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A boxed Scalextric World Rally, with Renault Megane cars. Appears complete & in good condition.

2 Action Man Footballer kits. Comprises c1960's Chelsea kit (missing socks), and a boxed 40th Anniversary West Ham kit. N.B. Action Man figure mis...

8 unboxed Hill & Co. lead mounted Lifeguard toy soldiers. No broken parts or restoration. Original paintwork.

5 boxed 'Johillco' Hill & Co. lead mounted Lifeguard toy soldiers. No broken parts or restoration. Original paintwork. Set #105.

A boxed Astra 12 inch Howitzer. With 5 rubber 'shells' and instruction leaflet. Fires projectiles by use of caps. Box has internal packing.

8 vintage lead Cavalry soldiers. 6 by Britains and 2 Charbens.

13 x Britains lead US Civil War Cavalry soldiers. Comprising of 6 Union and 7 Confederate, c.1951

5 modern 1st World War lead soldiers. Comprising of 4 x Australian and 1 x French.

A box containing a large quantity of Commando & Battle Picture Library war books. Together with a Commando Annual 1989.

A box containing a large quantity of Commando war books. Together with a Commando 'Best 12 Commando Books Ever' book

A small collection of vintage children's books including Brer Rabbit & Roy of the Rovers. Together with some football magazines.

A box containing the full set of "The Official Star Wars Fact File". A Deagostini publication collected into ring binders.

A boxed set of Lego books The Ultimate Lego Ideas Collection. Comprising 3 books; The Lego Book, The Lego Ideas Book & Standing Small, A celebrati...

A collection of Lego books. Comprising 3 Lego Annuals, a Lego Star Wars Brickmaster book and Lego Star Wars The Visual Dictionary.

4 Lego Minifigure encyclopaedias. Comprising; I love that Minifigure, Ninjago, Star Wars & Star Wars, updated and expanded (minifigure missing).

2 large Lego books by DK. Lego Minifigure Year by year, A Visual History & Great Lego Sets, A Visual History with buildable Micro-scale Space Crui...

A collection of 007 James Bond magazine with collectors cards. Cards in in 007 metal tin.

A book of vintage children's annuals and picture books. To include Arabian nights, The Greyfriars Holiday Annual for Boys 1940 & 1941 and The Adve...

A box of vintage children's magazines. To include Treasure, Fun n' Games & World of Wonder. Dating from 1967 - 1970.

Rare soft cover copy of 'The Events at Poroth Farm' by T. E. D. Klein. Illustrated by Jason Eckhardt and published by Necronomicon Press, 1990. Gr...

3 issues of 'Revelations from Yuggoth together with H.P. Lovecraft - Fungi from Yuggoth. Issues #1, #2 and #3. Published by Cryptic Publications. ...

4 issues of 'Skeleton Crew - The Magazine of Modern Horror Literature'. Issues #1, #2, #3/4, and #5. Published by Grim Reaper Design. Great condit...

8 issues of 'Crypt of Cthulhu' magazine. To include issues #31, #39, #49, #51, #52, #53, #54, & #59. Published by Cryptic Publications, 1985-88.

4 issues of 'Weirdbook'. Issues #9, #10, #11, and #25. Published by W. Paul Ganley. 1975-1990. All good condition, white pages.

9 copies of 'Eerie Country' by Weirdbook Publications. Issues #2, #3, #4, #5, 2x #6, #7, #8 and #9. All good to great condition. Issue #5 has yell...

2 Marvel Comics 1970s comic books: Tales to Astonish #59 and Shogun Warriors #8. Tales to Astonish #59 printed June 1964, first appearance of Magi...

Original 'Harley Quinn' Issue #1. Near Mint condition. Published by DC Comics in Dec 2000. Amazing condition, looks barely touched, no noticeable ...

Approx 45 modern comic books by DC Comics. To include Batman, Nightwing, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Mask vs Joker.

Approx 17 comics of horror and fantasy theme. To include Skeleton Crew, Nightstreets, Dead Worlds, Twilight Zone and Interzone.

3 copies of 'Tales of Lovecraftian Horror'. To include 2 copies of issue #2 and one copy of issue #3 Published by Cryptic Publications 1988 and 19...

4 soft cover books covering the history and works of H.P. Lovecraft. To include: 'The Vivisector', 'Peter Cannon: The Chronology Out of Time', 'Th...

4 copies of 'Lovecraftian Studies'. Including issues: 16, 17, 19/20, and 21. All great condition. White pages.

4 black & white print magazine horror stories. 1985-90. To include 'Nightgaunt' by Jeff Kahan, 'Necronomicon Book One' by Lin Carter, 'The Broodin...

2 copies of 'Ghosts & Scholars'. Issues #10 and #12. Published by rosemary Pardoe and Haunted Library 1988 and 1990. Great condition, white pages.

3 copies of 'Fantasy Macabre' Issue #10 - Special Cthulhu Mythos Issue. By Jessica Amanda Salmonson and Richard H. Fawcett, 1988. Good conditions,...

4 issues of 'Dark Dreams'. Issues #3, #4, #5 and #6. Published 1985-88 by Dark Dreams as a non-profit publication. All great condition with white ...

500+ consecutive issues of 2000 A.D. comic books. Issues 623-1158. All comics present 623-1158 with 8 issues missing. Missing issues are 624, 626,...

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