Peridot: birthstone bids for August birthdays

The modern birthstones for August are peridot and spinel, and there is a wealth of these stones to be found in high-quality yet affordable jewellery at auction.

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William George offers this sterling silver bracelet with oval peridot gemstones in its September 4 sale, where all items are offered with no estimate or reserve.

Peridot, long the more popular of the two is a distinctive light green. Some believe that it represents good health, peace and harmony and that wearing it promotes restful sleep or calms feeling of anger.

Here we look at a few examples coming up for auction on this month.

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Bidding starts at €150 for this pair of peridot earrings which each feature two light green stones. It is part of the Berlin auction house’s 165th Auction which runs from August 22-29.

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As well as peridot these earrings are set with brown diamond and rutilated quartz. They are offered in Elmwood’s London sale of August 23 with an estimate of £800-1000.

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This peridot and diamond ring is offered with an estimate of £300-500 at McTear’s Timed online sale which ends August 20.

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As well as peridot, spinel is considered an August birthstone. It comes in a variety of colours including orange, pink, purple and even black. Enjoying a recent rise in popularity, pink spinel is prized at the minute as a particularly romantic option. This ring in platinum is set with a trillion-cut spinel of approximately 3 carats. It is estimated at £3500-5500 at Elmoowd’s Fine Jewellery sale in London on August 16.

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