How to buy standout jewellery during Second Hand September

Add some sparkle to Second Hand September with jewellery sourced at auction.

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This delightfully retro amethyst, crystal and diamond brooch by Gilian Packard dates to the 1970s. Claw set and modelled in 18ct gold, it is offered in Lyon & Turnbull’s dedicated jewellery sale of September 14 with an estimate of £1000-1500.

These days shopping smart means finding a way to buy that is kind to both people and the planet. In 2019, Oxfam launched Second Hand September, which encourages people to buy only second-hand items for 30 days in the month of September.

Whether you are looking for a ring for yourself, an engagement ring for your partner or a present for the special person in your life, auctions are a great way find to the perfect item. In the auction room, prices are typically lower than retail and the choice available can be far greater. 

Buying jewellery second hand has environmental benefits. Each one purchased saves 0.42 tonnes of CO2 emissions versus buying one new. The bonus effect of saying no to new jewellery is that the social and environmental impacts of mining for precious metals and stones are avoided.

Explore the gorgeous antique rings and other jewellery available in auctions on The Saleroom. 

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Adams in Dublin offers this diamond ‘Tank’ ring by Cartier, set with eight rows of round, brilliant cut diamonds mounted in 18ct gold. It has an estimate of £1200-1800 and goes under the hammer on September 13.  

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This sodalite, lapis lazuli and gem-set snake torque, possibly by Fasano, terminates in a snake’s head pave set with circular-cut rubies and brilliant-cut diamond. The other side terminates with a snake’s tail with a gold hook for a clasp. It goes under the hammer at Adam’s with an estimate of £7000-8000.

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This diamond solitaire ‘Lucinda’ ring by Tiffany & Co goes under the hammer at Tennants Auctioneers’ Jewellery, Watches & Silver sale of September 17 with an estimate of £3000-5000.

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Going under the hammer at Roseberys, London, on September 13 is a pair of jadeite, jade and diamond pendant earrings in 18ct white gold. Dating to c.1950, the earrings have an estimate of £2000-3000.

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This 9ct yellow gold diopside and natural Cambodian zircon ring has an opening bid of £120 at William George’s jewellery sale of September 26.

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This pair of solitaire diamond earrings in claw settings with post fittings are included in Elstob & Elstob’s timed online auction ending September 18 with an estimate of £500-800.

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Perhaps not a classic 'bargain' but still enchanting, this René Lalique Art Nouveau diamond Plique-à-jour brooch 'Papillon Nymph' goes under the hammer at Auktionshaus Stahl in Hamburg on September 16 with an opening price of €8000.

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