Lots of choice for the younger generation

How much fun can a youngster have browsing online auction catalogues as Christmas approaches? We asked 11 year-old Charlie, who was visiting our office for a day's work experience, to see what he could find.

Harry Potter posters

These two Harry Potter posters with a copy of The Dandy comic magazine featuring the young wizard have an estimate of £20-£30 at James & Sons in Fakenham, Norfolk on November 24.

We gave him a notional limit of no more than £80 per lot and while we reassured him that his parents wouldn't be spending that much per present this Christmas we did tell him to find whatever he liked.

A regular viewer of BBC Bargain Hunt, Charlie is familiar with auctions and had no problem tracking down his favourite lots.

Here are his choices and comments.

Harry Potter books… 

Books can make a good Christmas present. In this lot there are various books from the Harry Potter series but also an interesting book by Roger Highfield about the science behind the magic in Harry Potter which is described as: ‘Behind the magic of Harry Potter – a witty and illuminating look at the scientific principles, theories, and assumptions of the boy wizard's world’. 

The lot is estimated at £10-15 at James & Sons in London on November 24. 

Harry Potter books

Three books from the Harry Potter series plus a copy of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' along with Roger Highfield's 'The Science of Harry Potter'.

…and Harry Potter bookends 

If like me, you have lots of books on your bookshelf and they keep falling down then this pair of Harry Potter bookends might be what you are looking for. 

The estimate is £10-15 at Laidlaw in Carlisle. 

Harry Potter book ends

A handy pair of Harry Potter book ends.

A big bag of Lego 

Lego is a good tool for sparking imagination within children, but instead of buying a set, why not buy a bag of Lego? Children can make their own creations using all the pieces they want. 

There are three bags like this all containing around 15kg of Lego at Stacey's in Essex on November 22. The estimate on the bag of Lego in the photo is £30-50. The other two are priced at £20-40.

A big bag of lego

You can make whatever you want with a big bag of Lego, particularly one that weights 15kg.

A collection of super shooters 

Nerf guns are infamously expensive, but they don’t have to be. Buying them at auction can greatly reduce the cost as you are buying them second hand. The lot pictured below is an image of selection of nerf guns going on sale soon. 

Bidding starts at £2 at Stacey's in Essex on November 22 so this could be a real bargain. 

A set of children's nerf guns

There is no reserve on this group of nerf guns so you might be able to get them quite cheaply.

A special chess set  

After the success of The Queen's Gambit on Netflix everyone wants a chess set. I like this chess set as it is based on the famous Lewis chess men first discovered in the year 1831.  

This resin copy of the Lewis chess set is estimated between £20-30 at TW Gaze in Norfolk on November 12.

A replica chess set

This replica Isle of Lewis chess set will help you make all the right moves (just remember when you play that you should turn the board round to make sure the white square is in the right hand corner).

A comic collection 

Unless they are especially rare, comics at auction are often sold with many copies in the same lot. There are almost 40 comics in this lot at Anderson and Garland on November. 16-17 

The estimate is £55-85. 

Marvel comics

There are almost 40 cool comics in this bundle.

I also found: a PlayStation 3, some Batman Comics, a rugby ball signed by the whole England team and a collection of 17 Star Wars Funko Pops.

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