Celtic Coins from the Geoff Cottam Collection

by Spink & Son

02 Dec 2015 10:00 GMT Live Webcast Auction

Important Information


Lot 225:The image for this lot is actually lot 226 that appears to have been duplicated in the printed catalogue. The images on the website are correct.

Lot 332:

The text for lot 330 has been duplicated in lot 332 in the printed catalogue. The correct description is as follows.
Celtic, Trinovantes and Catuvellauni, Tasciovanus, (c.25 BC-AD 10), silver Unit, 1.17g, 'Bull' type, laureate head right, tascia before, va? behind,rev.bull butting left, tail raised, star above, [groundline below] (ABC 2643; VA 1794-1; S.235),minor striking split above bust, light granulation to obverse surfaces under magnification, deeply toned and with very pleasing centres, much fine detail remains on this, nearly extremely fine, extremely rare, the finest known


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