Arts and Antiques

by Wimbledon Auctions

27 Mar 2023 10:30 BST Live Webcast Auction

Important Information


Terms & Conditions

Please note before bidding that all lots are to be paid for by bank transfer, debit card or cash payments. We do not accept credit card payments for this sale. 


Buyers: Any person bidding or registering interest on lots at Wimbledon Auctions. 

Vendors: The vendor of a lot sold through Wimbledon Auctions. 

Conditions of sale applicable to buyers: 

1. The buyer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions before placing their bid. 
2. Wimbledon Auctions are agents that act on behalf of the vendor. The identity of the vendor, for reasons of confidentiality is not disclosed unless express permission is granted by the vendor. The buyer has no right to demand or request information regarding the identity of the vendor. 
3. Buyers are encouraged to be registered with us prior to the start of the auction. 
4. If a lot has a fixed reserve, the auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the vendor up to that reserve. 
5. All bids are final. The highest bidder shall be the buyer. Any disputes shall be settled at the absolute discretion of the auctioneer. 
6. Wimbledon Auctions will try their upmost to make sure descriptions are as accurate as possible. However, Wimbledon Auctions are not responsible for the authenticity, date, origin, period or condition of the lot. This judgement is to be made by the buyer. Measurements of pictures/paintings are inclusive of the work only and do not include the frame. We will answer all condition reports in full, as well as providing photographs and videos on request. Viewings strictly by appointment only. 
7. Wimbledon Auctions do not accept returns of any items under any grounds except if a lot is a suspected forgery. 
8. Any lot proven to be a deliberate forgery may be returned to us within 14 days of the auction date, provided it is in the same condition as it was when purchased. Provided also that we are satisfied with the evidence given by the buyer which proves this lot is a deliberate forgery, we shall refund the money paid by you along with your buyer’s premium. Returns shall only be made on forgeries if we have explicitly stated in the lot description that we believe it to be a genuine and have sold it as such. As stated clearly in Point 6 above, Wimbledon Auctions are not responsible for discerning a lot’s “authenticity, date, origin, period or condition”. 
9. Buyers are responsible for satisfying themselves on the condition of lots and accuracy of description. 
10. The Auctioneer’s decision on all points in question shall be final and binding on all parties. 
11. All commission bids are accepted only at buyer’s risk. No refunds or allowances shall be made to buyers in respect of any error in description, lot number or maximum bid made by the sender. 
12. A commission bid gives the auctioneer the permission to bid on the buyer’s behalf within the maximum bid provided. Wimbledon Auctions will always strive to buy the item at the cheapest price possible, in the absence of any other competitive bids. 
13. If there are two buyers who submit identical commission bids that outcompete all other bids, it is to the absolute discretion of the auctioneer which bid is accepted. Usually in this instance, the auctioneer will prefer the buyer who placed their bid first, but there are other factors that may impact the decision. These factors do not have to be disclosed or justified by the auctioneer. 
14. If the buyer intends to export goods, it is their responsibility to find out whether an export license is required, and if there are any problematic materials such as ivory. The auctioneer does not undergo these enquiries for them. 
15. Certain works by artists will incur an Artist Resale Right royalty charge of 4% when sold with a hammer price of €1000 (approx. £850) or more. This is to be paid by the buyer on top of the hammer price and buyer’s commission. Artist's Resale Right royalties are not subject to VAT. For more information please see: 
16. The sale of each lot shall be governed by English Law. 

Payment and collection (applicable to buyers and vendors): 
1. The buyer shall pay the hammer price plus a premium of 22% + VAT and the buyer ought to acknowledge that the auctioneer may also be receiving some commission from the vendors. 
2. Payment is to be made by bank transfer only. 
3. All lots are to be collected by 5pm on the first Friday after the sale, unless the buyer has contacted the auctioneer to make alternative arrangements and an agreement has been reached. Any alternative agreements depend on the size of the item and are at the entire convenience and discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneer reserves the right to charge additional storage fees of £5 per item, per business day that the buyer has not collected the item after the allotted time specified. 
4. The auctioneer reserves the right to forfeit the buyers purchase have they not paid within 5 business days or contacted to explain otherwise. Exceptions are made entirely at the discretion of the auctioneer. 
5. The item in a lot will not be passed to the buyer until he has paid in full the purchase price and any outstanding fees, as stated in the invoice. 
6. No buyer is entitled to remove any lot until they have paid for the whole of the Lots purchased in full. If requested to do so the purchaser must supply reasonable means of identification and a receipted account before removing any or all lots. 

Conditions of sale applicable to vendors: 

1. Wimbledon Auctions have absolute discretion to refuse any goods, without giving reason and to withdraw any lot in instance of a dispute. 
2. Vendors commission is 5% of the hammer price + VAT unless agreed otherwise by auctioneer. 
3. There is no fee for unsold lots. However, they are either to be collected by the Friday after the sale, or if agreed by both vendor and auctioneer, they can be reoffered in next available auction. 
There is no storage charge if the item is being reoffered. However, there is a storage charge at £5 per day if item is not being reoffered and is not collected by Friday, or alternative arrangements are made with the auctioneer. 
4. It is the vendors responsibility to ensure that the commission rate is agreed prior to the sale. 
5. The vendor shall be entitled to place a reserve on any lot they enter for auction, stating the minimum hammer price that they are satisfied for the item to be sold. 
6. The vendor gives Wimbledon Auctions permission to deduct commission and to retain the Buyer’s Premium payable by the Purchaser. VAT will be added to the commission charge.  
7. Wimbledon Auctions, for our own protection, have undertaken insurance on all lots consigned to our premises. To justify accepting liability for items on our premises, we charge the vendor 1.5% plus VAT of the hammer price. 
8. Payment for sold lots will be sent to the vendor by Wimbledon Auctions 21 days after the sale, providing the item is paid for, bank details are correct and current and there are no disputes from third parties regarding the item. 
9. The vendor gives the auctioneer the absolute right to photograph any lot placed in their hands for sale and to use such photographs at any time at their absolute discretion (whether in connection with the auction or not). 
10. The sale of each lot shall be governed by English Law