Silver & Silver-plated items

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Silver linings for Christmas 2020

Forget the high street or ‘not-on-the-high street’ – for those looking for an original gift a carefully-chosen antique will never disappoint.

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George II sterling silver salver

The differences between silver and silver plate

Silver and silver plate may look similar but there are important differences between them which greatly affect their values at auction.

Tiffany silver coffee pot


Silver has long been regarded as a precious metal and status symbol. As a material that can be worked into many different forms, a wide variety of items have been made using silver over many centuries.

Edwardian silver novelty

Silver Novelty Items

While grand and elaborate pieces of silver became an essential part of 18th and 19th century dining culture, at the same time, smaller silver novelty items began to emerge as the Victorians acquired a taste for humorous or whimsical pieces.

silver hallmarks

Silver Hallmarks Guide

When buying silver at auction it’s important to look for an item’s hallmarks. These silver hallmarks indicate the purity of the precious metal and often identify the date and location where the item was originally stamped or 'assayed'.


Spice up your kitchen with a novelty pepper pot

Call it a pepper shaker, a pepper pot or a pepperette, this selection of novelty examples will persuade you to pick up a piece for your home.

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Mantel clock

A trio of teapots: one to use, one to display and one to tell the time

Keep calm and drink tea – certainly good advice during the current lockdown. And what better way to enjoy a brew than serving it in a rare, elegant or unusual teapot?

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Food storage jars.jpg

Spice up your kitchen with vintage wares at online auctions

Lockdown has meant more time for baking and cooking at home so why not splash out on some quirky vintage items to spice up your cooking cave.

Artichoke light.jpg

Six ways to brighten up your home for spring

New year, new you. But what about your house? Brightening up your home during these dull winter days is easy with a few choice pieces. And before you know it, it will be spring.

Liberty Cymric silver vesta case by Archibald Knox

Five vesta cases on including a Liberty silver match safe designed by Archibald Knox

Vesta cases date back to the early 19th century when people started keeping matches in small portable boxes.

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