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Nr High Wycombe, Oxon

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  • Nr High Wycombe
  • Oxon
  • OX9 7AB
  • United Kingdom

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A KING CHARLES I, 1625 - 1649, SILVER SHILLING COIN Having a hammered edge, Tower Mint under the King. (approx diameter 3cm)

HENRY VIII, 1509 - 1547, A 16TH CENTURY TUDOR SILVER GROAT COIN Bearing portrait of King Henry VIII and shelf to reverse. (approx 2.5cm)

A KING HENRY III, 1216 - 1272, SILVER LONG CROSS PENNY COIN Having a hammered edge with spherical motif to cross.

A QUEEN ELIZABETH I, 1558 - 1603, SILVER SIXPENCE COIN Fourth issue 1561 - 77 with hammered edge, dated 1571. (approx 2.5cm)

PAMPHYLIA, 325 - 320BC, A ROMAN SILVER COIN Having the head of Herkles wearing a lions main headdress and Zues Enthrined to reverse, in the name a...

GORDIAN III, 238 - 244AD, THREE ROMAN SILVER COINS With seated and standing concordia figure to rear. (approx 2.2cm)

CONSTANTIUS II, 324 - 361AD, A COLLECTION OF SEVEN ROMAN BRONZE COINS Including Nikomedia Providentia Caes, Alexandria, Heraklea, Thessalonika and...

CONSTANTINE II, CAESAR, 317 - 337, A COLLECTION OF EIGHT ROMAN BRONZE COINS Including Cyzicus, Siscia, Heraklea and Providentia Caess. (approx 1.8...

ANTONINUS PIUS, 148 - 149AD, TWO SILVER DENARIUS COINS Laureate head right and Annona standing left to reverse. (approx 1.8cm)

ANTONINUS PIUS, 161AD, FOUR SILVER DENARIUS COINS Comprising Divo Pio with Altar to reverse and Consecratio with Funeral pyre, cult image of Divus...

ISTROS, 400 - 350BC, AN ANCIENT GREEK SILVER THRACE Having opposing two male heads and sea eagle standing to reverse. (approx 2cm)

TRAJAN, 98 - 117, FIVE ROMAN SILVER COINS A Decius with Genius standing and two Denarius, Rome with Victory walking to reverse, Dacia in pointer c...

FAUSTINA, 161 - 175AD, TWO ROMAN SILVER COINS Faustina SNR with Venus standing and Faustina JNR with Concordia seated. (aporox 1.8cm)

MARCUS AURELIUS, 175 - 176, FOUR ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COINS Minerva, Filicitas and Roma standing and Mars walking. (approx 1.8cm)

ROMAN REPUBLIC, THREE SILVER DENARIUS COINS L. Farsuleius Mensor 75BC warrior in the Biga and L Aemilius Lepidus 62BC, P. Clodius Diana standing. ...

A COLLECTION OF FOUR ROMAN DENARIUS COINS Comprising Lllyrium Dyrrachium, 3rd-2nd Cent BC, P Clodius Diana Standing, Lucius Verus Aequitas standin...

HADRIAN, 117 - 138AD, A COLLECTION OF FOUR ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COIN Having Libitas standing to rear, salus and seated pietas standing. (approx 1...

A KING JAMES I, 1619 - 1624, A SILVER HALF GROAT COIN Hammered edge with shield to reverse. (approx 1.8cm)

A KING EDWARD II, 1307 - 1327, A SILVER CANTERBURY MINT PENNY COIN Hammered edge with long cross to reverse. (approx 2cm)

VESPASIAN, 69 - 79AD, THREE ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COIN Having Victory standing to reverse and Jupiter standing. (approx 2cm)

ROMAN REPUBLIC, TWO ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COINS C. Piso L Frugi Rome 67BC, with galloping horseman, and L Antestius Rome 136BC with Jupiter drivin...

ROMAN REPUBLIC, A COLLECTION OF FOUR ROMAN SILVER COINS C. Publicius Quin Rome 92 - 93BC with Victory to reverse, D. Silanus Den Rome 91 BC Victor...

TWO ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS SERRATUS COINS C. Nae Balb Rome with Victory driving triga L. LIC Cn Dom with warrior in Biga right. (approx 1.8cm)

THREE ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COINS C. Egnatuleius Quin Rome 97 BC, Caracalla Den Serapis and Trebonianus Gallus Victory. (approx 1.8cm)

FAUSTINA, 146 - 176AD, THREE LARGE ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising A.S. Jr Diana Lvcif, Diana standing, Sest Jr with vesta, Sr with Ceres standing. ...

CLAUDIUS 41-54 AD, THREE LARGE BRITISH ROMAN EMPIRE COINS As Rome 50 - 54AD bronze Constantia standing and bronze and copper AS Libitas standing....

AUGUSTUS, 27BC - 14AD, A LARGE ROMAN BRONZE COIN Dup Rome 15 - 18 BC P Licinivs Stolo Moneyeres name. (aporox 2.5cm)

VEDPASIAN, 69 - 79AD, A ROMAN BRONZE COIN Having a portrait with Spes standing figure to reverse. (approx 2.5cm)

TRAJAN, 103 - 111AD, A LARGE ROMAN BRONZE COIN As Spqr Optimo Abject Dacia seated to reverse. (approx 2.6cm)

SICILY SYRACUSE, TWO ANCIENT GREEK BRONZE COINS Having Hieron 11 275BC - 215BC, an armed horseman to rear and Pyrrhos Head of Herakles. (approx 2....

CONSTANTINE II, 313 - 317AD, A COLLECTION OF FIVE ROMAN BRONZE AE3 COINS Herakles Campgate with six and eight floors, Siscia with fallen horseman,...

MACEDON, 336 - 323, ALEXANDER III THE GREAT, A ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COIN Head of Herakles Zeus seated. (approx 1.8cm)

HADRIAN, A COLLECTION OF THREE ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Dup. Fortuna standing, Pax standing and Sakus standing. (approx 2.5cm)

CONSTANTIUS II, A COLLECTION OF THREE ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Phoenix seated, Emp and captives and fallen horsemen. (approx 1.5cm)

SICULO-PUNIC, 300 - 289BC, A COLLECTION OF SEVEN ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising two horse heads, two horses and palm, horse prancing and horse stan...

GALLIENUS, A COLLECTION OF SIX ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Cyzikus 309 - 310AD, Mars advancing, Laeitis standing, Abundantia standing and two Em...

CONSTANTIUS II, 317 - 361BC, A COLLECTION OF TWELVE ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising five with fallen horseman, two Emperors in gallery, three Empero...

MACEDON, A COLLECTION OF EIGHT ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Interregnum 286 - 277BC Macedonian shield crested helmet, Philip V 220 - 179, Phillip...

DIOCLETIAN, A COLLECTION OF FOUR ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Heraklea 295 - 297, Concordia Jupiter and Jupiter standing. (approx 1.5cm)

SICILY, A COLLECTION OF EIGHT ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Syracuse Hieronymois, 216 - 215 Thunderbolt, Syracuse Timoleon 344 - 336BC, Head of At...

THRACE, A COLLECTION OF FIVE BRONZE ROMAN COINS Amnphipolis 168 - 114BC, Head of Artemis Corn Ear, Mesembria female head Alkidemos, Athena advanci...

CONSTANS, 337 - 350, A COLLECTION OF EIGHT ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Constantinople soldier and Barbarian, Siscia Phoenix standing, The Saloni...

AUGUSTUS, A COLLECTION OF THREE ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising semis Philippi two priests plowing, legend around anvil.

COMMODUS, AD 192, ROMAN SILVER DENARIUS COIN Fides standing, together with two bronze coins, eagle standing and victory walking. (approx 2cm)

CONSTANTINE I, A COLLECTION OF FIFTEEN ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Arles 315 - 316 Genius standing, Cyzicus 325 - 326AD, Campgate with eight flo...

CONSTANTIUS II, A COLLECTION OF SIX ROMAN BRONZE COINS Comprising Cyzicus 325 - 326AD, tier Mint 326AD, Heraklea Mint 327, Cyzicys 325 - 326, fall...

CRISPUS, 317 - 326AD, A COLLECTION OF SEVEN ROMAN BRONZE COINS Thessalonika 326 Campgate, Antioch 324 - 325AD, Caesarvm Siscia 321 - 324 Vot X wit...

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