Third slice of George Bissill studio comes to auction in Oxford

A significant collection of works by George Bissill (1896-1973), the Derbyshire miner who enjoyed some fleeting success as an artist in the 1920s-30s but who later died largely forgotten, was offered in January at Mallams in Oxford.

TSR Mallams Bissell New Moon

New Moon by George Bissill - estimate £300-500 at Mallams.

The first slice had been sold in December 2021. Now, the saleroom is offering a third selection as part of the Modern Art & Design sale on May 18-19 again in Oxford.

The large group of paintings, drawings and prints was consigned by an Oxford lady whose father was an old friend of the artist and inherited the contents of his home and studio in Ashmansworth, Hampshire. Her father had been the long-time secretary of the IIkeston Arts Club in Derbyshire where Bissill had first showed his evocative scenes of toiling miners as a young man.

IIkeston is located near the village of Langley Mill where Bissill grew up and where his father worked as a railway brakesman. Bissill himself became a miner aged 13.

“The paintings have not been seen since they were taken from George Bissill’s studio in 1983,” said the vendor, Kate Pattinson.

Here are five suggestions on what to buy at Mallams.

Man of the moon

This Bissill work, New Moon (top), is signed (lower right) and titled (to reverse). Measuring 26 x 37cm, the oil on canvas is estimated at £300-500.

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Take a dive

TSR Mallams Bissell Flying Save

Football - Diving Save by George Bissill - estimate £600-800 at Mallams.

Football - A Diving Save is a signed (lower right) oil on canvas measuring 59 x 71cm, unframed.

The estimate is £600-800.

Check to view Football - A Diving Save by George Bissell.

Cutting edge

TSR Mallams Bissell Woodsman

Woodsman by George Bissill - estimate £100-200 at Mallams.

Woodsman is a watercolour by Bissill. Signed (lower right) and titled (to reverse), the 35 x 30cm is estimated at £100-200.

See to view Woodsman by George Bissill.

Breaking news

TSR Mallams Bissell Stonebreakers

Stone Breakers by George Bissill - estimate £200-300 at Mallams.

Stone Breakers, Stanton, 28 x 38cm, is a watercolour and ink work by Bissill.

It is estimated at £200-300.

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Dancing scene

TSR Mallams Bissell Ballet

One of three ballet studies by George Bissill - estimate £100-200 together at Mallams.

In watercolour, ink and wash, three ballet studies by Bissill are estimated at £100-200 together. Unframed and each signed, the largest measures 34 x 23cm.

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