Versace's Medusa fountain

This limestone sculpted wall-fountain designed as the head of Medusa, the iconic symbol of the Versace brand, was commissioned by the late fashion designer himself.

A wall fountain

A sculpted limestone wall fountain in the form of Medusa, estimated at £7000-£10,000 at the auction to be held by Drewatts on May 6.

The fountain was one of a pair destined for Gianni Versace's Miami Beach home, Casa Casuarina, but this one was never delivered, due to his untimely death.

Instead it made its way into the collection of Piet Jonker which is now coming up for auction.

A great garden selection

The sale, to be run by Dreweatts on May 6, features an impressive range of garden statuary. Other lots in the sale include:

A garden sculpture of a frog

This Italian sculpted limestone model of a frog is estimated at £2000-3000.

A bluestone garden table

This Belgian bluestone pedestal garden table, dated to the 19th century, is estimated at £3500-4500.

A garden statue of a human hand

This sculpted marble model of a human hand is estimated at £4000-6000.

A garden sculpture in the shape of a foot

This sculpted marble model of the left foot of Hermes is estimated at £2500-3500.

A garden sculpture of a snail

This sculpted limestone model of a garden snail is estimated at £1500-2500.

A pair of stone planters

This pair of stone composition planters is estimated at £1500-2500.

Top tips

One thing to remember about garden sculpture and other outdoor items that you might buy at auction is that condition isn't quite the same issue as it is with, say, furniture for your living room.

You should expect garden items to have some weathering having been outside for so long. Indeed, buying a new item can be difficult because you cannot be sure how it will look later once it has been exposed to the weather. With a second-hand garden statue, that's never a problem. You can read our buying guide to garden ornaments and furniture to learn more.

It is also worth understanding that all the items in this Dreweatts sale are located in the Netherlands. That should not put you off bidding: the lots are priced in pounds and Dreweatts has provided details of a Dutch shipper that will get any item you buy transported to you.

It is worth contacting the shipping firm in advance of the auction to understand what the the costs will be and check that they will deal with all the paperwork for you. The delivery cost will, of course, add to the final overall cost but you can factor that into your budget when you decide how much to bid.

This video gives you an overview of the collection and the people behind it.

See the items listed above and all the lots by visiting the Piet Jonker: Garden Statuary and Ornament auction catalogue.


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