Snap up world-famous street art at Sterling Vault Auctioneers

Sterling Vault Auctioneers’ next sale features works of street and Contemporary art direct from the artists.

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Neon Waves by DANK has an estimate of £7500-8000 at Sterling Vault Auctioneers on March 6.

Some works are taken straight off the street where they were first painted while others are versions on canvas of well-known originals. Here we look at four pieces offered at the sale on March 6.


Neon Waves is by well by Dan Kitchener or DANK. He has worked with celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Miley Cyrus and Paul McCartney and his work has been exhibited internationally, including on the Tate Modern building. He uses a technique of freehand spray paint to create varied work by eye rather than by using grids. This picture is executed in acrylic and spray paint and offered in a deep edged box canvas. It has an estimate of £7500-8000.

Banksy inspired


Facebook Laundry by Fawn has an estimate of £95-125 at Sterling Vault Auctioneers on March 6.

This miniature stencil spray paint of Banksy-inspired piece Facebook Laundry was painted in 2017 by Fawn. The female UK artist is known for her street art which she started producing in 2015 at age 16. She was taught by international street artist JPS, and her works are currently in the UK, Norway and Germany. This picture has an estimate of £95-125.


Modern Mondrian


Modern Mondrian by Tommy Gurr has an estimate of £2600-2700 at at Sterling Vault Auctioneers on March 6.

Estimated at £2600-2700, this is a modern take on works by De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian such as Tableau I (1921) using decommissioned road signs. Modern Mondrian by Tommy Gurr, an artist from Whitstable who attended the Ken Institute of Art and Design and the University of Creative Arts.



Kiss & Make Up by DI3EGO has an estimate of £700-800 at Sterling Vault Auctioneers on March 6.

Featuring two instantly recognisable world leaders, Kiss & Make up is an entirely spray-painted canvas version of a work that first appeared on the streets of London in 2017 as graffiti. It is one of three versions produced by DI3EGO and has an estimate of £700-800.

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