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Nelson memorabilia in demand at auction with hair lock and shipwreck furniture smashing estimates

A brooch containing a lock of hair from Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) and a bookcase made from the wreck of Nelson’s former flagship HMS Foudroyant have both been snapped up at auction.

Art Deco diamond brooch

What to look out for when buying brooches

Perfect for a special occasion as well as everyday wear, brooches are both stunning pieces of jewellery and ever-popular fashion accessories.

A cat brooch

Animal magic: brooches to brighten your day

These popular fashion accessories will add a touch of character to any outfit.

insect brooch

Animal magic: Six novelty brooches pitched at under £1400 at Fellows

Brooches come in many shapes and sizes, and some of the most striking are novelty examples formed as animals such as butterflies, birds, tigers and many others.


Four of the most watched brooches right now on

Find the right brooch for the jewellery lover in your life at auction.

Art Deco brooch

Six brooches at Sworders’ upcoming auction including a ‘perfect’ example of French Art Deco

A welcome trend in the jewellery market has been the resurgence of the brooch.