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NEWBURY, Berkshire
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Plenty Close, Off Hambridge Road, NEWBURY, Berkshire, RG14 5RL, United Kingdom

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Aberdeen Fire and Life Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1825-1889, W78A, lead, F-G, some lead loss around fixing holes and splitting along die-stampi...

Bath Fire Office Fire Mark, 1776-1838, W11Ai, lead, policy no. 1639, inscribed verso 'April 1920, R. Rudman', G, overpainted with grey housepaint,...

Bath Sun Fire Office Fire Mark, 1776-1838, W16B, copper, with old collector's painted number recto, ex-FMC auction, 1980, F-G

Birmingham Fire Office Company Fire Marks, 1805-1867, W42B, copper, F-G, some original paint and W42-D, copper, F (2)

Bristol Crown Fire Office Fire Mark, 1718-1837, W6D, lead, G, original paint, incomplete, 'Bristol' panel missing

British Fire Office Fire Marks, 1799-1843, W30C, copper, F, overpainted and, W30F, copper, F, extra fixing holes, one enlarged (2)

Church of England Life and Fire Assurance Trust and Annuity Institution Fire Mark, 1840-1893, W91B, copper, F, splitting along die-stamping lines

Commercial Insurance Company of Dublin Fire Mark, 1799-1827, W31A, lead, limewash removed, polished, flattening to border by left-hand fixing hol...

County Fire Office Fire Mark, 1807-1906, copper - W45B, P, W45C, F, W45D, G, original paint, W45E, P-F, garter end missing and W45-F, G, some ori...

Dundee Assurance Company Against Losses By Fire Fire Mark, 1782-1832, W22A, lead, early policy no. 851, F-G, limewash removed, polished

Eagle Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1807-1916, W46A, lead, F-G, polished, ex-E Nugent Linaker Collection of Fire Marks and Fire Memorabilia, Philli...

Edinburgh Friendly Insurance Against Losses By Fire Fire Mark, 1720-1847, W7C, lead, policy no. 1169, G, polished, fixing holes slightly oversize

Farmers and General Fire and Life Insurance Institution Fire Marks, 1840-1888, copper - W92A, F, W92B, F, original paint and W92B, F (3)

Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Company Fire Marks, 1821-1868, copper - W57B, overall G, but six pellet or bullet holes, W57C, F-G, some original...

General Insurance Company of Ireland Fire Mark, 1777-1825, W18D, lead, G, some cracking and small indentations, polished

Glasgow Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1801-1841, W34A, lead, inscribed recto '75 Collage (sic) St' (Glasgow), F-G, cleaned and polished, display pi...

Hampshire Sussex and Dorset Fire Office Fire Mark, 1803-1864, W39B, copper, F-G, one iron nail head still in place, polished

Hand in Hand Fire Office Fire Mark 1696-1905, W2B, lead, policy no. 94480, G, orb slightly squashed, small resin repair to back of panel

Hand in Hand Fire Office Fire Mark 1696-1905, W2C(iv), lead, policy no. 104406, F-G, cross missing from orb, left-hand lower cuff detached from pa...

Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire and Country Fire Office Fire Mark, 1824-1831, W67A, copper, F-G, apparently removed from building in King's Langley, ...

Hertfordshire and Cambridge Fire Office Fire Mark, dates unknown, circa 1830, W68A, copper, G, traces of original paint

Hope Fire and Life Assurance Company Fire Mark, 1807-1844, W47A, copper, G, repair to top left corner, varnished, mounted on panel, period note r...

Imperial Insurance Fire Company Fire Marks, 1803-1902, W40C, copper, F-G, W40F, copper, F-G, overpainted and W40G, tinned iron, P, corroded (3)

Kent Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1802-1901, W36A(i), lead, policy no. 59, G, repainted, casting flaw behind hind legs, one fixing hole over-sized

Leicester Fire Office Fire Mark, 1834-1843, W84A, tinned iron, P, corroded, section around top fixing hole missing

Licensed Victuallers and General Fire and Life Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1835-1857, W86A, copper, F-G, tail of garter missing

Licenced Victuallers and General Fire and Plate Glass Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1875-1879, W112A, copper, G, traces of original paint, ex-E Nug...

Liverpool Fire Office Fire Mark, 1776-1794, W17A(ii), lead, policy no. 7141, G, housepaint probably removed, polished

Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Company Fire Mark, 1864-1919, copper, W105A, F-G, some original paint and W105B, F, repaired, overpainted (2)

London Assurance Fire Mark, 1720-1965, W9G, lead, G, some wear to high relief areas, polished, mounted on wooden panel

Manchester Fire and Life Assurance Company Fire Marks, 1824-1904, W71C, copper, F, on wooden panel, W71D, copper, some original paint and W71E, l...

National Assurance Company of Ireland Fire Marks, 1822-1904, tinned iron - W59A, F, original paint and W59B, G, original paint (2)

North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, 1862-1959, W102A, copper, F-G, some original paint, some overpaint removed

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