Gowns, glamour and a time travelling Delorean star at Propstore’s LA sale

From coveted collectibles to cult curios there’s plenty of movie magic to be found a Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction next week.

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This full-size DeLorean time machine replica used at Universal Studios promotional events is one of the highlights at Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction in Los Angeles from June 28-30. It was made in the late 1990s for a private collector and was featured in a 2007 issue of Car & Driver magazine. It is fully operational with 22,532 miles. It is offered with an estimate of $150,000-300,000.

Running from June 28-30 there are nearly 1500 items to bid on, including paraphernalia from Ghostbusters, Star Trek, the Alien franchise, various Batman films, the Karate Kid movies and more.

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Estimated at $2000-4000 is this Jeep rearview mirror tag from Jurassic World (2015), which is offered at Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction of June 28-30.

Expect anything from posters to grizzly prosthetics to posters and much more memorabilia and reproductions from films spanning the Classic era to recent productions.

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As seen on screen is this Beverley Hills Cop II (1987) Axel Foley Detroit Police ID and badge which Eddie Murphey flashes in the film. It is estimated at $8000-16,000 at Propstore’s Enternainment Memorabilia Live Auction from June 28-20.

At this sale you might bid on both an Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-65) hand-drawn opening title card and a set of knuckle dusters from Bullet Train (2023).

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A golden ticket and Fudgemallow Delight Wonka Bar from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). It has an estimate of $2000-4000 at Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction of June 28-30.

Below we’ll look at a few highlights coming up. If you don’t see your favourite film represented, check out the full sale here.

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Offered with an estimate of $10,000-20,000 is this ring from the secret society Spectre which appeared in the 2015 James Bond film of the same title. The brass ring is included in Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction of June 28-30.

The sale takes place in Valencia, California, so if placing a bid overseas, get to know the firm’s shipping policy and advice – and consider the potential fragility of various lots.

Star Wars

Star Wars memorabilia is a well-known money maker at auction, and many of the items on offer at Prop Store come straight from the set.

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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace double-bladed lightsaber wielded by Darth Maul, $50,000-100,000.

The highlight is a Princess Leia costume (see below), but there is also Darth Maul’s lightsaber from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999), estimated at $50,000-100,000 and a screen-matched miniature asteroid model from The Empire Strikes Back pitched at $20,000-40,000. If you’re budget is a bit stricter, there are also lower value offerings such as an annotated copy of the opening crawl storyboard from the original film produced before the title lost the “The” before Star Wars.

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Annotated opening crawl storyboard copy, for Star Wars: A New Hope at Prop Store, $600-1200.

It has an estimate of $600-1200.

Top Costumes

Among the top estimated lots going under the hammer at the auction is another Star Wars lot: Princess Leia’s ceremonial dress worn in the original 1977 film. Estimated at $1m-2m, the costume was long thought to be lost but was in fact stored for man years in an attic in London. After rediscovery it underwent an eight-month professional restoration project and is now offered for on a custom-made mannequin.

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Princess Leia’s ceremonial dress from Star Wars: A New Hope, which has an estimate of $1m-2m.

Very different in mood, there are several helmets and masks from various franchises, such as this Iron Man helmet used by Robert Downey Jr’s character in Iron Man 3. It was likely never meant to be worn by the actor, but the light-up mask likely appeared on screen either on a puppet or as set decoration. It has an estimate of $30,000-60,000. Or, different again, there’s a costume worn by Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding’s in the perennial favourite The Shawshank Redemption (1994). 

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Red’s prison uniform from The Shawshank Redemption, which has an estimate of $25,000-50,000.

Other standout screen garb includes the coat worn by Rose DeWitt, played by Kate Winslet, in the 1997 film Titanic. During filming, Winslet was often submerged for hours at a time in the coat, so several were produced. This one has an estimate of $100,000-200,000.

Back to the Future

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This production made “clock tower struck by lightning” Hill Valley Telegraph has an estimate of $2000-4000.

You’ve seen it countless times on telly – now own a little piece for yourself. Back to the Future is widely represented at Propstore, notably in the Delorean time machine replica, but also in smaller-value lots including a futuristic Pepsi bottle, a couple of hoverboards and the production-made newspaper reporting on the lightning strike that crucially stops the town clock, which has an estimate of $2000-4000.  

Wes Anderson

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Fantastic Mr Fox miniature set of Boggis’ farm, $6000-12,000.

Thanks to social media, AI and a strong visual style, Wes Anderson is enjoying a moment – coinciding perfectly with the release of his newest film Asteroid City and this auction. Tik-Tok users are restaging both classic films and their own homes – and even their lives – in his colourful yet muted style. In addition to his live-action films are his animated films including Fantastic Mr Fox from 2009. Propstore offers a miniature set from the film of Mr Boggis’ farm for $6000-12,000.


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