Royal memorabilia – four lots at auction with links to royalty including a Henry VIII signed document

Items with links to royalty have long been in demand for collectors and a selection on offer at William George this week is enticing bidders.

Henry VIII document.jpg

A Henry VIII (1491-1547) signed document estimated at £16,000-20,000 at William George's timed online sale closing on January 8.

The online auction ends tomorrow lunchtime (January 8) and you can view and bid for lots at the Important Historical Documents, Stamps and Letters auction via

1. Signed Henry VIII document

This Henry VIII (1491-1547) signed document was written from Windsor Castle in the fifth year of his reign when the king was just 22 and recently returned from the skirmish in France known as the Battle of the Spurs.

Dated December 6, 1513 the note to Sir Andrew Windsor (c.1467-1543), Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, concerns the supply of materials to the yeoman Richard Twety to be made into a gown, a shirt, a doublet, a pair of hose and a bonnet.

The warrant lists the materials required (tawny cloth, black satin, linen cloth), the quantities and (unusually) prices (5/- a yard for tawny cloth, 6/8 a yard for satin, linen cloth at 1/- the ell, 4/- for a pair of hose and 2/3 for a bonnet). William George estimates it will bring £16,000-20,000 in a timed online sale closing on January 8.

View and bid for this Henry VIII signed document via

2. Photo of Queen Elizabeth II

This 1952 photographic image of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was used by printers Bradbury Wilkinson, De La Rue and Waterlow for some of the early commemorative stamp issues.

The photograph of the queen, without a crown, was by Dorothy Wilding and was used on stamps for countries including Aden, Hong Kong, Northern Rhodesia, St Helena, Sarawak and Southern Rhodesia. The lot includes supporting documents and adverts and is estimated at £1000-1300.

View and bid for this Queen Elizabeth II picture via

3. Queen Elizabeth II artwork

Queen Elizabeth head.jpg

A Machin Queen Elizabeth artwork estimated at £7500-8500 at William George's timed online sale closing on January 8.

The Machin series of stamps, designed by Arnold Machin, consist of the sculpted profile of the Queen. They replaced the Wilding series of images from 1967/68. Following alterations the stamps used today are still based on Machin’s sculpture.

This image was supplied to the printers and, according to William George, the background has been blackened suggesting it was used for essaying stamps with dark backgrounds.

The border of the artwork has pinholes from being used by designers at the printers. Estimated at £7500-8500, view and bid for this Queen Elizabeth artwork via

4. Royal visit postcard

This postcard from 1901 commemorates a royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of York to Western Australia. It is addressed to a woman in London with a /2d, 1d Swan issue stamp.

This souvenir postcard is estimated at £125-175. View and bid for this royal visit postcard via


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