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  • Ended 16 Mar 2021 20:30 GMT

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MEDALS & MILITARIA ITEMS - REPRODUCTIONS. Due to the large number of reproductions currently being produced for Film, TV and Re-enactments, it is ...

A German WWI/2 style Brunswick Regiment skull badge. Approx. 3cm x 3cm.

A German WWII style D.D.A.C (Automobile Club) car badge/plaque. Approx. 7.5cm x 6cm.

A German badge in the style of the Interwar period Silesian Eagle 1st class. White enamelled detail. Pin is missing from reverse. Approx. 5cm x ...

A WWII style Hungarian Nazi pin back lapel badge. Approx. 2.5cm diameter.

A German WWII style Allgemeine SS Totenkopf skull badge - jawless type. With 2 slider fixings to reverse. Approx. 3cm x 3.5cm.

4 French Adriane helmet Tank Corps badges. Approx. 6.5cm diameter.

A German WWII style Spanish Condor Legion black wound pin back badge (3rd class). Awarded to those wounded once or twice by hostile action.

A German WWII style Kriegsmarine 9th Flotilla U-Boat crew badge. Pin back with markings to reverse. Approx. 6cm x 3.5cm.

3 WWII style German Rally pin back badges. 2 with markings to reverse. Largest approx. 4.5cm x 3.5cm.

A German WWII style Waffen SS woman's breast pocket badge. Pin back fixing with markings to reverse. Approx. 5.5cm x 4.5cm.

A WWII style German pin back black wound badge, 3rd class. Representing iron, awarded for being wounded up to 2 times. Approx. 4.5cm x 3.5cm.

A Spanish Civil War style Austrian Storm Troops Tank Brigade pin back badge. Probably a good copy as this is a very rare badge. Approx. 5.25cm x...

A WWI style Chinese Labour Corps cap badge with 4 slider fixings to reverse. The "Coolies" of the C.L.C. were responsible for burying the corpses...

A German WWII style late war ersatz SS circular embroidered PT vest patch. Approx. 8.5cm diameter.

A German WWII style N.S.F.K. competition pin back badge. Approx. 4.5cm x 3.25cm.

A German WWII style West Wall pin back badge. Worn on the side of the caps of the 215th Infantry Division who served there.

A German WWII style ersatz (economy issue) N.S.D.A.P. pin back badge. With markings to reverse. Approx. 2.5cm diameter.

A Spanish Civil War style German Condor Legion lapel pin. Number impressed to button hole fixing on reverse. Approx. 2cm x 1.5cm.

A WWII style German Luftwaffe Jagdgeschwader 52 Fighter wing lapel pin back badge. Often worn on the side of the cap.

3 modern BRD German military beret/hat badges together with a cloth badge. Officers hat badge, Jager corps, Air Force and cloth signal corps.

A British WWI semi relic Brodie helmet with Royal Engineers Cap badge fixed to front. Helmet in rusted condition with some areas worn through.

A WWI style Imperial German-Prussian Mle Pickelhaube. Leather helmet and peak with metal badge, spike and strap fixings.

A German WWII style Waffen SS camouflage frame. These were made in concentration camps for SS troops.

A Vietnam War era M1 helmet with post war hand painted memorial to the 1st Air Cavalry. The helmet was reportedly found in a flea market in Saigon...

A WWII style US M1 helmet with Capac liner and string cam net. Front seam swivel bale (loops missing) with painted Captains bars on the front.

A Vietnam War era A.R.V.C Special Forces Recon team brass buckle. Approx. 6cm x 3.5cm.

A German WWII style red satin sash with bullion detail and tassels. Approx. 173cm long (to inc. tassles).

A WWII style German 3rd Reich Heer (army) parade leather belt and buckle. Buckle shows "Gott Mit Uns" lettering above a German eagle and swastika...

A German WWII style Africa Corps canvas belt and buckle. Buckle features the "Gott Mit Uns" lettering above the eagle and swastika logo. Leather ...

2 vintage wooden handled uniform brushes, one stamped "Rooney 1943" to handle. Longest approx. 38cm long.

A reproduction Nazi Party, German National Railway, 3 drawer telescope. Approx. 15cm long in closed position.

A photographic portrait of a WWI soldier in uniform. Together with a copy of "The Silent Cities; An Illustrated Guide To The War Cemeteries And M...

A collection of blank bullets. 21 x .303, 15 housed in No. 4 clips. Together with 8 x 7.62 NATO to include rare .48 .455 and 38 2.32 S&W long 24b...

An antique Enfield P53 Sergeants/foraging model .577 rifle-musket. With Tower mark, dated 1877.

An Antique double barrelled 16 bore percussion shotgun, with rod and wad removal screw. 32in Damascus barrels, locks marked Brescia, steel butt p...

An antique Merwin -Hulbert 1st model single action revolver. . 44 (obsolete calibre) serial No. 4102 1877, all matching batch numbers.

An antique .44 British Bulldog revolver with wooden grip. Marks include E with star above, oval with E over LG over Star, 26 and DF with arrow.

An antique .442 obsolete calibre British Bulldog revolver with ebonized wooden grip. A number of marks to gun. Crown top oval with E over Lg over...

An antique Tranter .320 British long revolver marked J Blanch & Son, Grace Church St, London. Marks to gun comprise: W Tranter's Patent 9179, 320...

An antique 5 shot .38 Rim Fire "Conqueror" pistol with wooden grip Patent marks to barrel.

An antique .442 R.I.C. Belfast No. 1 First revolver by Webley 1890/91. With wooden grip. Engraved J. Braddell & Son, Belfast to top. Other marks ...

An antique 1898 Webley No. 2 centrefire .320 revolver with wooden grip. Engraved to top S. W. Silver & Co, 66 Cornhill, London. Other marking inc...

A WWII Bofors Anti Aircraft round, dated 1943 - empty shell case with resin head. Together with information sheet. Approx. 46cm tall x 6cm diame...

A WWI style Imperial German Kugel grenade - Inert, in pannier. Metal framed pannier with leather strap. Approx. diameter of grenade 7.5cm.

A current issue Commando dagger in leather sheath and with S.A.S logo engraved to blade. Dagger approx. 29.5cm long, sheath approx. 34.5cm long.

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