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2 Chinese white metal, double sided pendants depicting Oriental Deities. One featuring a Monkey head on reverse and dated 2016 for the year of th...

A Chinese white metal bangle featuring a dragon and a phoenix. Approx. 7.5cm diameter.

5 Chinese white metal coins with central square shaped hole. Approx. 3.25cm diameter.

A Persian silver 3 footed pepperette of spherical form, with ornate floral decoration throughout. Small dent to one side. Approx. 5.5cm tall.

A gilt hollow bronze figure of an Oriental Deity holding a staff stood atop a lotus flower. Leaf mark to underside. Approx. 23cm tall.

A small Chinese bronze figure of a turtle, signed to underside. Approx. 1.5cm tall x 6cm long.

A gold coloured Chinese coin in a clear plastic case. Coin approx. 4cm diameter.

A large heavy metal wall hanging plaque depicting Buddha. Approx. 39cm x 32cm.

A hollow bronze figurine of a roaring tiger. Approx. 16cm tall x 31cm long.

A circular bronze scroll weight with dragon detail to top rim. Approx. 3cm tall x 7.5cm diameter.

A Chinese white metal figurine of an Oriental scholar. Approx. 23.5cm tall.

A Chinese bronze figurine of an Oriental Deity sitting atop a foo dog. Impressed signature marks to base. Some corrosion to metal. Approx. 28cm ...

A small Chinese bronze bowl with elephant detail to outer bowl. Signed to underside. Approx. 3cm tall x 6cm diameter.

A loop handled Chinese metal square shaped seal. With symbols carved into top. Approx. 3cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm.

A small circular based hollow bronze figure of seated Buddha. Approx. 11cm tall.

A hollow bronze figurine of a Chinese coin tree. Shows some slight signs of corrosion, indistinct markings to the underside. Approx. 22cm tall.

A square based hollow bronze figurine of an Oriental Deity with removable flame shaped back plate. Total height approx. 20cm tall.

A collection of 10 Chinese coins to include Ban Liang style coins with central square shaped hole. Largest approx. 5.5cm diameter.

A large Chinese hollow bronze, 2 toned metal work figurine of a Deity. Approx. 28.5cm tall.

A large Chinese brass rectangular shaped scroll weight with Chinese symbol detailing to top. Raised on 4 stepped feet. Approx. 1.75cm tall x 19c...

A Chinese heavy white metal square shaped shallow dish with sloped sides. Outer side panels featuring dragons and Chinese symbols, base to inner ...

2 large Chinese bronze tokens with square shaped central holes. Depicting scenes to one side and Chinese symbols to the other. Approx. 7cm diame...

A Chinese bronze censer with loop handles, bulbous bowl and tripod feet. Signed to underside. Approx. 10cm tall x 10cm diameter.

A hollow bronze figurine of a bull. Approx. 18cm tall x 30cm long.

3 Chinese metal coins/tokens with square shaped centre holes. Approx. 4cm diameter.

4 items of North African pottery, comprising: 2 hand painted and glazed bowls with metal applique, a small hand painted glazed dish and a 2 handl...

A vintage Japanese 13 piece coffee set with floral and bird detail. Green fauna ground with hand painted flower and bird design and gilt detail. ...

An oriental design ceramic vase depicting scenes of oriental ladies relaxing in a garden. Raised hand decoration to trees and floral detail. Comp...

A yellow glazed beehive brush pot with signature to underside. Approx. 7.5cm tall x 10cm diameter.

A very large ceramic long necked vase, decorated with peaches, birds and floral design. With dragon panel detail and rams head feature to vase ne...

A small ceramic 4 footed quatrefoil shaped censer with unusual striped green glaze. Approx. 5cm tall x 10.5cm x 8.5cm.

A very large ceramic, hand painted blue and white vase with figural and scenic design. Of bulbous form, with straight neck. Approx. 60cm tall.

A large ceramic, bottle gourd shaped vase. Deep blue glaze with gilt dragon and symbol detail. Signed to underside. Approx. 41.5cm tall.

A large ceramic sang de boeuf glazed vase of bulbous form. With central hole to underside. Approx. 36cm tall.

A blue and white Chinese porcelain ink stone with hand painted Chinese symbol decoration to sides. Approx. 4.5cm tall x 13.5cm long x 11cm wide.

A Chinese white glazed porcelain pot of bulbous form with Chinese symbols detailed to outer bowl. Impressed signature mark to underside. Approx....

A Chinese ceramic bowl with decorative outer bowl and blue/green glaze interior. Red ground outer bowl decorated with peaches and flowers. Printe...

A Chinese tea bowl with orange glaze to outer bowl and fu bat detail to interior. Raised on a pedestal foot, with signature to underside. Approx...

A pale green crackle glaze vase with scalloped rim. slight damage to rim. Approx. 25cm tall.

A Chinese ceramic bowl with pale blue glaze and dragon and phoenix design to outer bowl. Approx. 7cm tall x 15.5cm diameter.

A small dark green glazed bowl with scalloped sides and tree detail to interior. Approx. 4cm tall x 13cm diameter.

A Chinese porcelain plate with blue glaze ground and floral panel design. Hand painted and gilt detail. Underside features hand painted cherry bl...

A stoneware ceramic elephant figurine carrying a gourd, in blue/green majolica style glaze. Approx. 33cm tall x 28cm long.

A long necked, black glazed ceramic vase with wide rim. Approx. 30.5cm tall.

A hand painted Chinese plate, possibly Kangxi. Approx. 25cm diameter.

A large 2 handled celadon glaze vase of bulbous form, with floral and leaf decoration. Ring detail to handles. Approx. 38cm tall.

5 pieces of assorted Oriental, hand painted ceramics to include small plates and tea bowl. Largest plate approx. 16.5cm diameter.

A green glazed Chinese ceramic vase of bulbous form with wide lipped neck. Signed to underside. Approx. 26.5cm tall.

A large partly glazed Chinese stoneware ceramic figurine of a girl sitting atop a lotus flower. With yellow, green and blue glaze. Approx. 44.5c...

A signed porcelain Chinese ceramic plaque depicting birds and flowers. Mounted in a wooden frame with handle to top. Approx. 37cm x 29cm.

A blue/green crackle glaze ceramic censer, with loop handles and tripod feet. Approx. 12cm tall x 12cm diameter.

A very large Chinese ceramic vase in yellow ground glaze with lotus flower design. With figural panel detail, signed to underside. Approx. 57cm ...

A Chinese celadon glazed Kong vase. Approx. 16cm tall.

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