter)

Lot 118

Assorted cut-glass to include vases, jugs and a bowl (8)

Lot 132

A glass powder bowl with silver top, Birmingham 1921, a set of silver handled knifes, two silver salt pots and a mustard pot

Lot 193

A 19th century Bohemian glass armorial pedestal goblet and cover, the fluted tapering bowl boldly etched and engraved with the coat of arms of Archduke Otto of Austria (1865-1906) on a ground of dense leafy scrolls, the rim with lappets, cut and faceted stem, the cover and circular foot picked out in grey-black wash, 38.5cm high, c. 1886

Lot 194

A 19th century Bohemian Named-View ruby and clear glass tapering octagonal goblet, Badehaus, the sides with flowering foliage, octagonal foot outlined with ruby bands, 14cm high, c. 1870; another similar, circular bowl, various topographical views, 12.5cm high, c. 1870; a pair of 19th century ruby glass octagonal tumblers, with Canadian named-views, 9cm high; a low-tumbler, Main am Rhein, 7.1cm high, c. 1870, [5]

Lot 195

A 19th century clear glass two-handled loving cup, engraved with scrolling foliage, S scroll handles, 23.5cm high, c.1880; a 19th century conical bowl, strawberry and hobnail cut, star cut circular base, 20cm diam; two oversize goblets; etc

Lot 196

A 19th century Continental glass, probably German, the cylinder bowl well-engraved with flowering urns and etched with leafy scrolls and foliage, hexagonal baluster stem, circular foot, starcut base, 18.5cm high, c. 1870

Lot 1999

An Art Nouveau period Limoges enamel mounted powder bowl, the cover with inset panel decorated in polychrome with a young baccante with flowing hair, cut glass base, 12cm diam, c.1905

Lot 200

A George III opaque twist rummer glass, ogee-shaped bowl, double-helix stem, domed foot, pontil, 17cm high, c. 1770

Lot 201

A George III opaque twist wine glass, ogee-shaped bowl, double-helix stem, domed foot, slight pontil, 15.5cm high, c. 1765

Lot 202

A George III opaque twist wine glass, trumpet-shaped bowl, double-helix stem, domed circular foot, slight pontil, 16.5cm high, c. 1765

Lot 203

A George III wine glass, quite plain, trumpet-shaped bowl, clear stem, domed foot, slight pontil, 17cm high, c. 1770

Lot 206

A large George III ale glass, the trumpet-shaped bowl etched and engraved with hops, domed foot, slight pontil, 20.5cm high, c. 1770

Lot 209

A late George II/early George III opaque twist cordial glass, short trumpet-shaped bowl, double-helix stem, stepped circular foot, slight pontil, 16cm high, c. 1760

Lot 218

A substantial George III/IV century glass rummer, the bowl etched and engraved with hops, circular foot, slight pontil, 31.5cm high, 18.5cm diam, c. 1820

Lot 222

An early 19th century glass rummer, monogrammed cylinder bowl etched and engraved with foliage, 13cm high, c. 1830; an early 19th century glass, ogee-shaped bowl, baluster girdle stem, circular foot, pontil, 10.5cm high; a Victorian Nailsea glass novelty pipe, of small proportions, opaque pink wavy bowl, opaque white inclusions, 27cm long, [3]

Lot 225

Ireland and the Williamite War - Battle of the Boyne, an Irish commemorative wine glass, The Glorious Memory of King William/No Surrender, Boyne 1st July 1690, T.C./S.C., the inscribed trumpet-shaped bowl etched and engraved with an equestrian portrait of William III, girdle-capped stem, domed circular foot, pontil mark, 16cm high, dated 1690 It is thought that this glass marks the bicentenary of the Battle of the Boyne, and was engraved by Franz Tieze (1842-1932). He was a Bohemian-born engraver who worked in the flint glass factory of the Pugh Brothers in Dublin from 1865 to 1910, although he also engraved 18th century wine glasses.

Lot 571

A 19th century wirework bowl, swing handle, clear glass liner, 26.5cm diam; a similar sweetmeat bowl, wirework cover and sides, pierced with a band of ovals, spreading circular ribbed base, 19.5cm high; two wirework entree stands, 26.5cm wide; etc (5)

Lot 5171

Glassware - a decanter and stopper, another, Brierley cut glass drinking glasses, other brandy balloons, pedestal fruit bowl, vases, jug, bon-bon dish, sundae dishes; qty

Lot 5698

A silver milk jug and sugar bowl, stop fluted, scroll handles, 8cm, London 1923, 169.9g; a clear glass inkwell, silver hinged cover, Birmingham 1900 (3)

Lot 78

Mixed lot of glass to include a cut glass decanter, glass goblets, pedestal bowl and other glass

Lot 487

Early 20th century circular fitted bowl with repousse decoration of swags and birds, gadrooned border, on spade feet, London 1909, makers JVC, 8oz, a mid 20th century silver two-handled trophy cup mounted on black stepped base, engraved 'Petre Cup 1950 Miss Anne Kemp', a trefoil silver-mounted trinket box on ball feet with engraved detail to the lid, a silver engraved mount (damaged) and a silver-coloured shot glass with enamel shield (5) 

Lot 70

Tamara Aladin for Riihimaki - A red and clear cased glass 'Tuulikki' vase, pattern no.1520, approx 18cm high, Bo Borgstrom for Aseda - A pale green and clear cased, hooped glass vase, approx 22cm high, an Orrefors 'Stella Polaris' bowl in blue,  together with various other glass vases etc 

Lot 75

Waterford 'Marquis' pattern crystal bowl together with three other various cut glass pieces (4)

Lot 102

A Kralik 'Nautilus' glass bowl,early 20th century, with applied blue iridescent trails,23cm diameter, together with a similar bowl,of quatrefoil form, with applied prunts, anda collection of iridescent rose bowls, comprising various moulded examples each with metal fittings (8)Condition report: Largest mounted bowl - chipped to the rim - others with wear and minor scratches.

Lot 112

A Daum cameo glass bowl,with a pinched rim and a mottled ground cut with flowers, marked 'Daum Nancy France',20cm diameter7cm highCondition report: Wear to base, blown bubbles to base and side of body.

Lot 193

A collection of Liberty Tudric pewter wares,designed by Archibald Knox, comprising:a pewter pierced bowl on stand, numbered '0276' and marked 'Tudric', with a later glass insert, 13.3cm high,a candlestick, with a pierced stand, and loose sconce, stamped 'Tudric' and '022',12.7cm high,a mug sleeve, stamped '0534', 8cm high, anda vase sleeve,12cm high (4)Condition report: Candlestick - misshapenVase sleeve - unmarkedMug - wear to finishStand - fair overall - crackled glass sleeve chipped

Lot 290

A Lalique 'Nemours' black glass bowl,modern, moulded with a flower head pattern with white enamelled tips, signed 'Lalique France', labelled,25.3cm diameterCondition report: Minor scuff to the underside near engraved signature. Minor scuffs to the inside - appears to be free of chips, cracks or other damage.

Lot 293

A Lalique 'Ombelles' frosted glass fruit bowl,modern, of circular tapering form, signed 'Lalique, France' and with label,30cm diameter

Lot 98

A collection of Bohemian glass,comprising: a Kralik lobed vase with red iridescence,9cm high, three similar examples in green, a squat Loetz-style bowl with a tooled rim,21cm diameter, a Carl Goldberg enamelled vase, and a globular vase with cracked ice finish and applied silver rim (7)

Lot 99

A Kralik 'Martelé' glass vase,early 20th century, with applied fruit decoration,10.5cm high, a cream jug with 'Nautilus' applied trails,10cm high, a matched sugar bowl, anda squat vase with applied amethyst trails,13.5cm diameter (4)Condition report: All appear fair - some tarnishing to the mounts.

Lot 1395B

London imported hallmarked silver glass lined sweetmeats bowl, the silver body raised on four clawed supports, pierced and decorated with birds, flora and vines, London 1906 hallmark, imported by Samuel Boyce Landeck, 164g. P&P Group 1 (£14+VAT for the first lot and £1+VAT for subsequent lots)

Lot 195

FRENCH OPALESCENT GLASS CIRCULAR BOWL, with floral designs, 32cm diameter, along with a French glass scent bottle (2)

Lot 134

A tray of mixed items to include green glass decanter and six glasses, a Royal Albert vase, two David Winter cottages, a vase, jugs and cut glass bowl with plated spoons

Lot 89

A tray with wooden cased mantel clock, metal rimmed wooden fruit bowl, a letter rack and a glass vase

Lot 1035

A Collection of Fourteen Advertising Water Jugs, including Glenfiddich, White Horse, Romanoff Vodka, Hamlet etc; a pressed glass punch bowl and cups (boxed), other china:- Two Boxes

Lot 1109

Cut Glass Ware, including sundaes, whisky, brandy and other drinking glasses, fruit bowl.

Lot 1166

Three Items of Crown Devon, including a rose bowl, cranberry glass handled vase, other jugs and vases, etc:- One Tray

Lot 1296

A Cut Glass Bowl, with hallmarked silver rim and five large cut glass vases. (6)

Lot 1302

A Green Glass Fruit Bowl, having bubble inclusions Orrefors candlestick, other glassware:- One Tray

Lot 319

A pair of medals, awarded to H B Jacks, comprising an OBE and a Legion of honour, framed with a monochrome photograph, and with compliments note from The Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1921, the certificate for the Legion of Honour, April 1919 (Section Director High Speed Cool Steel & Alloys Department), a letter from Winston Churchill, 10th January 1919 addressed to Mr Jacks, framed with a silver medallion The Birmingham Metallurgical Society President 1923-24 H B Jacks, OBE, another monochrome photograph, boxes for the medals, and a cut glass bowl, inscribed 1924 Woodlands Bowl Winner H B Jacks

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