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STAMPS BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, large quantity of mint & used on pages & stock leaves etc in three file boxes, ranging from QV to QEII. Some useful m...

STAMPS Commonwealth used accumulation countries F-N, many full sets, Falklands, Gambia, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya, Malta, Mala...

STAMPS Commonwealth 1950's to 90's used accumulation many full sets, Ascension, Australian Antarctic, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Bermuda, Br Guy...

STAMPS Southern Europe in 62 page blue stock book, mint and used, Malta, San Marino, Italian Cols, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Serbia, early to 2002 in...

STAMPS : BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, mixed accumulation in five albums/binders, inc useful collection of Canada (STC £1,100), New Zealand with useful QV...

STAMPS BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, QV to George VI accumulation in two binders. Useful material with some postmark interest too! Condition mostly fine w...

STAMPS Various Europe in green album, Channel Isles and Isle of Man to £2, Gibraltar to £1 plus small amount of Crete

STAMPS WORLD, box with various albums & stockbooks with mostly mint & used foreign material. Useful Belgium, Dutch & Italy spotted. Some useful th...

STAMPS WORLD, accumulation in box inc albums, empty binders, old catalogues, FDCs, cigarette cards etc

STAMPS small mixed box of mainly loose stamps. Also a few small junior albums and an unused boxed peg album with leaves.

STAMPS WORLD, box with approx 950 modern French postcards, approx 450 Guernsey commercial covers, quantity of stamps packets, Channel Island cover...

STAMPS RAILWAY, a complete sheet of "London, Chatham & Dover" 2d Railway Letter stamps. Issued in 1898 with only 25 sheets printed! Fine & rare!

COFFEE, collection of German classic period poster stamps relating to various brands of coffee available in the early part of last century. An att...

BOOK "The British Postage Stamp" by Robson Lowe, hardback copy 1968 personally signed by Robson Lowe.

STAMPS : Edward VII unused album, published by Harry Burgess of Pembury looks to be 1950, with a price list. Plus a Stanley Gibbons book "How to ...

STAMPS : Three blue 22 ring cover albums with slip cases & leaves.

COINS : 1889 Great Britain silver crown, 1892 Shilling and 1933 sixpence (3)

COINS : Fantastic collection in a plush display case of 10 silver enamelled Polish coins/medallions, each weighing 10g, with Polish certificates, ...

COINS : Fantastic collection in a plush display case of 9 silver enamelled Polish coins/medallions, each weighing 10g, with Polish certificates, v...

COINS : Three silver proof coins from Israel 1992, 1993, 1994, "Song of Songs" in display case, each coin encapsulated, 14.4g each

BANKNOTES : 1958 Bank of Scotland Fairbairn £1 and 1959 National Commercial Bank Forth Rail Bridge £1 both in very fine condition (2)

POSTAL HISTORY : GERMANY, collection of covers & cards all on the theme of Stamp Exhibitions. Ranging from the late 1940s to 1980s. Inc postal sta...

POSTAL HISTORY : GERMANY, selection of Official mail from 1923 to 1933 all with various Official stamps from the Gold Currency period. Single, mul...

POSTAL HISTORY : Great Britain Military and Naval covers and postcards with various censor marks etc all seem to be pre 1952 (approx 700)

POSTAL HISTORY : RAILWAY : 1906 1d Edward VII tied by "ASHFORD" (Middlesex) also 2d L&SW Railway Letter Stamp similarly tied. Scarce

POSTAL HISTORY STAMPS : Six special Benham collections of covers relating to WWII etc

POSTAL HISTORY : SWITZERLAND, 1930/40s covers & fronts (x36) on album pages inc 1932 Disarmament, 1937 Pro Juventute m/sheet, 1945 Fete, 1946 Disa...

ZEPPELIN-WELTFAHRTEN, special book published in 1933 to celebrate the achievements of Zeppelins & the flights of Graf Zeppelin. Complete with 265 ...

Large box with approximately approx 8000 modern mint & used postcards! Includes France and reproduction cards by Marquis De Grouchy

24 Comic and Adult postcards, mainly contemporary with a few modern, Go on have a chuckle !

BOBBY MOORE & ALF RAMSEY, matching pair of 1966 England Winners illustrated FDCs, each signed. (2) AUTOGRAPHS

Viscount Palmerston, signed Free Front dated 20th May 1826. Palmerston was the Junior Lord of the Admiralty under Wellington.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : Mint collection in album with issues from GVI inc 1937 definitive set to 1/- & 1948 Wedding pair & QEII issues to 1969.

POSTAL HISTORY STAMPS : BROADSTAIRS, 1845 mourning envelope franked with 1d red and has a fine undated "Broadstairs" circular handstamp in red. Ne...

POSTAL HISTORY STAMPS : CHATHAM, 1854 envelope franked with 6d lilac with a fine Chatham duplex postmark. Forwarded to Southampton and carried on ...

POSTAL HISTORY : QUEENBOROUGH, 1831 entire sent from Hamburg to Huth & Co, London. Sent by ship and landed at Queenborough. Has a Hamburg "Schiffs...

GREAT BRITAIN POSTAL HISTORY : 1880 hand painted envelope of "JESTER" Sent from London to Portsmouth, re-directed to Brighton. Missing backflap, v...

GREAT BRITAIN POSTAL HISTORY : 1908 hand illustrated envelope with a picture of a Clown smoking ! From "Franco British Exhibition" to Croydon. .....

GREAT BRITAIN POSTAL HISTORY : Hand Illustrated Edwardian postcards, very attractive, Railway and horse drawn carriage, flowers and a child with c...

GREAT BRITAIN POSTAL HISTORY : 1817 entire from Jersey to Bristol, the wrapper is a long letter, cross hatched on one page, on the front is a scar...

GREAT BRITAIN POSTAL HISTORY : 1826 Tavistock Paid Scroll entire addressed to Canal Office Oxford.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 1a very fine four margin on wrapper from Birmingham to Wem 4th June 1840

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 2 very fine four margin Penny Black on wrapper from Leamington to Warwick, 8th Dec 1840.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : Plate 4 Penny Black (AG) to Chesterfield on part wrapper, four full margins, possibly a locally sent letter.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : Plate 6 Penny Black (DA) on entire from NORTON to GATESHEAD via Stockton, dated 22nd January 1841 and with "Norton Penny Po...

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1841 entire Plymouth to Worcester with 4 margin Penny Red cancelled by Solid Centre MX.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1842 Entire wrapper from Newark to Rotherham, Four margin 1841 2d Blue plate 3 tied by Black MX

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1842 wrapper from Cork to Dublin (no contents) with four margin Penny Red plate 20 cancelled by MX (possible Cork ?)

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1844 part wrapper with four margin Penny Red. Silgo to Dublin, cancelled by MX

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1856 small envelope with 6d pale lilac plate 1 on azure paper with Penny red plate 33 (C8). REGISTERED double arc handstamp...

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1857 envelope franked with a vertical 6d lilac pair, sent from Rotherham to Ceylon. Carried by "S.S. Vectis" to Alexandria,...

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : 1912 GV Downey Head, two postcards, one with an SG 334 1/2d and one with SG 338 1/2d no cross on crown. (2)

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 1b (GG) MASSIVE margins cancelled by red MX. True exhibition quality.

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 2 (BL) very fine four margin example cancelled by red MX SG 3

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 2 (BL) very large margin example cancelled by red MX SG 3

GREAT BRITAIN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 2 (OF) fine four margin example cancelled by a smudged Pink MX, small thin spots. 2007 Brandon Cert.

GREAT BRITIAN STAMPS : PENNY BLACK Plate 2 lettered (EF) four large margins cancelled by a central black MX,

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