Bring botanical beauties to your home for interior designed style

Botanical themed interior design has been popular with stylists. Bringing an original watercolour of flowers to the walls of your home is a stylish way to be part of the trend.


This group of two studies in watercolour and pencil of iris attributed to Sydenham Teaste Edwards (1768-1819) – 'Iris Varigata' (Hungarian Iris) and 'Iris Hydrophylla' are estimated at £500-800 at Catherine Southon.

A group of works collected by celebrated 18th century botanist are coming to auction this month.

More than 20 original watercolours collected by botanist William Curtis (1746-99) will be offered at Catherine Southon’s Antiques & Collectable sale on November 16.

Yellow Ox Eye

Among the collection is two watercolour and pencil botanical studies of Buphthalmum Heleniodies (Yellow Ox Eye) and Inula Squarrosa which are offered together with a guide of £500-800 at Catherine Southon.

Curtis’ reputation was such that he was made the praefectus horti of the Society of Apothecaries at the Chelsea Physic Garden in 1772.

The following year he established a botanical garden for the cultivation and study of native British plants, first in Bermondsey, then in Lambeth Marsh and later Brompton.

For an annual subscription of a guinea patrons could visit and attend the lectures he gave there, and for an extra guinea a year they could also have a share in the 6000 plants and seeds from the garden.


Also featuring in the sale is this watercolour and pencil study of a thin-leaf sunflower (Helianthus decapetalus). It is described as in the manner of artist Sydenham Teast Edwards (1768-1819) and is estimated at £400-600 at Catherine Southon.

The group of watercolours are being sold by a descendent of Curtis.

Five Botanicals

For a selection of five waterclours in one lot there is this group: 'Solidago Odorata' (Sweet Goldenrod), 'Anchusa Italica', 'Ervum Ervilia' (Ervil), 'Hydrophyllum Virginianum' and a blue flower, watercolour and pencil. The lot is estimated at £1800-2500 at Catherine Southon.

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