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A set of four modern trefid coffee spoons. By TB&S. Approx. 48 grams. Est. £20 - £30.

A small circular three piece cruet with reeded decoration and BGLs. Birmingham. By A Bros. Approx. 164 grams. Est. £20 - £30.

A small ashtray together with a nail top caddy spoon and one other. (Various dates and makers). Approx. 140 grams. Est. £25 - £35.

Three silver trophy cups with engraved decoration. Approx. 452 grams. Est. £30 - £50.

A novelty Continental pin cushion in the form of a beaver with garnet eyes. Approx. 5 cms long. Est. £50 - £80.

A good set of six silver gilt teaspoons attractively decorated with leaves and reeded bowl. Birmingham. By JW. Approx. 115 grams. Est. £200 - £250.

An unusual Sterling model of a cello of Eastern design with engraved decoration and stand. Approx. 19 cms long. Approx. 117.5 grams. Est. £100 - £...

A rectangular hinged top card case attractively decorated with scrolls and flowers. Birmingham. By RC. Approx. 34 grams. Est. £25 - £35.

A cased two piece christening set with reeded design and leaf mounts. Birmingham. Approx. 47 grams. Est. £30 - £40.

EDVARD ANDERSEN: A stylish tapering beaker with rope twist decoration. Approx. 8 cms high. Approx. 137 grams. Est. £80 - £120.

A modern Sterling rattle with reeded decoration. Approx. 9 cms long. Approx. 32.6 grams. Est. £20 - £30.

A silver and enamelled Roll of Honour medal on blue ribbon. Birmingham. By FC&P. Approx. 32.5 grams. Est. £25 - £35.

An Eastern Niello compact with fitted interior mounted with elephants and figures. Approx. 92 grams. Est. £50 - £80.

An unusual Continental oyster shucking knife and matching seal with floral handles. The knife measures approx. 13 cms long. Est. £30 - £40.

An unusual capstan inkwell with hinged top and pocket watch compartment complete with liner. (Watch missing). Approx. 8.5 cms in diameter. Birming...

IRISH: A set of four bright cut teaspoons decorated with flowers. Dublin. By JI. Approx. 60.5 grams. Est. £50 - £80.

A pair of rare in-date Victorian pan scales with steel mounts contained within a mahogany box. London. By JC. Est. £200 - £250.

A stylish tea strainer on stand on pedestal base. Birmingham. By WD. Approx. 32.7 grams. Est. £30 - £40.

A Georgian bright cut Scottish fish slice with tapering handle. Edinburgh. By WPC. Approx. 137.3 grams. Est. £80 - £120.

An oval Antique ivory box with gold mounts, blue panel and fitted interior. Approx. 9.5 cms long. Approx. 47.2 grams. Est. £50 - £80.

A Georgian pap boat of typical design. London 1759. Approx. 57.2 grams. Est. £150 - £200.

A Georgian style stilton scoop together with pusher on turned ivory handle. Sheffield. By RM&EH. Approx. 99.7 grams. Est. £120 - £150.

HESTER BATEMAN: A Georgian bright cut tablespoon. London. Approx. 62.1 grams. Est. £40 - £50.

HESTER BATEMAN: A bright cut tablespoon. London 1787. Approx. 46.7 grams. (Slightly worn). Est. £40 - £50.

HESTER BATEMAN: A pair of bright cut tablespoons of typical design with anchor decoration. London 1782. Approx. 117.1 grams. Est. £100 - £150.

HESTER BATEMAN: A pair of bright cut sugar tongs with floral decoration. Approx. 29.5 grams. Est. £40 - £60.

HESTER BATEMAN: A pair of reeded sugar tongs of typical design. Approx. 32.1 grams. Est. £40 - £60.

HESTER BATEMAN: A pair of bright cut sugar tongs attractively decorated with flowers, leaves and acorn mounts. Approx. 29.4 grams. Est. £40 - £60.

HESTER BATEMAN: A pair of bright cut sugar tongs with floral decoration. (Slightly worn). Approx. 25.6 grams. Est. £40 - £60.

A good Georgian caddy spoon with bright cut handle and fluted bowl. London. By IMF. Approx. 6.3 grams. Est. £50 - £80.

A Georgian caddy spoon attractively decorated with leaves and pierced rim. Birmingham. Approx. 6.3 grams. Est. £50 - £80.

A Georgian caddy spoon with unusual tapered handle. London 1805. By TJ. Approx.10.7 grams. Est. £40 - £60.

A group of three modern picture frames with embossed decoration. Est. £20 - £30.

A pair of boxed plain preserve spoons. Sheffield. By LA. Approx. 28.1 grams. Est. £15 - £20.

A modern three piece circular cruet. Birmingham. By A Bros. Approx. 73.7 grams. Est. £20 - £30.

A large modern 925 standard picture frame with red velvet back. Approx. 21 cms high. Est. £25 - £35.

A group of silver mounted dressing table jars. Various dates and makers. Est. £20 - £30.

GEORG JENSEN: A pair of stylish forks. Approx. 17 cms long. Approx. 85.8 grams. Est. £70 - £90.

An early Continental vesta case with scroll decoration and hinged top. Approx. 6.5 cms long. Approx. 16 grams. Est. £40 - £60.

A good quality massive Victorian swing-handled basket attractively embossed with flowers and leaves and eight panels of engraved flowers to pedest...

SAMUEL PEMBERTON: A miniature vinaigrette with hinged body, the pierced grill decorated with flowers. Birmingham 1807. Approx. 8.7 grams. Est. £80...

PETER AND ANN BATEMAN: A pair of bright cut sugar tongs of typical design. London. Approx. 28.7 grams. Est. £25 - £35.

A silver gilt and agate seal with shield shaped intaglio. Approx. 8 cms high. Approx. 30.9 grams. Est. £30 - £40.

A small in-date Victorian tapering scent bottle with glass stopper and gilded hinged top. London. By LB&H. Est. £30 - £40.

A large Kings' pattern soup ladle with initial terminal. London. By JW&JW. Approx. 132 grams. Est. £100 - £150.

A stylish Dutch cake slice with scroll decoration and steel blade. Est. £20 - £30.

A rectangular Sterling engraved jewellery box decorated with flowers and leaves. Approx. 13 cms long. Approx. 210 grams. Est. £50 - £80.

An attractive Victorian "Port" label with leaf decoration on suspension chain. Birmingham. By JW. Est. £40 - £50.

A long engraved scent bottle with hinged top and pierced body. Birmingham. By GFW. Approx. 8.5 cms long. Est. £40 - £60.

A Georgian helmet shaped cream jug with card cut rim. London. By WP. Approx. 64.6 grams. Est. £50 - £60.

A Georgian swing-handled sugar basket on shaped pedestal base. London. By WP. Approx. 180.2 grams. Est. £200 - £250.

A large helmet shaped cream jug with gilt interior. Edinburgh. By J&M. Approx. 283.7 grams. Est. £120 - £150.

A large pair of Georgian style candelabra on circular loaded bases. Approx. 26 cms high. Approx. 1603 grams. Est. £450 - £500.

A Georgian embossed helmet shaped cream jug attractively decorated with baskets of flowers. London 1816. By ASA. Approx. 80.4 grams. Est. £120 - £...

An attractively enamelled dressing table mirror decorated with roses. London. By DCB. Est. £50 - £80.

A heavy Continental strawberry dish, the body embossed with fruit and flowers. Approx. 21 cms across. Approx. 129.3 grams. Est. £60 - £80.