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Box of beer mats - Harp, Guinness, Black Label and Diet Coke.

Guinness Books of Records - Late '70's '80's & 90's.

Booths House of Lords Finest Dry Gin wooden advertising crate. { 24cm H X 40cm W X 33cm D }.

Grand Dance at Victory Ballroom Kildysart Thursday August 23rd framed poster. { 63cm H X 50cm W }

Castrol GTX aluminium advertising sign. { 58cm H X 41cm W }.

Colman's Mustard To Klondike advertising print. { 74cm H X 50cm W }.

Three drip trays - Smithwicks and 2 Tuborg's. { Each 41cm L X 20cm W approx. }

Two advertising ashtrays - Cinzano glass ashtray and Dubonnet Pyrex ashtray .

Collection of Baby Power Whiskey bottles - some with contents.

Two 1970's Harp shelf advertising signs. { 26cm H X 17cm W }.

19th. C. stoneware spittoon. { 22cm Dia. }.

Guinness Gold advertising mirror. { 28cm H X 39cm W }.

Misc. collection of Coco Cola advertising pieces - Two cameras in original boxes, 1970's & 80's bottles and ashtray etc.

Two Younger's Monk Export advertising tinplate tray. { 30cm Dia. }.

Tuborg ceramic advertising horn and two neck ties.

Black and White Scotch Whiskey James Buchanan wooden advertisement. { 21cm H X 43cm W }.

Harp Dealer Licence plastic advertising sign. { 31cm H X 24cm W }.

White Horse Scotch Whisky advertising Horse. { 25cm H X 22cm W }.

1950's Condor Tobacco cardboard showcard. { 27cm H X 18cm W }.

High Mabel Black Label advertising tinplate tray { 30cm Dia. } and ashtray { 15cm Dia. }.

Two Arklow Pottery ashtrays - John Jameson and Time.

Guinness aluminium ice bucket and St Brendan's White Ice plastic ice bucket.

Heineken Special Dark Beer advertisement { 26cm H X 34cm W }.

Imported Heineken Holland Beer plastic counter display advertisement. { 24cm H X 21cm W }.

20th. C. German stoneware beer mug - Zameck Ksiaz.

Michelin Tyres cast iron advertising sign. { 26cm H X 29cm W }.

Collection of miniature Baileys & Irish Coffee bottles - some with contents and a game of Truth or Dare.

1980's Cronet Buq Brandy plastic advertising showcard. { 48cm H X 47cm W }.

Afton Tobacco pictorial enamel advertising sign. { 91cm H X 60cm W }.

Gold Flake Are Trumps framed advertising sign. { 66cm H X 50cm W }.

1970's Pepsi Cola advertising mirror. { 43cm H X 64cm W }.

Five Million Guinness's Are Enjoyed Every Day advertising poster. { 149cm H X 101cm W }.

James Mc Allister & Son's Old Irish Whiskey Ballymena framed advertising print. { 65cm H X 84cm W }

Guinness Extra Stout Made in Dublin advertising mirror. { 67cm H X 96cm W }.

Afton Cigarettes enamel advertising sign. { 43cmH X 120cm W }.

Set of eight Guinness humorous coloured prints. { Each 43cm H X 40cm W }.

Wild Woodbine Cigarettes advertising showcard in original frame. { 60cm H X 46cm W }.

Rossadrehid / Lisvernane bi - lingual finger post sign {39 cm H x 104 cm W}.

Rare early 20th C. tin plate embossed Gallaher's War Horse advertising sign {51 cm H x 36 cm W}.

Unusual Ringer's Cigarette Tobacco advertising print {74 cm H x 53 cm W}.

General Michael Collins framed coloured print. { 71cm H X 51 cm W }.

Guinness plastic cruet set { Each 13cm H X 7cm W X 7cm D }.

Have A Capstan's Made To Make Friends advertising showcard. { 26cm H X 19cm W }.

1950's A Double Diamond Works Wonders celluloid advertising showcard. { 19cm H X 38cm W }.

White Horse Scotch Whiskey ceramic advertising horse. { 22cm H X 21cm W }.

Two Ceramic ashtrays - Martini & Fino San Patricio Garvey Jerez

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