Bowl and cutlery used by Gandhi emerges at auction

Indian icon's simple items surface for auction

Gandhi bowl.jpg

A bowl used by Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, most usually known as Mahatma Gandhi, led a movement for non-violent resistance that successfully campaigned for India's independence from British rule.

Items featuring the great man such as pictures or stamps crop up regularly at auction but something used by Gandhi himself are less common.

They also need to have what auctioneers call provenance - documented proof that the item was indeed used by Gandhi.

Gandhi bowl and cutlery.jpg

Photo of Gandhi and the bowl and cutlery set he used

This bowl and cutlery set is on offer in a timed auction running at East Bristol Auctions until Sunday January 10.

It comes with a photograph and a long backstory detailing who owned the items after Gandhi had used them during his incarceration at Aga Kahn Palace in Pune (1942-1944) and at the Palm Bun House in Mumbai.

The estimate is £60,000-£80,000.

Last year, the same auction house sold a pair of Gandhi's spectacles for £260,000.

More affordable

For Gandhi collectors looking for something a tad lower on the price scale, the same timed sale at East Bristol also includes this sketch of Gandhi.

Gandhi sketch.jpg

A sketch of Gandhi


Drawn by Clare Winsten (1894-1989), it is estimated at £150-£250.

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