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4 day sale of Antiquities & Coins

TimeLine Auctions Limited 4 day sale of Antiquities & Coins Live Webcast Auction 09 Sep 2015 09:00 BST (4 day sale)

Sale Date(s)

  • 1-684
  • 685-1398
  • 1399-2085
  • 2086-3008

Venue Address

  • The Swedenborg Hall
  • 20-21 Bloomsbury Way
  • London
  • WC1A 2TH
  • United Kingdom

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Currency: GBP
Buyer's premium inc. VAT/sales tax: 24.00%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 0.00%

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There are 2862 item(s) within this sale
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Greek Apulian Pelike

Lot 1

4th century BC. A large ceramic vessel with two open handles vertical on their lateral aspects and even at the side with the edge of the belly; na...

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Greek Hellenistic Head of Aphrodite

Lot 2

1st century BC-1st century AD. A terracotta head of the goddess Aphrodite, with finely modelled facial features and hair swept back from the face....

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Greek Large Male Figurine

Lot 3

4th-1st century BC. A terracotta figure of a youthful male standing on a square pedestal, traces of a red strip of pigment and white slip; sun bur...

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Greek Hellenistic Gold Eros Earring and Chain Set

Lot 4

4th-1st century BC. A pair of Hellenistic gold earrings each with a pan-shaped disk, the upturned edge decorated with beaded wire, the disk centre...

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Greek Gold Sphinx Earrings

Lot 5

3rd-1st century BC. A matched pair of gold earrings, each a hollow-formed sphinx figure crouching on a rectangular base, ribbed wings to the rear ...

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Greek Gold Figural Earrings

Lot 6

4th-3rd century BC. A matched pair of gold earrings, each a hoop formed from twisted wire and a cottonreel collar with filigree decoration, a holl...

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Eastern Greek Gold Granulated Earrings

Lot 7

5th-3rd century BC. A matched pair of gold earrings, each a hollow crescent with hinged closure; double rows of granulation to the body interrupte...

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Graeco-Scythian Gold Granulated Earrings

Lot 8

2nd century BC-2nd century AD. A matched pair of gold drop earrings, each a granulated penannular hoop with transverse collar, hollow bulb with ap...

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Greek Gold Pendant with Garnet Necklace

Lot 9

3rd-4th century BC. A gold pendant in the form of a trefoil leaf with granulation and a small inset garnet to the centre, with other components co...

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Greek Gold Bracelet

Lot 10

5th-3rd century BC. A bracelet formed as a chain of gold panels, each a repoussé plaque with lion-head detail to each rounded end, wire linkages. ...

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Greek Gold Ring with Cabochon

Lot 11

3rd-1st century BC. A hollow D-section gold hoop with expanding shoulders, flat plaque with raised cell and inset carnelian cabochon. 11 grams, 28...

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Greek Gold Ring with Cabochon

Lot 12

4th-3rd century BC. A narrow round-section hoop with expanding shoulders supporting a discoid plaque with inset garnet cabochon. 7.29 grams, 24mm ...

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Greek Thracian Twisted Bar Neck Torc

Lot 13

2nd century BC-2nd century AD. A penannular silver torc with flared terminals, the shank formed as three square-section rods twisted about their o...

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Greek Neck Torc with Clasp

Lot 14

3rd-1st century BC. A Thracian-Greek torc comprised of inter-twisted strands of silver with flattened, undecorated ends, hook and eye clasp at the...

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Greek Thracian Bracelet with Dragon Heads

Lot 15

2nd century BC-2nd century AD. A penannular silver octagonal-section bracelet with clubbed ends, opposed beast-heads. 83 grams, 73mm (3"). Propert...

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Greek Ring with Face of Silenus

Lot 16

4th-1st century BC. A silver ring with gold setting decorated with chevron border, high relief silver face of Silenus; shank formed as laurel wrea...

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Iron Age Fibula Group

Lot 17

8th-7th century BC. A mixed group of silver fibulas comprising: three formed as an arch of flanged bulbs with collars between, palmette plaque to ...

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Greek Hellenistic Phiale

Lot 18

4th-1st century BC. A hemispherical silver bowl with thick rolled rim. 390 grams, 13cm (5"). From a London, UK, collection; acquired 1970s. Very ...

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Greek Hellenistic Phiale

Lot 19

4th-1st century BC. A hemispherical silver bowl with thick rolled rim. 200 grams, 12cm (5"). Property of a North London collector; acquired in the...

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Greek Hellenistic Bust of Diana

Lot 20

4th-2nd century BC. A bronze appliqué bust of the goddess Diana with wreath of ivy leaves and berries to the hair, peplos clasped at the shoulders...

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Italic Male Idol

Lot 21

6th century BC. A Greek Archaic bronze nude standing male figure with prominent facial features and genitals. 109 grams, 10cm (4"). Ex V.C. Vecchi...

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Greek Herakles Herm Figurine

Lot 22

6th-5th century BC. A bronze figure of Herakles with head tilted, right hand gripping the beard, left hand cradling a sceptre; the lower body form...

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Italic Idol with Pendants

Lot 23

8th-6th century BC. A bronze Villanovan culture cult figurine with chignon to the rear of the head, left hand resting on the hips and right arm ra...

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Greek Hellenistic Hydria Appliqué Mount

Lot 24

3rd-2nd century BC. A convex bronze appliqué bowl mount comprising a mask of Dionysos with vineleaf border, barrel-shaped plaque above with transv...

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Italic Antelope Belt Fastener

Lot 25

4th century BC. A bronze zoomorphic belt hook formed as a pair of elongated opposed antelopes with horned heads looking over their shoulders to th...

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Italic Pendant with Bird Heads

Lot 26

11th-7th century BC. A bronze pendant fitting comprising a horizontal plaque with raised borders and median rib, the lateral borders developing to...

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Parthian-Greek Horse Patera Handle

Lot 27

3rd century BC-3rd century AD. A tubular bronze handle with square flange to one end, raised knops to the upper face, model horse standing on a re...

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Greek Knife with Lion

Lot 28

4th-1st century BC. A bronze knife handle in the form of a palm leaf emerging from a lotus shaped flower; below, an inverted Doric scrolled end, r...

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Italic Ornament Group

Lot 29

6th-5th century BC. A mixed group of central Italic bronze objects comprising: a round-section finger ring; a bangle decorated with four parallel ...

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Greek Inscribed Curse Tablet

Lot 30

5th-1st century BC. A rectangular flat-section tablet of sheet lead with incised text in twenty-six lines (with some superscript characters), a ??...

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Greek Apulian Xenon Ware Juglet

Lot 31

4th century BC. A ceramic jug decorated with a scroll in between two registers, leaf shaped lines around the edge of the shoulder. 85 grams, 70mm ...

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Greek Apulian Skyphos

Lot 32

4th-3rd century BC. A black glazed Apulian skyphos with wide handles; painted in an orange slip with acanthus leaves and scrolling wave patter abo...

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Greek Gnathian Juglet with Herakles Knot

Lot 33

4th century BC. A black glazed jug with applied pale orange decoration of lines with dart and dot decoration; body decorated with vertical striati...

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Greek Apulian Oinochoe with Lady of Fashion

Lot 34

4th century BC. A blackware ceramic oinochoe with bulbous body and pedestal foot, slender neck, deep rim and ribbed strap handle to the rear; radi...

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Greek Apulian Lekanis with Lady of Fashion

Lot 35

5th-4th century BC. A blackware lekanis with pedestal foot, lid with tall discoid handle; the handle with entral rosette, the lid with palmettes a...

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Greek Apulian Guttos with Head of Medusa

Lot 36

5th-3rd century BC. A ceramic squat rounded guttos standing on a narrow pedestal foot with horizontal bands and one area with pink/red paint; a ra...

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Greek Guttos with Cavalryman

Lot 37

4th century BC. A squat blackware ceramic guttos with broad pedestal base, discoid body, loop handle and short spout, ribs to the shoulder, centra...

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Greek Blackware Guttos with Head of Medusa

Lot 38

4th century BC. A squat blackware ceramic guttos with broad pedestal base, discoid body, loop handle and short spout, ribs to the shoulder, centra...

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Greek Gnathian Ware Jug

Lot 39

4th century BC. A tall blackware jug with slender body, waisted neck, chamfered rim and strap handle to the rear; the neck with an incised garland...

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Greek Gordian Knot Handled Jug

Lot 40

5th-3rd century BC. A Gnathian ceramic blackware juglet with pedestal base, ribbed bulbous body, waisted neck and everted rim; the applied handle ...

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Etruscan Stemmed Cup

Lot 41

5th century BC. A terracotta cup with chamfered and gusseted rim, short stem and discoid base with raised edge; old inked accession number 'E.S.10...

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Greek Campanian Kylix with Laurel Leaves

Lot 42

5th-3rd century BC. A broad blackware bowl with two square handles and pedestal foot, central painted quatrefoil surrounded by a band of laurel le...

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Greek Kylix with Central Decoration

Lot 43

5th-3rd century BC. A broad blackware kylix with basal ring and square handles, incised quatrefoil to the centre with stamped palmettes to the ang...

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Greek Polychrome Amphora with Vine Leaves

Lot 44

5th-3rd century BC. A terracotta jar with conical body, low basal ring, waisted neck, chamfered rim and two strap handles to the shoulder; bands o...

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Greek Net Painted Lekythos

Lot 45

4th century BC. A ceramic blackware lekythos of Magna Graecian (Gnathian) workmanship, the funicular neck with vertical block decoration above a b...

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Greek Italo-Corinthian Aryballos with Birds

Lot 46

8th-7th century BC. A creamware aryballos with concentric rings to the lip, radiating strokes to the shoulder, frieze of red and black birds and p...

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Greek Blackware Vessel Group

Lot 47

4th century BC. A mixed group of blackware ceramic vessels comprising: a dish with chamfered rim and flared foot; a bowl with pedestal foot; a jar...

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Greek Terracotta Statuette

Lot 48

3rd century BC. A terracotta figurine of a standing nude Aphrodite with right arm raised; earrings, bracelet and anklet integrally modelled; elabo...

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Greek Statuette of a Goddess

Lot 49

4th-3rd century BC. A hollow-moulded terracotta Tanagra figurine of a standing female goddess(?) with loosely draped robe, fan in her left hand an...

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Greek Hellenistic Tanagra Female Bust

Lot 50

Late 4th-3rd century BC. A terracotta bust of a young female with hair drawn back in 'melon'-type hairstyle and chignon at rear, disc earrings; he...

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Greek Leda and the Swan Figurine

Lot 51

4th-3rd century BC. A hollow-formed terracotta figurine depicting Leda standing nude on a rectangular base with veil to her piled hair, clutching ...

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Greek Stamped Loom Weight Group

Lot 52

4th century BC. A mixed group of trapezoidal terracotta loomweights, comprising: one with three ovoid impressions, pine cone(?) motif; one with th...

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Greek Amber Head of Kore

Lot 53

6th-5th century BC. A finely carved D-section three-quarter view head of Kore depicted as a youthful maiden with circlet to the brow confining her...

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Greek Head of a Lady

Lot 54

3rd century BC. A carved marble female head with hair parted and gathered into a chignon at the rear of the neck; mounted on a custom-made stand. ...

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Hellenistic Juglet with Isis-Selene Bust

Lot 55

3rd-2nd century BC. A terracotta juglet with tiered conical base, head of Isis-Selene modelled in the round with crescents flanking a roundel to t...

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Greek Hellenistic Funeral Banquet Stele

Lot 56

3rd-1st century BC. A marble funerary stele depicting the deceased man reclining on a raised bed, the chest bared, legs extended and covered with ...

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Etruscan Male Statuette

Lot 57

4th-early 3rd century BC. A bronze figure of a nude male, possibly Hercules, standing on a square base, with cropped hair, left hand to the side a...

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Etruscan Male Athlete Statuette

Lot 58

4th century BC. A bronze figure of a standing nude athlete with a segmented band to the brow, right arm extended and left arm bent to the side; mo...

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Etruscan Male Antefix

Lot 59

3rd-1st century BC. A cast D-section terracotta antefix with face of a youthful male, possibly Apollo; flat to the reverse with circular hole, hol...

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Etruscan Votive Axehead

Lot 60

4th-3rd century BC. A flat-section bronze axehead with integral flanged socket, flared blade with curved edge. 130 grams, 25cm (9 3/4"). From the ...

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  • 120
  • 240
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