My best auction buy: Justin Hast

Justin Hast, editor of The Watch Annual, watch photographer and writer.

Justin Hast

Justin Hast editor of The Watch Annual.

We had the great pleasure of speaking to Justin Hast, Editor of The Watch Annual, watch photographer and writer, to catch up with him all about his favourite auction find.

What is your favourite find (for yourself) - from an auction?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it's this little gem of a wristwatch from Louis Vuitton. I knew nothing about the watch, but the aesthetic just happened to speak to me.

I have a number of saved searches on The Saleroom - so my morning routine tends to consist of flicking through the new listings over a coffee. In this instance, the watch arrived, it was stunning!

I then started diving into its back story - and it got better and better! I have long worked with IWC to present various new releases on its YouTube channel. And to my shock, this Louis Vuitton Monterey II was actually made in the late 80s in ceramic by IWC! I was speechless.

It turns out IWC had all the information on when and where it was sold - and even asked for it for their museum!

Sounds great! When did you buy it, and from where?

In July 2021 from Elstob & Elstob via The Saleroom.

Did you choose it for a particular purpose/reason?

I didn't. I just loved the perfect shape - and green ceramic is quite something in the watch world! 

Louis Vuitton Monterey II watch

Justin Hast's Louis Vuitton Monterey II made in the late 1980's in ceramic by IWC.

Do you have any stories about it before you bought it, or since you've owned it?

Well, I did in fact travel with it to Schaffhausen, the home of IWC. It was quite remarkable to see the faces of the employees who had heard of the collaboration - but never seen it!

After that, I was the host of a talk about IWC and materials innovation at Watches of Switzerland, 155 Regent Street - and again the watch and its story took centre stage. As they always say during the Antiques Roadshow - this one isn’t for sale! 

What an amazing find! Where does it live?

It lives in my watch box at home in the safe. The strap is currently too small for me - so I am hoping to have one made by LV to fit.

Any tips for others on buying/choosing items at auction?

Go with your heart! Never the head. Buy what you love - and enjoy the journey! 


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