Four fabulous vintage fashion finds at Tennants

Tennants’ Costume, Accessories and Textiles auction on July 4 includes a wealth of vintage fashions to bid on.


This 1994-96 Chanel handbag has an estimate of £500-800 at Tenants on July 4.

From 1950s frocks to luxury handbags there’s more than 100 fashion lots on offer to suit different lifestyles and budgets.


Chanel handbag

Among the vintage handbags on offer is this quilted Chanel shoulder-bag from c.1994-96. While new – and even modern second hand – versions of this accessory can stretch into the thousands of pounds, this example carries and estimate of £500-800.

View and bid for this Chanel handbag here

Cocktail and evening dresses


These three lace dresses are part of a job lot of 1950s and later cocktail and evening dresses offered at Tennants on July 4 with an estimate of £100-200.

This brightly coloured trio of dresses is from a larger lot comprising various 1950s and later cocktail and evening dresses. As well as three lace numbers shown here, there are a strapless evening dress, a black grosgrain dress printed with yellow flowers and a red velvet dress. All these and more are offered together with an estimate of £100-200.

Click here to view and bid for these vintage dresses. 


Cardigans and shell tops


A mix of cardigans and shell tops are available for £100-150 at Tennants’ auction of July 4.

A wonderfully sparkly mixture of cardigans and shell tops are offered in this lot estimated at £100-150. Some date back to the 1950s ad the collection ranges in colour from powder blue to red and black, each with an array of sequins and beading.

View and bid for vintage cardigans and shell tops here

Hermes scarf


This Hermes scarf is offered at Tennants on July 4 for £70-100.

Go for a new Hermes scarf and you’ll easily be spending a couple hundred pounds. Opt for a little piece of history, such as this L’Hiver en Poste design by Philippe Ledouxi, and you’re looking at an estimate of £70-100. Measuring 2ft 11in (90cm) square, this design was first issued in 1976 with later editions in the 1989/90, 95/96 and 97/98.

Click here to view and bid for this vintage Hermes scarf. 

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