Five to buy at a Swiss Mondaine watch auction

From classic Swiss railway watches to artistic collaborations, the collection of Mondaine watches on offer at Supreme Auctions’ timed online sale offers an array of timepieces.

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The classic Mondaine is based on the design of official Swiss railway clocks. The StopToGo model seen here features a second hand that moves for 28 seconds before pausing for two seconds at the 12. This was the original design of the watch, discontinued in the early 2001s and then brought back. This watch, previously a display item is offered in a brass case and has a Quartz movement. Bidding starts at £180.

Distinctive, dependable and desirable, Swiss Mondaine watches first went into production in the 1950s in Switzerland. Over the years there have been various designs, but it is known for one particular face based on official Swiss railway clocks.

All variations (of which there are many) pretty much stick to this basic format with large round faces and geometric hands. New models tend to be relatively affordable and perform well. The company is also known for its sustainability efforts, making it a brand to identify with.

Supreme Auctions’ timed online sale, featuring display watches, is live on and runs until February 5.

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This unworn men’s Mondaine is part of the Mercedes SLK Designer Collection. Bidding starts £50.

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An unworn modern Mondaine watch. Bidding opens at £50.

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Featuring a leather strap, this Mondaine watch is a tribute to the unknown designer of the paper clip. It is offered in a brass case and has a quartz movement. Bidding starts at £70.

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Messe Zurich is a large Swiss exhibition centre. Its name is printed in multi-coloured letters on the face of this Swiss Designer Collection Mondaine watch, offered in a steel case. Bidding starts at £70.

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