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Evolution Auction 19th November 2019

Summers Place Auctions Evolution Auction 19th November 2019 Live Webcast Auction 19 Nov 2019 13:00 GMT

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  • Billingshurst, West Sussex

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Taxidermy: A magnificently appointed and highly ornate rosewood case by the celebrated 19th century taxidermist Henry Burton of Wardour Street, Lo...

Taxidermy: A full mount Nile crocodile taxidermy, Madagascar, modern, on metal stand, 107cm long Import permit: IT/IM/2016/MCE/03579

Natural History: A Nile crocodile skull, Madagascar, on metal stand, 39cm high by 17cm wide Import permit: IT/IM/2008/MCE/06396

Taxidermy: A Puma (Panthera) mounted by Rowland Ward, on naturalistic base pre 1968 with Article 10 Certificate ref 581004/01, 140cm high by 148...

An iron meteorite, Nantan, China, 28cm, 12.7kg First recorded witnessed fall of a meteorite in 1516

A Sikhote Alin iron meteorite, 21cm by 16cm, 7.9kg This Iron meteorite fell in 1947 in the Sikhote Alin mountains north east of Vladivostok in R...

A Pallasite meteorite slice, Sericho Fall, 13.5cm by 10cm, 468g A mainly Olivine meteorite found near Sericho in Kenya, the fall date is unkno...

A Pallasite meteorite, Brahin Fall, 18cm by 12cm, 5.1kg This meteorite is a Pallasite Nickel Iron meteorite with 37% Olivine inclusions. Olivi...

A large Seymchan meteorite, 26cm by 15cm, 8.5kg This meteorite was found near the village of this name in the Madagan district of Russia; the ...

A massive Gibeon meteorite piece, Namibia, in custom steel frame, 46cm by 32cm by 22cm, 63kg The Gibeon meteorite was a large nickel iron met...

Fossils: An ammonite block, Escragnolles, France, Albian stage, Cretaceous, Species: Oxytropidoceras acutocarinatum, Hoplites dentatus, Hoplite...

Fossils: A pair of fossil wood sections on wooden stands, Madagascar, Triassic, on metal stand, 31cm high by 33cm wide and 30.5cm high by 33cm...

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