Make a move on memorabilia: how to bring movie magic into your home

From a Barbarella poster featuring Jane Fonda to James Bond toys, here are five lots of movie memorabilia.

Barbarella 2

A 1977 poster of the re-released Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy, estimated at £150-200 at Chiswick Auctions on August 23.

Barbarella poster

For a slice of classic seventies sci-fi why not bid for a movie poster for Barbarella? The film was originally released in 1968, based on the French comic series of the same name. Starring Jane Fonda as the title character, a space traveler and representative of the United Earth government.

This poster (pictured, top) is from 1977 when Paramount theatrically re-released the film following the success of Star Wars when it was marketed as Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy. This backed on linen poster is estimated at £150-200 at Chiswick Auctions on August 23.

Easy Rider poster


The 1969 film Easy Rider starred Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as Harley-riding hippies. The poster is estimated at £10-20 at Leighton Hall Auctions on August 12.

King Kong

King Kong

This vintage poster from the 1933 movie King Kong is estimated at up to $200 at Lion and Unicorn on August 9.

'I Shot Andy Warhol' poster

Warhol Shot Poster

I Shot Andy Warhol was a 1996 film about the life of Valeria Solanas and her relationship with artist Andy Warhol who she shot. The BMG Video poster has an estimate of £30-40 at W&H Peacock on August 18.

James Bond

James Bond Toys

A collection of assorted 007 James Bond related diecast models. The group includes Corgi Film Canister eight piece set and a Corgi Aston Martin DB5. The group is estimated at £40-60 at Auctioneum on August 10.

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