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Special Auction Services Catalogue 14 May 2020 12:00 BST

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NEWBURY, Berkshire

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  • Plenty Close
  • Off Hambridge Road
  • Berkshire
  • RG14 5RL
  • United Kingdom

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Currency: GBP
Buyer's premium Inc. VAT/sales tax: 24.00%
Online commission inc. VAT/sales tax: 6.00%

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There are 468 item(s) within this sale
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7-inch Berliner records, 595 Trocadero Orch, Espana; 4804 violin, Hearts & Flowers, n.d.; 1766 Steve Porter, hymn, New York Aug. 13 1897 (3)

7-inch Nicole records, s/s: 4118, 4120, 4122, 4123 A Country Girl Quadrille; D141 Church Chimes (red label, s/s); 3343 mandolin solo; and 4577/456...

Edison Diamond Discs, thirty-nine, mainly dance, by Kaplan's Melodists, Georgia Melodians, Lanin's Orchestra, Broadway Dance Orchestra etc. (39)

Pathé records, sixty-four, mainly vocal, 11 ½ inch, by Buckman, Sparkes, Foster, Herwin, Huxley, Tree, Ben Davies and others (64)

Edison Diamond Discs, electric 80991-2, Dvorak quartet in F Major; 80903-4 Haydn Quartet in C Major; 52231, 52456, in Eastlight album

8-inch records, 149, Broadcast, Radio and Eclipse; and 55 Victory and other smaller records, and 15 Crown and Broadcast 9-inch records, in 2 carr...

14-inch Pathé discs, eleven, vocal, by Noté (P.2109), Sammarco (86046/7, 86399/86403), Giorgini (86252/8, 86255/6), Scampini (84145/6), Belhomme e...

Edison Diamond Disc, First Long playing 12-inch, sample, Beethoven Fifth Symphony (cond. Sodero), 12025-6, the title typed on conventional black a...

Edison Diamond Discs, Long Playing: 12-inch 3004 Wagner / Casse-noisette; 3006 violin recital (Carl Flesch), in orignal covers (2)

Label records, 10-inch: eighteen, by Aretino, Busy Bee, Goodson, Boots, Filmophone and similar, Nicole, Artiphon, Rex (U.S.) and Voix de l'Orient;...

Marathon records, 10-inch: ten vocal, by Robert Howe (4), Robert Carr, Ceredig Walters, Vera Moore and others, 5 in original covers (10)

Two-minute phonograph cylinders, approximately sixty ; a small quantity of cartons; and six Dictaphone cylinders, in 3 containers

12-inch records, music hall: fifty-eight, by Will Hay, Albert Chevalier, Vernon Watson, John Tilley, Margaret Cooper, Shirley Kellogg, Tom Clare, ...

A horn gramophone, with oak case, machine carved mouldings, Heart soundbox on gooseneck tone-arm and (repainted) pastel green horn (working but mo...

A portable gramophone, HMV model 101J, with No. 4 soundbox, in black case (in good condition, but motor speed uneven); and two Bush reproduction p...

A portable gramophone, Dulcephone Decca, early model with rear carrying handle, Dulcephone New Crescendo soundbox andbrown Fibrocite case (defect ...

A table grand gramophone, Cliftophone, with Cliftophone soundbox (stylus bar defective), working Garrard motor and oak case with Cliftophone trans...

Two Columbia gramophones, a 117A table grand and a 123A bijou cabinet, both with No 9 soundbox, Plano-Relfex tone-arm and bifurcated horn, in ligh...

Musicians' autographs, in four albums, including Ivor Newton, Gigli, Eileen Joyce, Imogen Holst, Irene Scharrer, Edmund Rubbra, Leon Goossens, Mar...

A Dulcitone, No. 3664, with five-octave keyboard playing on steel 'tuning forks', in oak case with folding twist-turned legs -- 38 1/2 in. wide

A lever-wind musical box, playing six airs, in grained case with inlaid lid (inlay defective, lacking tune-sheet, control levers and dividers, bu...

Trade Cards, a large collection of various manufacturers, to include R & J Hill, Hornimans, Mobil, Domino, Panini, Wix & Son and many more (9 fold...

Trade Cards, an assortment of subject matters from various makers, including Walls, Primrose Confectionary, Liebig, Cooper's Tea, De Reszke, Brook...

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  • 60
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