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All decked out: jewellery and watches to buy in time for Christmas

If you’re looking to spoil your loved one at Christmas with a stunning piece of jewellery or a vintage watch, auctions are a great place to start looking.

Diamond deer brooch

Five piece of jewellery estimated at under £1000 in time for Christmas

If you’re looking to treat someone for Christmas with something that sparkles and shines, then plenty of upcoming auctions are offering an array of pre-loved jewellery.

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Five jewellery ideas for November birthdays

Associated with good fortune, warmth and calming energy, topaz and Citrine are the two November birthstones.

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Peridot: birthstone bids for August birthdays

The modern birthstones for August are peridot and spinel, and there is a wealth of these stones to be found in high-quality yet affordable jewellery at auction.

Cartier cufflinks

Adding a bit of shine: Five stunning pieces of jewellery by the world’s most famous brands at auction

An upcoming auction of jewellery and watches will include pieces by the likes of Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co and Van Cleef & Arpels.

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Five diamonds to buy at auction for April birthdays

Every month has its own birthstone, and for those lucky folk born in April, it’s diamond.

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Which watch wins it at Fellows’ Luxury sale

Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe: all these names and more are to be found at Fellows’ Luxury Watch Sale.

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Start your perfect Valentine's Day at auction

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner (it’s February 14, in case your memory needs a jog), and you might be on the lookout for something to treat the special someone in your life.

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Five to buy at a Swiss Mondaine watch auction

From classic Swiss railway watches to artistic collaborations, the collection of Mondaine watches on offer at Supreme Auctions’ timed online sale offers an array of timepieces.

A sideboard

Buying at auction - the sustainable option

Whether you’re looking for fashion, furniture or watches, buying pre-loved items at auction is always a sustainable choice compared with buying newly manufactured goods.