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Lot 112

A Sterling Silver Cased Smelling Salts Flask (7cm) and small presentation cup

Lot 22

An Electroplated Silver Hip Flask engraved CAPT. MILTON and two others

Lot 39

A Squat Foreign Silver Flask with foliate decoration (7.5cm diam.) and two foreign silver boxes, 125g gross

Lot 140

comprising a kettle and cover, a teapot and cover, a tea caddy and cover incorporating paraffin burner and stand, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, a milk flask and cover, two teaspoons and a pair of sugar tongs, each bears crest, stamped marks including retailer's mark 'Leuchars & Son, London and Paris', and two blue and white Willow pattern cups and saucers, contained within a leather-covered fitted case(18.5cm x 29.5cm x 17cm)

Lot 223

Four pieces of Victorian brown stoneware, comprising two Doulton jugs, one bearing a printed view of the Tower of London and a moulded mask, tallest 19cm, a baluster shaped money box, 14cm high, and a Fulham pottery pistol flask, 25cm longProvenance: The collection of Margaret and David BeatonCondition report: pistol flask lacking flintlock action and stopper

Lot 318

Wooden cane with yellow ball top, lifts off to reveal a hidden flask (damaged). Gucci metal button logo. 35 1/2 in. Provenance: Francesco Gittardi. General Coordinator of East and Far East Gucci International, 1960's - 1970's. General Merchandise Buyer, Gucci America 1970's - 1980's. Please note that all sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Lot 740

A hip flask, wristwatch, spectacles, commemorative coin, etc.

Lot 781

A novelty Shakespeare nutcracker, field flask, an On War Service badge, Masonic pin, etc.

Lot 991

A modern 925 silver, Art Deco style perfume flask and funnel

Lot 106

A Victorian silver and glass hip flask, retailed by Asprey & Co., London 1869, with pull off cover, bayonet fitting cap, weight of weighable silver 2.5 oz, 14.5 cm.

Lot 1624

SILVER & GOLD CIGARETTE CASE an unusual cigarette case, mostly made in silver with a 9ct gold plaque in the centre and gold border to the front and reverse. Marked for Chester, 1920, maker CC, 4.4oz in total. Also with a metal hip flask. (2)

Lot 1694

VAMPIRE KILLING SET an interesting Vampire killing set, probably made as a theatre or film prop. The interior with various divided sections, and including a crucifix, bible, mallet and stakes, replica pistol, powder flask, poison bottles etc. With a drawer underneath with further accessories (bottles, flask, monocular, vampire fangs etc), and all contained in an old oak cutlery box by Evans & Matthews, Birmingham and with a brass cross on the lid. Box 43cms by 33cms

Lot 1

Jas Harper 80 bore percussion revolver, the 4 inch octagonal barrel engraved Jas. Harper Maker, with underlever rammer, action with scroll engraving, five shot cylinder, finely chequered grip, together with period case (possibly not original to the gun) containing powder flask, screwdriver, nipple wrench, 120 bore bullet mould, cap tin and oil bottle.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.4 inch barrel.Condition report: This has traces of original bluing. The revolver has very light overall pitting. There is a small dent to the edge of the trigger guard. The action functions correctly. The bore has some pitting inside. The case lid has warped and the top is separating slightly on the corners. The escutcheon and lock plate are missing.

Lot 12

Fine cased Parker Field percussion 80 bore transitional revolver, with 5 inch barrel retaining most of the rich original blue, engraved Parker Field and Sons 233 High Holborn London, fitted with dovetailed front and rear sights, as well as spring-loaded ramrod, numbered 2602, fitted onto case hardened frame decorated with scrollwork, finely chequered grip with a vacant silver escutcheon. The case with maker's label to lid (possibly replaced) contains a bullet mould, nipple key, jag, James Dixon and Sons powder flask, cap tin, oil bottle, cleaning rod and bullets.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.5 inch barrel.

Lot 128

Cased John Wiggan double 12 bore percussion shotgun, the 30 inch Damascus barrels engraved John Wiggan Maker to the Royal Family and Pacha of Egypt, numbered 2265, the side locks engraved with gun dogs and fitted into chequered stock with removable pistol grip and vacant silver escutcheon, the canvas and leather slide in case containing cap tin, powder and shot flask, and oil bottle.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a license.30 inch barrels.

Lot 17

Euro Arms Rogers and Spencer .44 revolver, serial number 027913, with 7.5 inch octagonal barrel, together with a complete bag of accessories including caps, balls, powder flask, felt wads, plastic powder tubes, nipple key, grease, together with the revolver's original card box.UK RFD OR FIREARMS LICENCE WITH VARIATION FOR .44 REVOLVER REQUIRED TO BID ON THIS LOT.Condition report: The revolver has minor signs of wear from use and cleaning but has been well looked after. The bore is in good order free from defects.

Lot 178

Powder flask, for a pistol constructed from copper and brass, stamped 'Dixon and Sons Made in England' but made in the 20th century in India. 13cm long

Lot 179

Afghan powder flask, of animal skin and steel construction decorated with punched circle devices, mid 19th century, also suede and steel ammunition pouch. 22cm high

Lot 181

Dixon and sons Sheffield powder flask with trap to butt, 11cm

Lot 2

Samuel Nock .54 bore transitional revolver, the octagonal 5 1/2 inch barrel engraved S.Nock London, scroll engraved frame fitted with finely chequered grip, fitted into a period case (possibly not original to the gun) containing loading / cleaning rod with jag, cap tin, powder flask, and bullet mould.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.

Lot 26

R.B. Rodda .32 bore four barrel percussion pistol, with rotating 4 3/4 inch barrels engraved R. B. Rodda & Co. London and Calcutta, the action numbered or engraved 1872, finely engraved case hardened action fitted with chequered pistol grip with steel cap containing hinged trap, fitted into a period case (possibly not original to the gun) containing powder flask, bullet mould marked '27' screwdriver, Joyce percussion cap tin and a watch oil bottle.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.4 3/4 barrels.

Lot 260

British Army compass, MkII dated 1932, with leather case named C.C. Moores, Kukris and a Persian knife, together with powder flask, shot flask, a leather pouch containing shotgun jags and cleaning accessories, and part of a carved wood coronet.

Lot 32

Percussion 54 bore pepperpot pistol in a William Powell and Son case, the un-named pistol with 3 1/4 inch six-shot cylinder mounted on scroll engraved frame with sliding safety catch, finely chequered grip containing vacant silver shield escutcheon, the oak case containing bullet mould, powder flask, Eley cap tin, cleaning rod, oil bottle and nipple key.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.3 1/4 inch cylinder.

Lot 38

Pair of E.W. Bond target pistols, the 8 inch octagonal Damascus barrels with seven groove rifling, engraved E.W. Bond London, fitted with fixed rear sight and dovetailed front sight, swivel ramrods, scroll engraved back action locks and blued pineapple finial trigger guards mounted into finely chequered stocks with steel but caps, fitted into a later 20th century case containing cleaning rod, Eley cap tin, nipple key, screwdriver, bullet mould, and Dixon and Sons powder flask with traps for bullets and caps.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.Condition report: These pistols are in good crisp condition. One has a dent to the stock on the lock side towards the muzzle. Both have minor marks to the stocks but nothing defacing. The bores have strong crisp rifling that are almost mint on both pistols. The actions function correctly.

Lot 51

Cased Alex Henry percussion double rifle retailed by R. T. Pritchett with incredibly unusual rifling. the 28 inch Damascus barrels fitted platinum breach plugs, with fixed 100 and three folding leaf sights up to 300 yards, the top rib part file cut and engraved Alex Henry 8 South St Andrews Street Edinburgh, the rifling pattern .557 across the lands and the multi-groove 34 bore, consisting of two deep grooves for a mechanical fit bullet as well as two bands of nine shallow grooves, fitted into figured chequered stock with spring loaded patch box marked with initials S.R., gold escutcheon engraved with a hand and crown armorial, the trigger guard tang marked with serial number 3222, the two side locks engraved R. T. Pritchett within double line borders and fitted with safety catches. The oak case with its pigskin lining (typical of best quality percussion firearms by Alex Henry) with brass edges fitted into leather outer case bearing original owner's name Struan Robertson, the inside with maker's label to lid, fitted out with two boxwood boxes, one containing patches, an empty cap tin, wad punch, oil bottle, two ramrods of slightly different lengths, a G. & J.W. Hawksley leather covered powder flask, and a bullet mould marked A.Henry to cast the correct bullets for the rifle.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.Footnote: George Duncan Robertson, 22nd of Struan, 8th of Drumachuine and 18th Chief of Clan Donnachaidh was born on 26 July 1816.1 He was the son of Maj.-Gen. George Duncan Robertson, 21st of Struan, 7th of Drumachuine and 17th Chief of Clan Donnachaidh and Ann Outhwaite.He married Mary Stuart Menzies, daughter of Major Archibald Menzies, on 3 April 1839.1 He died on 3 April 1864 at age 47 at Isle of Wight, England, without issue.He was a Lieutenant in the 42nd Highlanders. He held the position of 18th Chief of the Clan Donnachaidh from in 1842. He held the office of Justice of the Peace, He was styled Struan Robertson.Clan Donnachaidh, sometimes known as Clan Robertson, William Forbes Skene (1809-92), Historiographer Royal of Scotland, wrote in 1837 that: “the Robertsons of Struan are unquestionably the oldest family in Scotland, being the sole remaining branch of that Royal House of Atholl which occupied the throne of Scotland during the 11th and 12th centuries.”

Lot 6

20th Century Colt Dragoon .44 muzzle loading percussion revolver, serial number 25587, 7" barrel, fitted onto case hardened frame, six shot cylinder roll stamped Texas ranger battle scene, fitted into a mahogany case lined in green baize containing seven original tins of percussion caps, reproduction powder flask, and brass muzzle protector, together with original box and a Colt belt buckle.UK RFD OR A FIREARMS LICENCE WITH CORRECT VARIATION FOR .44 REVOLVER REQUIRED TO BUY THIS LOT.

Lot 79

Walmsley and Fisher Bolton 21 bore percussion sporting gun, of unusually small proportions possibly for a child, 23 inch Damascus Spanish form barrel, fitted with ramrod containing worm, scroll engraved lock mounted in chequered stock, fitted into a period case containing cap tin, wad punch, two nipple keys, cleaning rod, oil bottle, powder flask, shot flask and screwdriver.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.

Lot 9

Cased Deane, Adams and Deane, 38 bore percussion revolver, 1851 model circa 1853, serial number 1676, the 7 inch octagonal barrel fitted with dovetailed front sight and engraved Deane Adams &Deane (Makers to H.R.H Prince Albert) 30 King Street London Bridge, scroll engraved action with half cock latch, finely chequered grip with steel trap butt, the oak and brass case with vacant roundel, green baize interior bearing makers label, fitted out with R. Adams 1851 ball and bullet mould, unmarked powder flask, loading/ cleaning rod with worm, glass oil bottle, William Gardner cap tin, nipple key and screwdriver, Dixon oil bottle, bag of bullets and a modern capping tool.More information on this revolver can be referenced in Adams Revolvers by Chamberlain & Taylorson included in this auction. Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence.7 inch barrel

Lot 90

Euroarms .45 smooth bore percussion shotgun, serial number 26989, modelled around a Kentucky Rifle, the 35 inch barrel decorated with scrollwork to match the lock, the figured stock fitted with brass furniture including patch box, together with a bag of accessories to include powder flask, round balls, patches, caps and capping tool.UK SHOTGUN LICENCE OR RFD REQUIRED TO BUY THIS LOT.

Lot 411

A PERCUSSION OFFICERS TYPE PISTOL 'BOND OF LONDON'. A percussion cap pistol with octagonal barrel and back action and side mounted hammer, 20 bore, with finely engraved trigger guard and mounts. Marked 'Bond' to the side plate and 'London' to the barrel. 22.5 cm barrel, 36cm overall length. In a later case with accessories including flask and turn screw.

Lot 412

A FLINTLOCK PISTOL WITH SILVER WIRE DECORATION. A flintlock box lock pistol with 'cannon' barrel and elaborate silver wire inset handle, marked 'London'. 26cm overall length. In a later case with accessories including flask and brush.

Lot 413

A PAIR OF FRENCH FLINTLOCK PISTOLS BY DELPINE. A pair of flintlock Officers pistols with octagonal multi-groove rifled barrels, the actions engraved 'Delpine' Paris, with decorative trigger guards and extended octagonal butt plates. Each with three proof marks. 16.5 cm barrels, 31cm overall length. In a later case with accessories including bullet mould and flask.

Lot 414

A COOPER'S PATENT PEPPER BOX REVOLVER. A Pepper Box revolver with six revolving barrels and under hammer action, the rounded frame engraved 'J.R. Coopers Patent'. In later box with accessories including flask, brush and bullet mould.

Lot 415

A NEAR PAIR OF PEPPER BOX REVOLVERS. Two very similar Pepper Box revolvers with six shot revolving barrels and under hammer action, the rounded frames engraved 'J.R. Coopers Patent'. In a later case with flask and shot.

Lot 423

TWO SIMILAR SMALL PERCUSSION CAP PISTOLS. Two Belgian percussion cap pistols with rounded barrels, one with slight engraving. 19 and 18cm total length. In a later case with accessories including flask, bullet mould and other items.

Lot 431

TWO PAIRS OF POCKET PISTOLS. A pair of percussion cap pocket pistols with octagonal screw off barrels, 17.5cm overall length. And a piar of continental pocket pistols with recessed triggers and plated screw off barrels and engraved decoration, with carved grips. 15cm total length. In a later case with a flask and other accessories.

Lot 460

A FINE PAIR OF OFFICERS PISTOLS BY E & W BOND. A pair of mid-19th century Officers Pistols with octagonal Damascus 19.5cm barrels marked 'E & W Bond, 45 Cornhill London'. With underslung ramrods, percussion cap firing mechanisms with sliding safeties. The side-plates engraved with scrolling foliage and 'E & W Bond, with similar trigger guards and decorative butt mounts. 35.5cm. In a later fitted box with powder flask.

Lot 463

A MILITARY STYLE PERCUSSION CAP PISTOL BY T. KETLAND. A brass barrel Military style pistol by T. Ketland & Co. London, 16 bore, converted from flintlock, with various proof marks and brass mounted butt. 22.5cm barrel, 37cm overall length. In later case with accessories including shot flask, brushes and other items.

Lot 464

A PAIR OF BOX LOCK PISTOLS AND A POCKET PISTOL. A pair of box lock side hammer percussion cap pocket pistols by Adams of Birmingham. With sival ram rods, blued round barrels and lions mask butt plaques. 13.5cm barrels and 24.5cm overall. With a pocket pistol with white metal mounted grip and octagonal 'screw off' barrel, 6.5cm barrel and 17cm overall. In later case with a collection of accessories including bullet mould, measure, flask and other items.

Lot 465

A PAIR OF PERCUSSION PISTOLS BY FISHER OF BRISTOL. A pair of percussion travelling pistols, 16 bore, with octagonal barrels and side mounted hammers, engraved 'Fisher'. 13cm barrels, 26.5cm overall length. In a later case with accessories including flask, bullet mould and other items.

Lot 467

A TRANSITIONAL PERCUSSION CAP REVOLVER. A six shot percussion cap revolver with octagonal and round barrel, with six chamber capacity, with engraved metalwork. 14cm barrel and 30cm overall length. In a later case with 'Deane, Adams & Deane label with accessories including flask and bullet mould.

Lot 468

A SINGLE BARREL PERCUSSION CAP TRAVELLING PISTOL BY HOLL OF BRISTOL. A travelling pistol with octagonal barrel with sprung bayonet and swivel ram rod, with side mounted hammer. All over engraved metalwork and marked 'Holl Bristol'. 15cm barrel and 27cm overll length. In a later case with accessories including flask and cleaning brush.

Lot 470

A PERCUSSION CAP PISTOL BY HARVEY OF EXETER. A small percussion cap pistol with round barrel and sprung bayonet mounted beneath the barrel, engraved 'Harvey' 'Exeter' to either side, 21cm overall length. In a later case with accessories including oil can and flask.

Lot 474

A PAIR OF PERCUSSION CAP PISTOLS BY P.BOND. A pair of percussion cap box lock pocket pistols with round turn off barrels and sliding safety catches. Engraved tothe sides 'P. Bond' '45 Cornhill London'. 10cm barrel, 23.5cm overall length. In a later case with accessories including flask and turn screw.

Lot 494

A REPRODUCTION GUN BOX AND ACCESSORIES. A reproduction gun box containing a small collection of accessories including a bullet mould, a leather shot flask and four Victorian style powder flasks with varied pressed decoration. A lot.

Lot 66

A Minton moon flask, painted by Baston, signed, with a portrait of a girl wearing a large feathered hat and fur lined jacket, the verso with gilt foliage in relief, gilt angular handles, four stile feet, 24cm high, c.1890

Lot 715

A George V silver curved rectangular hip flask, hinged bayonet cover, 8cm long, Birmingham 1924

Lot 717

A George V silver hip flask, hinged bayonet cap, stirrup cup to base, 15cm long, William Neale Ltd, London 1919, 10.5oz Condition Report: Marks rubbed, a couple of spot dents

Lot 812

A Victorian silver huntsman's pocket flask, screw-fitting cover with stirrup-cup, 15cm long, Birmingham 1896, 3.5oz

Lot 815

A Victorian silver oval hip flask, quite plain, domed hinged bayonet cover, 14.5cm long, William Hutton & Sons Ltd, London 1897, 4.5oz

Lot 5202

A silver coloured metal and clear glass flask, twist-cap cover, 10cm high

Lot 5254

An Edwardian silver and clear glass hip flask, London 1906

Lot 5503

A 19th century French faience novelty snuff flask in the form of a book inscribed "Take a pinch Old coch" 7.5cm high

Lot 5521

A copper and brass fluted bag shaped powder or shot flask

Lot 1661

Swaine & Adeney hunting horn, length 23cm together with a Dixon powder flask

Lot 1691

A walking cane with hallmarked silver mounts, London 1916, and a walking stick with brass duck head, screw top and drinking vessel or flask within, longest 90cm

Lot 2241

Edward VII Mappin & Webb hallmarked silver and cut glass hip flask with pull off cup and bayonet hinged lid, London 1905, height 12.5cm

Lot 2242

Victorian hallmarked silver hip flask with bayonet hinged cap and removable cup with gilt wash interior, Chester 1895, no visible maker's mark, height 14.5cm, weight 179g all in

Lot 2243

Edward VII hallmarked silver hip flask with bayonet hinged cap and removable cup with gilt wash interior, Chester 1904 maker Marples & Beasley, height 13cm, weight 186g all in

Lot 313

Two Royal Doulton Dickensware plates and old stoneware flask

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