Five super toys to buy at five auction houses

A rich crop of toy and collectable auctions is lined up for the end of July, perhaps just in time for the school holidays.

TSR toys EXcalibur Bond car.jpg

Corgi Toys James Bond Aston Martin - estimate £80-120 at Excalibur on July 25.

But these are lots more intended for big kids or the young at heart – collectors of items ranging from model railways, dolls and Dinky cars to Lego and Star Wars figures.

Below is our ‘five to buy’ selection from five of the sales taking place. They include the 2 Day Specialist Toys, Models, Live Steam & Video Games Auction at Hansons of Etwall, Derbyshire on July 22-23; Toy Collectors Auction - Including Princess Diana's Bicycle, Private Collection Of Lego and Star Wars at East Bristol Auctions on July 23-24; Toys and Collectables at Durrants in Beccles, Suffolk on July 24; Toys & Model Railways Collectors Sale at Excalibur of Elstree, Hertfordshire, on July 25; and Toys, Dolls, Models, Books, Antiques and Interiors (Two Day Sale) at Cotswold Auction Company of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, on July 27-28.

It's time to buy

The name’s Bond… but not again until at least September it seems after constant delays to the latest instalment, No Time To Die, thanks to Covid restrictions. If you are missing 007 just too much at the moment then fill a gap in your life by bidding for a Corgi Toys James Bond’s Aston Martin (pictured top) at Excalibur on July 25.

In gold, it comes with working bullet shield, guns and ejector seat - bandit in car and spare bandit, sticker and instructions present in envelope.

Estimate £80-120.

To view the Corgi Toys James Bond Aston Martin, try

Space traveller

TSR toys hansons nomura.jpg

Japanese Nomura tinplate spaceship - estimate £1250-1500 in Hansons’ July 22-23 auction.

Richard Branson blasted his way into space this month. If he wants a suggestion on a nifty design for future planetary exploration he could buy this 'space ship' made in Japan. It may be on the small side, however, being a Nomura tinplate battery-operated toy dating from the 1950s.

Estimated at £1250-1500 in Hansons’ July 22-23 auction, it is catalogued as ‘fully working, globe in excellent condition, damage to one disc shield, all lights working’.

Check to bid for the Nomura tinplate battery-operated space ship dating from the 1950s.

Little princess

TSR toys Leia East bristol.jpg

Star Wars 1977 Kenner Princess Leia figure - estimate £400-600 at East Bristol Auctions on July 23-24.

Let’s be honest, the latest trio of Star Wars films was a dud. And the three before that were pants. So, let’s hark back to the glory days by showcasing this original vintage 1977 Kenner Star Wars MOC carded action figure Princess Leia Organa, coming up at East Bristol Auctions on July 23-24.

It is from the first 12 figures released. The bubble is fully factory sealed on its original 12 back Star Wars card. The toy is catalogued as ‘bubble with some light crushing, with no splits. Card back generally very flat. Sun fading to card and figure, but otherwise generally good example.’

Estimate £400-600.

See the 1977 Kenner Star Wars MOC carded action figure Princess Leia Organa on

Finger footy

TSR toys subbuteo cotswold.jpg

Two vintage Subbuteo sets - estimate £20-30 at Cotswold Auction Company on July 27-28.

England’s glorious run to the European Championship final and not-so-glorious defeat have inspired millions. Of Italians, certainly. If you are pining for football and the joys of the European Conference League early stages don’t compensate, then try a bit of old-school charm.

As Wikipedia helpfully reminds us, Subbuteo was invented by Peter Adolph (1916-94), who was demobbed from the Royal Air Force after the end of the Second World War. Searching for a new business opportunity he turned his attention to creating a new table-top football game.

Staying with Wiki: “The name is derived from the neo-Latin scientific name Falco subbuteo (a bird of prey commonly known as the Eurasian hobby), after a trademark was not granted to its creator to call the game ‘Hobby’.”

Enough history. Nostalgic collectors who remember the practical joys of trying to keep the green sheet straight on a dining room table or more challengingly a carpet, amid cat or dog pitch invasions, can bid for this lot with two vintage Subbuteo sets.

It is estimated at £20-30 in the Cotswold Auction Company sale on July 27-28.

You can bid for the two vintage Subbuteo sets via

Love machine

TSR toys Durrants.jpg

Love Meter penny in the slot machine - estimate £250-300 at Durrants on July 24.

More of a ‘collectable’ perhaps than a toy is this 1930s penny in the slot machine which is ideal if you have ever wondered if you are hot stuff, alluring and flirtatious, or merely cautious and amiable.

The Love Meter, standing about 2ft 8in high, is estimated at £250-300 in Durrants’ auction held in Beccles, Suffolk, on July 24.

View the Love Meter penny in the slot machine at


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