Affordable art at auction: Five to find at Anderson & Garland

If the term ‘Modern art’ makes you think of impenetrable abstracts or stuffed sharks, think again.

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A fitting scene for a northern auction house, Morning on the Tyne, estimated at £80-140, is an oil on paper collage by Peter Collins, which is signed and framed. View the catalogue entry here

There’s loads to buy that both more approachable and affordable, without running into a-watercolour-off-your-nan’s-wall territory. Here are a few of the choice works currently on offer at Anderson & Garland’s timed online sale which ends August 11.

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The artist of this work is unknown. Thought it is signed at the top left, the signature is unclear. Don’t let that put you off though. Estimated at £60-150, this 81cm long oil on board is a charming balcony scene in the style of Matisse and could make a pleasant addition to any collection. View the catalogue entry here

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Something atmospheric yet cheery – this 20th century oil on canvas ‘Shelter’ by Eric Pont has an estimate of £100-200. View the catalogue entry here

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Peter Doig meets Monet in this calming 20th century British scene, Weeping Willow and Glistening Stream. Perfect for those with an interest in mixed media, the composition consists of silk and metallic threads and beads over a dyed silk patchwork collage. It has an estimate of £30-60. View catalogue entry here

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Aboriginal art has been undergoing a surge of interest recently. This example from 1996 by Eddie Taiita Blitner is titled Water Bird. Available with an estimate of £40-60, the signed acrylic on canvas is offered framed. View the catalogue entry here

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