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Timed Online Only Auction of International Militaria

Humbert & Ellis Ltd Timed Online Auction Ended 27 Oct 2019 20:49 GMT

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  • Ended 27 Oct 2019 20:49 GMT
Towcester, Northamptonshire Delivery available (opens in a new window)

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  • The Saleroom
  • 10 Foundry Place
  • Old Tiffield Road
  • Towcester
  • Northamptonshire
  • NN12 6FP
  • United Kingdom

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A deactivated (EU Spec) Sten MK V 9mm sub machine gun with cocking handle under spring pressure, trigger and removable magazine. With certificate....

A quantity of WWII German Wehrmacht issue S Mine accessory tins containing a number of fuses and accessories.

A deactivated (EU Spec) M72 LAW rocket launcher 21mm sub munition trainer versio, with firing mechanism. With Certificate.

A rare WWII German Red Cross Leaders dagger, blade measuring approx 21.5cm in length, with carry straps.

An inert British WWI 18lb high explosive shell with case, dated 1916, with time delay fuse dated 1915, 57cmm tall.

Seven military buttons being six brass buttons and one chromed button, one button having been converted for use as a brooch, includes Royal Army M...

A WWII German triple S Mine carry case dated 1943 with German Maker codes and waffen marks upon. Having relic inert S Mine inside with loose shrap...

A German Customs Officer's dagger, blade measuring approx 25.5cm in length.

Two WWII German Ammunition/Aartillery wooden transit boxes, having German markings with stencilling and labels.

A Bofors single inspection round dated 1954, measuring 45cm high.

A WWII German Infantry issue stick grenade carry case in field green.

A section of a WWII German Nebelwerfa rocket measuring approx 25cm in length.

A deactivated (EU Spec) HK Panzerfaust 3 110mm high explosive anti tank launcher, with UP-7V telescopic sight, folding pistol grip, forward grip,...

A WWII German NSKK Officers dagger engraved 'Rich. Abr. Hurder. Solinger'. having RZM M7/18 marks upon and dated 1940, blade measuring approx 22....

Two CV58 bayonets one with scabbard, one without. Each measuring 28.5cm.

An inert WWII German instructional RMI 43 bar mine. Together with a sectionised inert mortar measuring 81mm and dated 1943. Two items.

A brass shell case dated 1974 and stamped '76mm ARMDC RW175 RLB LOT 10' with broad arrow to base.

An early pattern WWII German Officers sword made by Alcosa Solingen with scabbard.

A rare Ernst Ršhm SA Nordsee Stormtrooper's dagger by Ernst Pack & Sohne of Solingen, bearing full engraving, blade etched 'Meine Ehre heist Treue...

A RAF Fast Jet / helicopter pilots Beauford MK25 life preserve emergency vest, dated 1981, with labels upon.

Three German demolition / ordinance cables with fittings.

An obsolete calibre Swiss Schmidt-Rubin 7.5mm straight pull rifle, having matching numbers.

A WWII British Bren gun having carry straps and sustained fire tripod with anti aircraft legs, dated 1942.

An inert Soviet RPG 9 rocket with transit tube for the fin section and carry bag.

A WWII German box of miscellaneous Wehrmacht issue items, including Bakelite Artillery/Flak Fuse Pots, bakelite butter dishes, bakelite cartridge...

A WWII German MG13 light machine gun magazine loader and magazine dated 1938 having German marks upon.

A reproduction WWII German Political Leaders organisation book.

A WWI German sniper plate, with peephole shutter and adjustable support leg.

A fine quality Kukhri knife having curved decorated blade, brass and turned horn handle. The sheath having white metal relief decoration througho...

A rare WWII British Military Paratroopers issue 2"" mortar sling with hooks.

An inert British Military 3.5"" anti tank bazooka training round.

A WWII German 105mm light field gun 105k projectile in transit crate, having German marks upon with paper packing label.

A WWII German, RAD Officers dagger, blade measuring approx 26cm in length, with leather straps and scabbard.

A WWII German Political Leader gilt thread peaked cap cord.

A WWII German S Mine with transit plugs, dated 1944 and painted in Wehrmacht green.

A large selection of French Foreign Legion weapons grips including MAT 49 grips with grip safetys and the officers and tankers MAC 50 pistol.

A quantity of mixed British and American military issue clothing and accessories including; a Gore-Tex sniper drag bag, Kevlar helmet, warrior as...

A WWI British Lee Enfield rifle 1907 pattern bayonet, dated 1916 in scabbard with canvas hanger.

A WWII German Reichsluftschutzbund or RLB official air raid protection 2nd model Officers dagger, with nickel fittings having maker's mark 'Paul W...

A WWI Imperial German G98 rifle magazine conversion with conversion plate.

A WWII German MG34 machine gunners tool kit by Mauser, dated 1939 with German marks upon in Wehrmacht grey paint.

A Boer War brown leather saddle bag with compartments for two pistols, complete with brass fittings.

A Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd cardboard hatbox marked for York House, Regent Street, London and measuring 34cm x 26cm x 18cm.

An inert American Military / Airforce 25lb aerial bomb, training variant, current issue.

Print; Off Duty Lancaster at Rest by Gerald Coulson, 75 x 50cm, framed and glazed.

A WWII US Military 81mm mortar transit case, dated 1945 and measuring 81mm, having stencilling and packing labels upon.

A United States Air Force pilots helmet carry bag, manufactured by Fancy Industries, having personal distress light IR beacon/marker.

A framed limited edition print. The First Blow, by and signed lower right Gerald Coulson number 314/1089 published to mark the 50th anniversary of...

A WWII British Military Vickers machine gun spare steam tube and plug in canvas bag.

A Soviet Cold War era Tank and Artillery Crews OP2 ranging scope with built in range finder and windage reticules, in stores case together with se...

A WWII German Wehrmacht issue Mauser K98 Winter/Alpine Troops safety extension.

A WWII German Rad Mans dagger marked GES Gesch E.D. Wusthof Solingen, having horn grips with scabbard. Blade measuring approx 25cm in length.

A large box of German lightweight aluminium tella mine carrying frame spares.

A WWII German railway Police Officers tunic cuff title with silver thread and measuring 46cm in length.

A pair of 20th Century prints of 19th Century originals coloured military cavalry prints each depicting uniformed soldier with bridled horse. 27cm

A WWII Luftwaffe 1st pattern dagger, blade measuring approx 31cm in length, introduced in 1935 with nickle fittings.

A German marked demolition charge chord with connectors and fuse with cap.

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