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Five famous watch brands at five different auctions all pitched at under £400

Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Longines and Seiko are just five of the world’s most famous brands that regularly appear at auctions on

Rolex Daytona 'Paul Newman' watch

Watches: 10 of the most viewed timepieces right now

Here is a selection of classic watches coming up at auction that are among those attracting the most interest.

Tag Heuer Diver

Christmas time: six watches on offer ahead of the festive period

With time ticking towards Christmas, what better moment to look for a wonderful watch to give to him or her as a present?

TSR October 14 Grana1.jpg

Sold on a record-breaking member of the Dirty Dozen

From the thousands of lots that appear at auctions every week on, here we focus on a rare British military issue wristwatch.


Five Omega watches to bid for on

Omega is one of the five most popular alert terms set by users of If you’re one of these users or want to get a taste of what’s on offer, see our selection of five Omega watches coming up for auction.