Black Friday? Cyber Monday? That’s every day at auction

One of the joys of buying at auction is that you can find good deals all year round.

A Rolex Datejust watch

This 18-carat gold lady's Rolex Datejust watch is estimated at €2500-3500 at Adam's in Dublin on December 7. A new Rolex lady's Datejust would set you back about £5000 or more depending on which model you choose.

The run-up to Christmas is no different and many auction houses include additional sales and lots at this time of year featuring items that would make good gifts or treats for yourself.

During this time, of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday prompt high-street stores to publicise seemingly attractive discounts but even these offers struggle to compete with the value and choice you can get at auction.

Remember that items at auction are typically second-hand. This gives many of them a unique character - whether it's vintage/retro or antique – and helps to make their price more attractive. Second-hand items are also better for the environment as they have a far lower carbon footprint than items that are newly made (and which typically require new raw materials for their manufacture).

Below we show a range of objects that would make special one-of-a-kind gifts or a treat for yourself and that you can bid online for in auctions coming up soon. We have also checked what it might cost to buy a similar item brand new.


This Tiffany heart lariat necklace comes with an estimate of just £100-150. A similar new version available on the Tiffany website would set you back £485.

A Tiffany necklace

A Tiffany & Co. heart lariat necklace, estimated at £100-150 at Wilson55 on December 2.


A Hermes silk scarf

This Hermes silk scarf is estimated at £150-250 at Chiswick Auctions on November 30.

With designer goods, auction houses often state a grade of condition which helps you to assess whether the item comes with significant wear and tear.

This Hermes silk scarf is graded A+ - effectively as good as new - and even comes with its original box. At Chiswick Auctions it has an estimate of £150-250.

A new Hermes silk scarf of the same size can start from £355 on 


Some new makes of watches are so in-demand that there can be a waiting list. There are no such frustrations at auction: when the time comes, the highest bid wins.

An Omega watch

You can bid on this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra at Bishop & Miller on December 2. The estimate is £1800-2000.

On the Omega website the list price for a similar-looking Aqua Terra Seamaster is £4910 and you will have to join the waiting list as it's not currently available.

At an auction to be held on December 2 at Bishop & Miller in Stowmarket in Suffolk this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra from 2008 is estimated at £1800-2000.

And for a lady's wristwatch how about a Cartier Tank?

The Cartier Tank watch celebrated its centenary in 2019 with a host of new models boosting its prominence in the watch market. Today, the new models on the Cartier website cost between £2190 and £62,500 but this second-hand ladies example at Halls in Shrewsbury has an estimate of £800-£1200 in a sale taking place on December 8.

A Cartier Tank watch

You can bid for this Cartier Tank watch at Halls.

We also have a handy buying guide to Cartier Tank watches to help you learn more about these smart timepieces.

Smart furniture

Ercol furniture is popular, functional and looks great. This Ercol coffee table at David Lay's auction is estimated at £200-300 whereas a new coffee table made by Ercol can cost between £450 and £685 depending on the model you select.

An Ercol coffee table

You can bid for this Ercol two-tier coffee table at David Lay on December 7.

And this Ercol bookcase (or shelf-set if you don't want to put books on it) in the same auction has an estimate of £100-150. You'd have to spend £700-1150 for a new similar model by the same maker.

An Ercol bookcase

At David Lay on December 7 this bookcase or shelf set is estimated at £100-150.


Lego architecture sets

These four Lego architecture sets come in one lot with an estimate of £20-40 at Cottees on December 4.

A new Lego set is an exciting gift but it can become a rather expensive hobby. Online you will find a brand new architecture set for around £30-40. At auction you can find four Lego architecture sets in one lot - second-hand, yes, but with their original boxes - estimated at £20-£40 at Cottees in Poole.

Your auction awaits…

With so much on offer you will be certain to find that something special at auction in time for Christmas.

Remember that the auction house charges a buyer’s premium fee on top of the hammer price and if you can’t pick up the items you purchase in person then delivery will be extra. If you are new to bidding do check out our guide to buying at auction – it’s easy once you know how.

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