Buying guides to art, antiques, vintage and more

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A buyer's guide to collecting Japanese works of art

The arts and Japan have been a source of fascination in the West since the first Portuguese traders arrived on her shores in the 1500s. Today's collecting market is the result of more than our centuries of contact.

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A beginner's guide to buying medals and medallions

Whether gallantry medals or campaign honours, full groups or individual items, the medals and medallions market can offer a wide range of fascinating collecting options.

Dorothy Mead painting

What to look out for when buying paintings at auction

If you’re looking for a painting to decorate your home or you’re a collector seeking works by a particular artist or of a certain subject, then auctions are a great place to find and buy a huge range of fantastic pictures.

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Five things to keep in mind when buying sculpture at auction

From military monuments to ancient fertility figures, carved marbles to kinetic art, the category of sculpture is almost infinitely broad and intriguing.

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Buyer's Guide to the Top Vintage Fashion Designers

Buying vintage fashions is sustainable and gives you a chance to buy a designer brand at a fraction of the price of when it was brand new.

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How to assess the value of Tudor watches

Tudor is a Swiss watch maker that is the sister brand of Rolex.

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Five things to remember when buying Breitling watches

Léon Breitling was a skilled watchmaker who began crafting timepieces and measuring tools from his workshop in St-Imier in Switzerland in the 19th century.

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The buyer's guide to second-hand and vintage handbags

What's more enjoyable than buying a new designer handbag? Discovering an even better one that's cheaper.

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The buyer's guide to jewellery with coloured gemstones

Gems are stones or minerals, deemed precious, semi-precious or fine and ornamental and are found in many types of jewellery.


The definitive guide to buying Rolex watches at auction

Rolex is the best known and most popular luxury watch brand in the world.