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Paul De Vos painting

Historical pictures come to the fore at upcoming auction

An upcoming auction of Old Masters and historical British pictures includes works by famous names like JMW Turner and John Constable.

Fine Art
TSR Elveden Boardroom

Guinness heirlooms come for sale at Elveden Hall

On-premises auctions in grand English country houses, once relatively common events, are now a rare occurrence. They cost a lot to stage and the ‘golden’ era of ancestral homes with groaning attics and stores is over. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

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Shopping sustainably at auction: here’s how much co2e you could save if you purchased a Rolex watch through auction

Buying a Rolex might sound like the ultimate indulgence but do it right and you could do it while caring for your wallet and the planet.

TSR Beatles Monthly 1

All you need is love of Beatles memorabilia

The Beatles are one of the most popular bands in the world and collectors can spend a lot of time and money on related memorabilia.

Cornish Coastal

Coastal craving: Bring some Cornish seaside style to your walls

Love Cornwall in the summer? How to bring the summer seaside vibe to your own home.

Fine Art
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Peridot: birthstone bids for August birthdays

The modern birthstones for August are peridot and spinel, and there is a wealth of these stones to be found in high-quality yet affordable jewellery at auction.

TSR Plymouth S Buddha

Five to buy: super Swarovski on offer in a debut timed online sale

Plymouth Auction Rooms is holding its first timed online sale, ending on August 20.

Decorative Art
Haddonstone centre table

Mixing periods and styles: Five eyecatching lots at upcoming interiors sale

With more and more bidders at auction looking for unusual and eyecatching items to decorate their homes, auction houses are staging interior-themed sales more regularly.

TSR August 4 Cocktail Shakers Dreweatts

Shaking up the Jazz Age - a brief history of the cocktail shaker

While some of the earliest drinks mixers date back to the 1870s, the first ‘golden age’ of the cocktail shaker was the inter-war decades – the era of the cocktail party, the night club and the speakeasy. As the US threw off the shackles of Prohibition and hipsters partied through the Depression, there was an explosion of designs in silver, silver plate, glass and chrome.

Barbarella 2

Make a move on memorabilia: how to bring movie magic into your home

From a Barbarella poster featuring Jane Fonda to James Bond toys, here are five lots of movie memorabilia.