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Most watched lots right now – including a rare Dambusters mascot

Pictured here is our latest round-up of some of the most watched items on


Cufflinks for Christmas: Six marvellous modern and vintage examples to buy on

From stocking fillers to major gifts, cufflinks can make an ideal Christmas gift. This year, go off the beaten track to find the perfect pair by buying vintage and modern examples at auction.


Five vibrant vintage posters to buy at auction and why

As bold and colourful graphic statements designed for mass consumption, original posters are a great way to fill a wall.


Soldier bears: A piece of Remembrance Day history to buy at auction

A set of ‘soldier bears’ available at auction next month comes with a story worthy of Remembrance Day.

EU 1975 poster.jpg

Election-mania – five historical election collectables at auction this month

The official start of the election period began this week when Prime Minister Boris Johnson met the queen at Buckingham Palace in the run-up to voting on December 12.

Rolex Oyster perpetual watch

Five watches by the world’s greatest makers on including Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex

An abundance of watches by the world’s greatest makers feature regularly at auctions on the

Art Deco brooch

Six brooches at Sworders’ upcoming auction including a ‘perfect’ example of French Art Deco

A welcome trend in the jewellery market has been the resurgence of the brooch.

Liberty Cymric silver vesta case by Archibald Knox

Five vesta cases on including a Liberty silver match safe designed by Archibald Knox

Vesta cases date back to the early 19th century when people started keeping matches in small portable boxes.

Decorative Art
Prop Store Dr No expensive.jpg

How to say yes to Dr No film posters at a range of price levels

If you want to say yes to buying a classic James bond Dr No poster but worry about the price then fear not – different versions in a single sale offer a range of options.


Whistle up an unusual football memorabilia collection with an Acme Thunderer

Programmes and medals are probably the most sought-after and familiar items for football memorabilia collectors. However, Graham Budd’s auction offers another choice.